10 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For Live Action Roles

It seems inevitable that if an animated series succeeds, there will be fan speculation. This is definitely true for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Fans have been wondering if a live action series could work almost since its debut. miraculous ladybug He takes elements from modern superhero stories and combines them with the magical girl anime to make a fun and fascinating series.

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broadcast live show miraculous ladybug The series has its own set of challenges. Oftentimes, producers age characters just enough to be able to pick 18-year-olds who won’t have to spend most of their days in school instead of filming. Characters age too much, and they may lose their core audience. if miraculous ladybug Going into production in live action today, some of the actors portray the lovable characters so well.

10 Sophia Wiley as Alia

Split image depicting Sophia Wiley in the High School Musical series and Alia in Ladybug

Although Sophia Wiley has a great deal of TV experience, she is probably best known for her role as Jenna. High School Musical Musical: The Series. There, she sings, dances, engages in drama and comedy.

Alia, Marinette’s friend, is smart, charming and always ready for action. It would be a very different role than Wylie’s last handful of roles as a mean girl with hidden layers. Alia is always a supportive optimist and doesn’t mind putting herself in danger to help save the day. It would be a fun role for Wylie to explore.

9 Terry Brown as Nino

Split image depicting actor Terry Brown and Miraculous Ladybug Nino

Terry Brown had his big break in Hollywood as one of the youngest kids fatherhood In 2010. Six years later fatherhoodHe grew up in front of the camera. Since then, he has been involved in various projects, but mostly one-time appearances on TV shows.

Nino, a very quiet character, is friends with (and eventually dates) superheroes. He has been invited to wear his own costume more than once, even turning into a villain. Brown will portray Nino perfectly.

8 Sasha Carlson as Luca

Split portrait of Sasha Carlson and Luca in Miraculous Ladybug

It might not look exactly like the character, but that’s something that a little blue tint can’t fix. Sasha Carlson made Netflix famous Julie and the Phantom. at Julie and the phantomhe played Nick, a quietly charming man who was an admirer of the titular Jolie.

Carlson is also an accomplished guitarist in a band, which means he understands Luca’s musical knowledge. Luka is cool, confident and always ready to listen to Marinette. The audience also sees the potential for Marinette and Luka to have one of the best relationships in the series, and Carlson could pull that off easily.

7 Alivia Allen Lind as Chloe

The split photo shows actress Alivia Allen Lind and Chloe Miraculous Ladybug

Chloe is the mean girl in high school and she has a chance to do good. Although it rarely does. As much as she wants to be a hero, she constantly makes selfish decisions that endanger other heroes. So, the ladybird revokes its supernatural privileges. Chloe also has a special vendetta against Marinette in class. Beneath her, however, Chloe cares for her family and friends, and tries to protect them when Judgment puts the city in danger.

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The actress who plays Chloe must be someone who can convincingly convey a mean girl who hides a weak heart. This isn’t all that different from the role Alivia Allen Lind played with chucky TV Series. Although this time around, Lind may be playing a superhero.

6 Ming Na Won as Sabine

Split image depicting actress Ming-Na Wen and the character Miraculous Ladybug Sabine

Ming-Na Wen is a science fiction icon. From Stargate: Atlantis And the Shield Agents to boba fett book, Wen has had a solid sci-fi career to date. She’s also a Disney icon with the voice of Mulan.

Playing Sabine, Marinette’s mother and co-owner of a famous Parisian bakery, would be a much more relaxed role for the actress. It would be a change of pace for fans to see her as a warmer, more bubbly character, a little closer to her real-life character.

5 Jack Black Door Tom

Split image featuring actor Jack Black and Miraculous Ladybug Tom

It might be hard for some fans to imagine Jack Black and Ming-Na Wen playing a married couple, but it would be fun to watch them on screen together.

Tom is nothing short of cool like most of Jack Black’s comedic roles, but he’s no stranger to appearing in family-friendly films as he’s had a major role in both. school of rock And the The scream of terror. It will surely provide a unique perspective on Tom that will entertain the audience.

4 Dave Bautista as a bodyguard

Split image depicting Dave Bautista and the Miraculous Ladybug Bodyguard

at miraculous ladybugAdrien is assigned a bodyguard by his father, who wants to ensure his son’s safety at all times. Since he’s the one who terrorizes Paris most often, it makes sense that Gabriel would be worried about his son’s safety. The bodyguard does not speak miraculous ladybug But there is always as a majestic and frightening figure. However, the audience sees him paying attention to Adrien, dancing to the music, and looking the other way when Adrien does something his father wouldn’t approve of.

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Like Jack Black, Dave Bautista has a certain role that he often plays. Although his ability to perform physical comedy is found in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy. Such a role would allow him to show it without cracking jokes.

3 Daniel Craig As Gabriel

Split image featuring Daniel Craig and Miraculous Ladybug Gabriel

Most of Daniel Craig’s recent roles have been action-intensive (such as his recurring role in James Bond franchise) or in puzzles (such as take out the knives). He’s not often in the role of a villain.

Craig is sure to add weight to the character that not many other actors will. He would be able to show off the strength of Gabriel without being complicated. It’s also hard to deny the uncanny similarity between Craig and Gabriel Agreste’s motion picture.

2 Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Marinette

The split image shows Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Miraculous Ladybug Marinette

Most of Peyton Elizabeth Lee’s professional acting experience is devoted to Disney. Voiceover works for animation projects and starring roles in both Andy Mac And the Doogie Kamealoha, MD You’ve probably made it a household name for fans of Disney Channel and Disney Plus.

Lee also grew up in front of the camera, and has excellent comedic timing while still managing to give her dramatic scenes a lot of oomph. She’d make me a great Marinette, as her sitcom experience comes to the fore in Marinette’s slapstick moments and poor decisions. I will have a commanding presence like Ladybug.

1 Louis Partridge as Adrian

Split portrait of Louis Partridge and Adrien Miraculous Ladybug

Having worked as a model, Adrien can turn on the magic to take pictures. He is a protected child who was educated at home for most of his life until he started going to school with Marinette and became a superhero. He sincerely wants to be everyone’s friend.

Louis Partridge can display Adrian’s many layers. Netflix fans will recognize him as Tewkesbury in Enola Holmes or like Peter Pan in The missing girls. He can easily switch between Adrien’s easy-going nature and Cat Noir’s flirty style.

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