10 Anime Families That Make Counterfeiters Look Mediocre

After a season dominated by a slice of life like shows dress me darling, April 9, 2022 announced the much awaited release of the anime Slice of Life Spy family x.

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Spy family x It features a somewhat unorthodox trio in the main family: spy genius and father Lloyd Forger, extraordinary killer and mother Yor Forger, and their adopted child and telepath Anya. Together, the family makes a pretty goofy group that often finds themselves in wild situations. However, some animation families are more exotic than Forgers.

Fruit Basket – Sohmas

Sohmas are a clan of altered humans with a curse placed upon them. Each Sohma can transform into one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

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Kyo and Yuki are the most famous in the family, but their whole plot fruit basket It is about Tooru’s relationship with the family. Sohmas may not be exceptional in the way that Lloyd and Yor are, but like Anya, they possess strange strengths that often make their lives that much more difficult.

Vanitis – 91 days

Vanity family 91 days

One of the greatest mafia anime of all time. 91 days, The film revolves around the plot of the protagonist Avileo’s revenge against the powerful Vanity family. Most important is Don Vanity and Nero Vanity, who killed his father.

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Nero, son of the Don, is a brilliant businessman who is as efficient at his job as Lloyd is at being a spy. It’s also as effective at “nurturing people” as Yor. If only Nero or the rest of his family could read people on the level that Anya could read, Avello’s revenge plot would completely collapse.

Daegu Family – Dororo

The Battle of Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru in Dororo

The protagonist, rival and character Dororo They are all from the same family. The cursed abandoned son Hyakkimaru, the illustrious beloved son Tahomaru, and Crooked Lord Kajimitsu Daigo.

The animation is no stranger to family feuds, but the hatred between the Daegu family is one of the most intense in the genre. Tahomaru and Hyakkimaru are both incredible warriors, as shown in their last fight, and Daigo is a ruthless tactician and commander. The family sure gives even Lloyd and Yor a run for their money on multiple levels.

The Momubami Clan – Kakigurui

New students transferred to Hyakkaou in Kakegurui

season 2 of Kakigurui It follows the struggle for control of the Momubami clan, led by notorious Student Council President Kirari Momubami and opposed by former clan member Rei Batsubami.

The Mombami is a cruel and powerful clan rooted in the ability to gamble. Their leader, Kirari, is one of the world’s best gamblers and a brilliant strategist. The Momobami clan is a much larger family than the Forgers, with many great main characters appearing throughout the season.

Kamichiros – Yu-Gi-Oh! zxal

Shark and Ryo from Zxal

Orphan Shark and Ryo Yu-Gi-Oh! zxal as rivals to Yuma before becoming close friends. By the end of the series, they again opposed Yuma as the Parian Emperors.

The shark is the greatest character in the series to carry the mantle of Joey, the “hero’s best friend”. He and his sister are two of the best duelists on the show and the revolution that Shark had Nash, the leader of the Barians, was one of the best twists in the franchise. Even the illustrious Lloyd Forgers doesn’t compare to the strategic genius of the Kamishiro twins.

Summaries – Dragon Ball

Briefs started Dragon Ball as a goof family of mad scientists consisting mostly of Bulma and her father, Doctor Briefs. where zthe family added Bulma’s husband Vegeta, his sons, Trunks, and their future Trunks as prominent members.

Bulma and Vegeta are arguably the greatest Shonen Jump couple. They also rival Yor and Loid as a power couple, with Bulma being one of the smartest people in the galaxy and Vegeta being one of the most powerful. The combination of Trunks and Future Trunks is the icing on the cake, and they both have distinct personalities and different relationships to Vegeta.

Uchihas – Naruto

Sasuke and Itachi as portrayed in the anime Naruto.

Naruto It has many of the most famous families in animation, but the Uchiha stand out in the show as being particularly unique. Itachi, Madara, and Sasuke in particular are the main characters in the entire series.

Naruto and Sasuke’s Rivals-to-friends-to-friends-to friends arc was many people’s least favorite part of the series, but Uchiha’s smaller influence on the original series and Shippuden undeniable. The family features the main antagonist, the antagonist, and the tragic hero. You may be a killer, but the Uchiha take the cake when it comes to moral complexity.

The British – Code Geass

Lelouch in Britannia, the protagonist Code Geass, has one of the most widespread and famous families in the world of animation. Among the most memorable places are Cornelia, Schnezel and Nunali.

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The British are an extensive royal family with superb skills in military tactics. Lelouch is the greatest prodigy among them, but his father Charles and older brothers Schnezel and Cornelia all rival his intellectual abilities. The family is a lot more dysfunctional than the Forgers, and it’s also a lot more terrifying.

The Yeagers – Attack on Titan

Every visit to the memory of Grisha Eren and Zeke in Attack on Titan Episode 79

Grisha and his sons, Eren and Zeke Yeager, strive to end the oppression of their people by entirely different means. The whole family collides in the process, each with the same goal in mind.

The attack on the Giants Full of great fight scenes and battles, mostly thanks to the actions of the Yaeger family. Grisha Yaeger’s restoration plan was the catalyst for much of the anime’s plot. Zeke Yaeger both ended the lives of the main characters and was the required impetus for Eren’s ultimate plan. Eren has finished more lives than Yor or Loid and is one of the greatest villains in the anime.

Zoldycks – Hunter X Hunter

Zoldyck Family Hunter x Hunter

a hero Hunter X HunterKillua Zoldyck, from a family of genius killers who make a fortune. Each member is a skilled user of nen and a force to be reckoned with.

Similar to The Forgers, the most unique member of the family is not a flamboyant assassin but a young girl with strange powers. However, more than telepathic Anya is wanting to get Alluka. Alluka’s ability to grant wishes makes her one of the most recognizable and powerful characters in the series, and her family isn’t far behind.

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