10 Anime Fans Want To Watch More

There is endless innovation happening in Japanese comics industry and there were no more options to explore for both hardcore anime fans and newcomers. Anime is a medium that often deals in extremes, resulting in some Critics Ushered Series That lasts for hundreds of episodes as there’s still no end in sight, as well as other vehicles that can tell an entire story in dozens of episodes.

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A strong ending is paramount in any story, no matter its length. Some short anime series They finally pride themselves on themselves still at the top, but there are also plenty of unique animated worlds where audiences would love to come back.

10 Space Dandy just scratches the surface of its evergreen brilliance

space dandy the end of the universe anime

space dandy It consists of two seasons of 13 episodes that are close to perfect. Unexpected science fiction series Gleefully moves to new planetsMany of them serve as opportunities to engage in drastic exercises of type and style. space dandy Together they make for a satisfying conclusion, but there are still an infinite amount of possibilities that exist for the series due to its fascination with the multiverse.

Dandy and his crew can come back for more adventures and they won’t miss a thing. Adult Swim’s Toonami Anime group has announced the fourth and fifth installments of the game FLCL, But the third season of space dandy It will be a more famous comeback.

9 The procession of death reveals the human condition through a strange anthology structure

Death Parade Gathering

Death is a universal topic that fascinates everyone on some level. death procession It is an advanced series that brings fallen souls side by side Fun games that are usually harmless Like billiards and darts.

death procession He slowly unfolds a larger story involving her humble bartender, Decim, but the unique tests of humanity that each participant from the series takes part in. death procession‘s greatest strength. Anime series His unconventional challenges and harrowing character studies are summed up in dozens of episodes, but there is unlimited potential for his premise that makes it easy to visualize an anthology series lasting for hundreds of episodes.

8 Get your hands off Izuken! Is a passionate love letter to the creative process


Part of what makes anime such a versatile medium is that some series are allowed to tell small, specialized stories. Get your hands off Izuken! It is an anime series 2020 A trio explores girls’ passion for art and their desire to express themselves through an ambitious anime production.

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Ezoken! It has great aesthetics and with its unpretentious appearance triumphs over the creative process and the amount of work required. The anime completes its mission in 12 episodes, but it will be very interesting to go back to these characters and find out what they decided to tackle next with their talent.

7 Kakegurui celebrates high stakes gambling with infinite increase

Anime has such an enormous capacity to depict relatively mundane actions in hyper-fashions that it carries as much weight as a major physical battle. Kakigurui He is assigned to the prestigious private Hyakkaou Academy, which reveals itself to have a very strict caste system governed by the school’s student council.

Students bet their fortune and reputation on games of chance and apparently the academy The oblivious newcomer, Yumiko Jabamicompletely overturns the status quo. Kakigurui It has two seasons of 12 episodes, but there are many games of chance in which these characters can participate through more episodes.

6 Nana is a sensitive slice of storytelling that deserves to be closed

Anime Nana Somper Friendship

Ai Yazawa Nana The show should be mandatory for anyone in their twenties, but the flawed original characters feel real enough to resonate with any audience. Emotional Josie series It sees two different friends named Nana pursuing their creative, professional, and romantic dreams while also navigating the chaotic nature of early adulthood.

Nana It has 47 episodes, which is more than a lot of other series received, but the property is endless. Audiences are eager to know what Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are up to, whether it’s right after the last episode of the anime or a story set a decade or more later.

5 Gurren Lagann’s visuals and creative forces were unimpressed by their welcome

Granziboma owns galaxies in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The mecha genre is one of the most abundant storytelling areas in anime. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann He is Creative crap on mecha anime That turns two teenagers into humanity’s greatest hope to get out of their underground destinies. The anime’s story is emotional, but the animation from Gainax is really a sight worth watching.

lagann gurren It ties all of its points together, but the anime has a very controversial finale that is not over for some audiences. Another season of lagann gurren He won’t necessarily have to retract this conclusion, but it may provide more context for him or decide to explore a completely different side of the wealthy. lagann gurren being.

4 Outlaw Star is set in an exciting untapped space world

Toonami Outlaw Star Gene Starwind with crew on board

Jane Starwind and him Unconventional team of space pirates make sure that star outlaw Always entertaining. The rude bounty hunter angle is becoming more and more popular with prevalent characteristics such as Guardians of the Galaxy.

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For some, it may seem sacrilegious to produce more episodes of a foundational sci-fi anime Cowboy Bebop or Neon Genesis Evangelion, but star outlaw It is the perfect middle ground. It has a committed audience and a wealthy universe, but it doesn’t have a strict reputation that makes it beyond improvements. There is a lot to be said with these characters.

3 The evil world of Claymore and the brave heroines deserve more spotlight

Claire fights Priscilla in her half-awake town of Claymore

Claymore It is an aggressive blend of dark fantasy, action, and horror that pits mighty female warriors against pure nightmare fuel. The twenty-sixth and final episode provides a closure for Claire and her warring allies, but it’s a very urgent decision.

return to World Claymore He takes a more methodical approach to his work and does not stray too far from the source material, like many Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Compared with Fullmetal AlchemistIt would satisfy old fans and also bring in a new audience. Claymore‘s The monsters and the women he fights have too much potential to fit into such a short story.

2 The legendary Trigun hero still has more evil to conquer

Action anime Trigon It’s gotten somewhat more obscure in recent years, but it was a standout title from the ’90s, along with Strong protagonist, Vash the Stampede. Trigon He sets Vash up against the increasingly growing mercenaries and there is a dark, reflective tone that consumes Vash’s miserable demeanor.

Episodes 26 of Trigon Existing certainly got the job done, but the anime leaves a lot of the manga unexplored and the follow-up movie is a success, Badlands Rumble, Prove that there is still demand for this world. Now is the perfect time to bring back the six billion dollar man.

1 Excel Saga has a whole new decade from basic animation to Lampoon game

There are few anime series that deliver such overwhelming madness at rave speed Excel Saga. The Gag series 26 episodes From the early 2000s it deals with the simple task of city-wide domination, but each part dresses itself up as a sort of idealistic, comedy-filled genre parody.

Axel Saga It covers the most obvious bases and finishes it off on the highest note possible. However, animation has grown a lot in the following decades Axel Saga‘s Finish that the new season will have plenty of new lands to scoff at.

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