10 anime heroes who almost wiped out the world

Heroes tend to be distinguished by saving people from criminals or the world from destruction at the hands of villains who seek to destroy it. But sometimes, it’s these heroes who accidentally or intentionally put the world at greater risk by being undefeated and irresponsible. Other times, doing nothing is enough to keep everyone from ending the world in ruins.

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These heroes can destroy the world by flipping an emotional switch or removing the power limiter. But fortunately, they still have at least one thing or one person left that keeps them together and saves the world like a Deuce in its own right.

10 Keri Elonis begins to turn the world into sand (Sands of Destruction)

In the last few episodes of sands of destructionKyrie Illunis has been revealed as the code for Destruct, a living device made by The Creator that can restart the world multiple times by returning the hands of time to what it was all about. With a good personality, a protective nature, and a relatively positive outlook on life, Kyrie seems like the perfect counter to Morty’s pessimistic view of the world.

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However, when Kyrie’s memories with the token of destruction awaken, his character transforms into a command-following character. At Morty’s request to destroy the world, he begins to return the world to the sand. Had it not been for Morty’s change of heart at the last minute, this hero would have ended it all.

9 Wang Ling Almost Obliterated the Earth (Immortal King Daily Life)

Donghua daily life to summon Immortal King cultivation

end of the season The daily life of an immortal king The MC, Wang Ling, features an almost wasteful placement of the world and surrounding space. This defeated teen has had so many psychic skills from birth that his parents spend much of their free time preparing ways to help him control his powers that might end the world. Had it not been for their honest work to prevent Wang’s forces from exaggerating and Wang’s dedication to following their example, the world might not have come this far.

8 Yuno Gasai’s Obsession Buyukiteru Amano Destroyed and Saved the World (Future Diaries)

Yuki and Yuno's embrace in the future diaries

future diaryThe timeline of events can be quite confusing, but had it not been for Yukiteru Amano, the world would have ended three times. Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru’s lover and winner of the first Deuce game, becomes obsessed with her boyfriend. Her obsession goes so far as to end the world, start over just to see him, and kill her new self to replace herself, all so she can date him again. If not for Yukiteru Amano, this cycle would probably go on indefinitely, but luckily Yukiteru is back after winning his Deus Game and fixes everything.

7 Kusuo Saiki will probably have a bad day away from removing his limits and ending all life (The disastrous life of Saiki K.)

Psyche Expression Without Sentiment (The Disastrous Life of Psyche K)

Kusuo Saiki is very overpowering, and he knows it, hence his insistence on wearing limiters at all times. While sleeping with only one selector present, he accidentally moves a large hotel full of people into the middle of the ocean. Even with the limiters, it can reset the time for 24 hours, teleport just about anywhere, and change the texture of reality by making weird hair colors natural and giving everyone rejuvenating abilities. Saiki’s powers are so strong that he genuinely fears the kind of accidental world-ending destruction that can happen when the limiters are off and he is deeply disturbed.

6 Korosensei may have gone nuclear (assassination chapter)

Korosense in front of the classroom blackboard assassination

since the beginning Assassination of the seasonsIn Kungigaoka Junior High School, the “unsuitable” class 3-E is tasked with killing their teacher, Korosensei, an extremely powerful octopus-like creature with super fast speed and high regeneration abilities. If they didn’t kill him before graduating, he would destroy the Earth.

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It was discovered that Korosensei had an antimatter implanted in his body, which continuously produces antimatter by cell division for as long as he is alive. However, the moment cell division stops, the chain reaction will wipe out the planet, hence the need to kill it. As long as the Korosensei exists, there is always a chance that the Korosensei can destroy the world if he wants to do so.

5 An evil lady turned evil because she stumbled as a child and was ready to end the world on top of her (Sailor Moon R)

Sailor Moon anime arrogant evil lady

Sailor Mini-Moon, or Rini, is the pink-haired daughter of Sailor Moon and the Tuxedo Mask. While many know her as the gentle time-traveling princess, she temporarily played the role of hero and antagonist in the R series. Her ability to be nasty is revealed in the form of the adult evil lady. The Evil Lady nearly destroyed the world with Prince Demandy using two silver crystals, one from herself and one from her younger self, the Sailor Mini-Moon. The nearly touching silver crystals destroyed the space-time continuum, but were stopped by Sailor Pluto’s help at the last moment.

4 Haruhi Suzumiya changed the facts and nearly destroyed the world (Sorrow of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi approaches Keon in Haruhi Suzumiya's grief

The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya ofThe title character could be a god, an esper, or something else. Regardless, she can transform reality to provide what she wants when she wants it, thus summoning conscious robots from space, time travelers, and espers to secretly surround her. Her most terrifying abilities include the Time Twist, which appears when summer vacation resumes more than 15,000 times without people knowing, and Creation Creation. In the first season finale, Haruhi’s imagination goes wild, and she creates blue giants that can kill everyone, if not destroy the world. Fortunately, Keon is able to get her out of it.

3 Lelouch held Global Hostage in a ploy to end all other wars and succeeded (Code Geass)

Lush Geass Ain in Code Geass

Lelouch goes from protagonist to villain on a global scale in Code Geass By holding the world hostage to the threats of destruction and dictatorship. However, viewers later find out that Lelouch’s plans are to become a villain so great that his death will symbolically end all wars, which is successful. This may or may not be the right decision, because it is uncertain whether or not peace will last. However, Lelouch’s self-sacrifice ended the war-ridden world that had been built under his family’s imperial tyranny and created anew.

2 Ash is one wrong step away from ending the Pokémon world (Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back and Pokémon: The First Movie)

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from Pokemon The First Movie

Ash has been at the center of events that would likely end the world many times throughout Pokemon Franchise business. While not the direct cause of the destruction of the nearby world, it certainly played a role in determining whether or not the planet and people were to be saved or destroyed more than once. In the first movie, Ash’s reckless actions seem to make Mewtwo the most.

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However, this same audacity makes him jump between Mewtwo and Mew fighting over the fate of humanity, which leads to Mewtwo’s final decision not to wipe out human life across the planet.

1 Rico and Shufi gamble the world in games and almost didn’t work (No game no life: zero)

No Game No Life Zero Riku & Shuvi

The No game no life: zero He has two champions, Rico and Shufi. The two play for the fate of humanity and later the world using games. When teaching other humans how to play, champions systematically beat other races in their respective disciplines. Using games and espionage, they risk everything to break into the core of the planet and take Suniaster. A fierce battle leads to their success, but not without massive damage to the world. Riku prays to the god of games, Tate, to remake the world that has remained on the brink of destruction. Instead of war, problems should be solved through non-violence games, leading to the future we see in no game no life a series.

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