10 anime where it doesn’t pay to be good

The heroes of the cartoon often receive great luck and a great chance of eventually succeeding in achieving their goals. On the other hand, villains in cartoons often face an inevitable defeat at the hands of the hero no matter how powerful they are. However, taking high morals doesn’t always provide an advantage when it comes to staying in some animation.

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Cartoon characters located in darker places are faced with circumstances where deviation from morals is essential to living a successful life. Cruelty serves as an unconventional tool for characters to endure life-threatening conditions and achieve ambitious goals.

10 Tokyo Ghoul forces the ghouls to use violence to survive

Ken holds a dead lair in Tokyo Ghoul

Survive as a ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul It requires the characters to act ruthlessly towards humans and ghouls alike. Ogres who refuse to harm others risk death by other ogres who either eat their own species for food or act territorially. An anti-ghoul commission forces the ogres to fend for themselves against humans with bad intentions. Kaneki Ken forcefully learns the harsh reality of being a ghoul after an ogiri tree threatens his peace.

Ghouls have a greater chance of survival by ignoring morals and mercilessly destroying threats. Characters who ignore violence only suffer from a lack of food and those with malicious intent.

9 Tower of God rewards the participants who eliminate the competition

Rachel in the anime Tower of God

Anime God’s Tower It requires those who enter the tower to compete against each other to reach the top successfully. Participants must beat their competitors and beat others to rise to the floors and achieve a higher quality of life. Characters who place too much trust in others or hesitate to win at all costs face betrayal and an inability to progress.

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Winning tower challenges rewards participants with a power that puts lower ranked players at a disadvantage. Participants fulfill their desires to enter the tower more efficiently by treachery than by helping others or by showing good will.

8 The high conquest pits players against each other for the sake of the Lord

Heroes of the conquest stand high on the rooftops

high-altitude invasion Players are forced into the dangerous game of navigating skyscrapers while avoiding masked individuals with deadly intent. Various masked characters that roam the vicinity of a ruthless attack leave participants with little hope of escaping without a fight. Since the game provides a limited number of opportunities to become a candidate for God, participants benefit from eliminating competitors.

high invasion Constant dangers make it nearly impossible for the participants to survive without killing or inflicting damage on some adjective. Participants who refuse to break their morals cancel their options to fight back or escape.

7 Deadman Wonderland makes the inmates fight between life and death

Ganta defends Shiro

prison inmates in Deadman Wonderland The wretched city competes in life or death games for general entertainment. As the prison facility directs deadly poison at the inmates and dispenses the antidote as a game prize, the inmates have no choice but to harm others for their own good. Participants such as Ganta, who develop blood-controlling abilities, fight in additional gladiator matches that require them to arm themselves.

While teamwork between prisoners sometimes helps characters survive, violent gaming scenarios require characters who put their own well-being before others. . high risk Deadman Wonderland Leave no room for goodwill or compassion on the battlefield.

6 Kakegurui introduces the risky world of gambling

yumeko smiling kakegurui playing cards

Hyakkaou Academy students in Kakigurui She relies on deception to succeed as one of the best gamblers in school. The influential students of Hyakkaou Academy frequently bet their fortunes to reach status and get entertainment from risking their lifestyles. Students have an increased chance of retaining their reputation by using malicious methods to influence the outcome of each game.

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Subsequent huge losses Kakigurui Gambling matches force students to treat their classmates harshly. Fair play makes it extremely difficult to survive the hierarchy of Hyakkaou Academy and avoid lifelong debt.

5 An elite class makes students compete for resources

3 Classroom of the Elite heroes

Kudo Okusei Senior High School of Elite classroom It prides itself on the prestigious facilities and freedom of its students, yet it uses a rating system that favors top students. Students ranked lower in Class D lack access to school resources and experience humiliation from management and more accomplished classmates. The constant competition to collect points and move up the ranks leads students to use shady tactics to stay enrolled.

Even the most talented Class-D students in Elite classroom He struggles to win over the school without earning the displeasure of other classmates in the process. The pressure of academic achievement punishes students who refuse to compete at the expense of others.

4 The future diary is given by God to those who fight for it

Mirai Nikki faces another player in the Future Diaries

Deus Ex Machina from future diary Humans choose to fight in a game of survival that awards divinity to the winner. The competition requires players to kill other contestants to achieve success and features characters who are motivated to win. The requirements of Deus Ex Machina lead players to let go of their morals to stand out from their competition and survive the ensuing chaos.

The game’s need for one winner makes trusting or sparing another player an unwise decision that only creates future enemies. Obtaining divinity requires that characters rely on selfish decisions to have the opportunity to influence their reality.

3 Johnny Tyson: Recruit Zodiac War Warriors to fight for a wish

Participants in the war of the zodiac

Twelve warriors from Johnny Tyson: Zodiac Wars Take the traits of animals from the Chinese zodiac and compete in a deadly tournament. Each contestant swallows a poisoned gem that activates within 12 hours and forces the contestants to win to escape its effects. The violent methods used by competitors to eliminate opponents within the allotted time leave the characters with no choice but to fight mercilessly.

Johnny Tyson: Zodiac Wars The harsh conditions of staying inside the tournament leave no room for good intentions. The game’s promise to grant the winner’s wish increases the length of the characters in power.

2 Destiny/Zero characters duel in a fatal tournament for power

Saber Excalibur is used in Fate Zero

mages in Zero Fate Lead the parents to fight in a battle tournament for possession of the Holy Grail that grants wishes. Competitors possess a range of magical abilities that turn battles into life-or-death confrontations between characters of great power. The fierce motives of each magician to obtain the Holy Grail drive the rivals to fight relentlessly.

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fate / zero The Holy Grail offers a prestige that characters receive only through violence and the elimination of rivals without hesitation. Contestants put morals aside for a limited opportunity to establish a solid reputation and achieve lifelong ambitions.

1 Devilman Crybaby locks up the world in a supernatural war

Akira turns into a demon

demons in Devilman Crepebe It possesses physical strength and reflexes that surpass those of ordinary humans. While living as a demon comes with dangerous risks, the extra strength serves as an important survival asset against the demons of the world. Protagonist Akira survives several perilous situations due to his enhanced abilities and inhuman form.

Although demons and humans face the same fate Devilman Crybaby’s In sum, the presence of both species provides a definite advantage in the chain’s horrific conditions. The world shows constant violence that threatens characters who lack supernatural influence.

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