10 anime game that is not Isekai

For many anime fans, gaming is also a great pastime. Games and anime have gone hand in hand from the start. With the increasing popularity of games, this only increased.

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It’s no surprise, then, that anime has incorporated games into its stories. Many of the lovable characters are gamers, just like their audience. Some animations use games as a side plot while others make them the main focus. The cartoon game is gaining more fans every year. Although many take the form of the isekai series, it focuses a lot on real world games. From video games to card games and anything in between, the animation game is a huge hit for the fans.

10 The players! It’s a rom-com story centered around games

Gamers Crew Anime

in the series The players!, Keito Amano is the typical reclusive protagonist and loves games. His world changes when he joins his school’s gaming club. The story revolves around Keito and other club members as they get to know each other.

While their burgeoning relationships take center stage, the series focuses on gaming and the pure fun of playing together. Although it does not play a role in the main plot, it still plays an important role as the characters come together through their love of games.

9 Kakegurui brings an interesting twist to the game anime genre


Kakigurui It begins at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, where upper-class and wealthy students learn how to make it into a wealthy society. By day, the academy is like any other school. At night, it turns into a gambling den where students learn the art of manipulation.

Yumeko Jabami is different from the other students in the academy. It is played for the thrill that gambling brings rather than the intent to win. For this reason, she takes more risks than anyone around her. Its excitement creates an interesting dynamic rarely seen in this genre Kakigurui It stands out from other animation game.

8 D-Farag! It’s a slice of life that celebrates the fun of gaming

Anime D-Farag

Gang leader Kenji Kazama joins the game development club by force D-Farag!Turns his life upside down. After helping the club put out a fire, a crazy chain of events storms it.

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As Kenji does his best to escape the clutches of the club, he slowly gets to know each of his fellow members. He and the girls bond together through games. Before long, Kenji realizes he enjoys being a part of the club. The series is a cute slice of life that uses the love of games to bring people together.

7 Chihayafuru features a unique Japanese card game

Chihaya plays Karuta in Chihayafuru

Series chihafor Centered around the Japanese card game, Karuta. Protagonist Chihaya falls in love with the game at a young age. She practices every day, improving her skills until she becomes a master of Karuta in high school. When she started her first year, she aimed to found the Karta Club and transfer it to play at the national level.

With her dream of becoming a National Champion within reach, she is looking for members for her new club. Unfortunately, finding students who have a great deal of love for Karuta is a difficult task. The series follows Chihaya’s journey to realize her dreams while teaching viewers a traditional game that few know.

6 Hi-Score Girl is a fun look at competitive gaming

Hello girl Akira score playing card game

Set in the nineties, hello score girl It is a series focused on card games. Haruo Yaguchi is a professional arcade player who aims to take his skills to the professional level. He makes a name for himself around the local arcades. Nobody can match him. This was until he meets Akira Ono, a girl who has the same amount of arcade skill as Haruo.

After serving Akira a crushing defeat, Haruo vows to make her his opponent in the games. The series follows the two as they compete and learn more about each other through their rivalry.

5 new game! Goes behind the scenes of game development

New game girls at work

Fans get to know what the game development industry is all about new game! Aoba Suzukaze also strives to make it in this challenging field of business. After graduating from college, Aoba got her first job at the development company Eagle Jump. It’s a dream come true for novice developers, as they are the creators of her favorite game series, Fairies Story.

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She is excited to know that she will be on the development team for the next part of the series. It’s a cute series that allows fans to see the industry through Aoba’s eyes as she gets to know her team and works on creating the perfect game.

4 March Like a Lion comes a unique look at the game Shogi

Come march like a shogi lion

Rei Kiriyama is a very young professional shogi player Come march like a lion. Despite his promising career, the pressure is becoming too much for him as he starts withdrawing from everyone else. Once Akari, Momo and Hinata meet, that all changes.

Through their friendship, he overcomes his passions and struggles. Finally opening up to others and continuing on to a healthier career. The series focuses on passion and relationships while giving viewers an insight into a game rarely seen in animation.

3 Welcome to NHK that deals with challenging topics with a focus on game creation

Anime Sato and Friends Welcome to NHK

Hikikomori and Tatsuhiro Satou has isolated himself and becomes paranoid as a result, believing that his share of life is part of a plot. He ends up with his friend, Kaoru Yamazaki, and the two delve into the game development world together.

The show goes into the creation of the game in great detail and the difficulties faced by the developers of the game. Throughout, he deals with dark topics like feeling low self-esteem and psychological issues as Tatsuhiro seeks to improve his life.

2 Hikaru no Go is a classic anime game

Hikaru no Go, Hikaru and Akira

Despite being one of the oldest, Hikaru don’t go It is one of the biggest anime games and a true classic that saw huge popularity in its time. The series follows Hikaru Shindou as he discovers an ancient Go board on a fateful day. Sealed in the board is the spirit of Sai, a Go player whose passion for the game is so strong that it even triumphs over death.

With Hikaru’s help, Sai aims to master a divine technique that no other Go player has ever achieved. The rivalry between Hikaru and the genius player Akira Toya sparks passion in him. This passion grows when he and Sy begin their journey to master the game.

1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Still one of the best game series out there

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! It is one of the biggest and most popular series on games out there. It has expanded from the original series and has become its own franchise. Centered around the game Duel Monsters. The original series follows Yuji Muto, who possesses a treasure known as the Millennium Puzzle. This artifact contains the spirit of an ancient pharaoh who imparts his skills to Yuji when confronted by his opponents.

With the spirits of a pharaoh inside, Yuji must unlock the secrets of the Millennium Elements while earning the title of King of Games. The first series made a phenomenonAnd industry Yu-Gi-Oh! A household name among the game anime and the transformation of Duel Monsters into a popular card game in real life.

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