10 Anime where it pays to be bad

In the world of Japanese animation, it usually pays to be on the side of good. Animation, like any work of fiction, aims to inspire and encourage viewers to become their best self. Time and time again, villains are punished for their misdeeds and heroes are rewarded for their belief in hope, justice, and the power of friendship – but not always.

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In some anime worlds, villains will gain a lot by embracing evil. Even if these characters are defeated in the end, it still pays to be bad. If evil characters don’t clash with heroes, they can enjoy a lifetime of profit, fun and validation of their evil lifestyle.

10 Kakegurui explores the brutal hierarchy in the school

Kakigurui Reckless heroine Yumiko Jabami often ends up punishing cheaters and conspirators at Hiyakou Gambling School, but she does it only to get a fair game, not to defend justice and uprightness. In this school, anyone who doesn’t play against Yumiko is encouraged to embrace their bad side.

Hyakkou students often resort to cheating and intimidation to outwit their opponents and compensate for the random chance inherent in most forms of gambling. In fact, this school features a ruthless hierarchy that rewards winners and punishes losers, so bad is the best path to take.

9 Gangsters are the norm in Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Avengers

Sometimes, in the wicked Tokyo Avengers Young gangs end up paying the price for their deviant lifestyle, but most don’t. In fact, many of these violent young men joined gangs like Toman or Valhalla because they didn’t see a better option in their difficult life. Gangs, despite the risks, can give the member a sense of belonging.

For a typical punk in Tokyo AvengersJoining a young gang can be very rewarding – especially when the gang has successfully defeated an opponent, which can be a validation. It’s also helpful to have smart and powerful leaders like Mickey and Draken to lead the way.

8 Strong demons live like kings in Demon Slayer

Ducky human disguise

There are definitely some downsides to being a demon in a world Demon SlayerHowever, demons as powerful as the Twelve Demon Moons will gain more than they lose when they become a demon at the hands of Muzan Kibutsuji. This is especially true of the upper six moons.

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Demons like the arrogant and arrogant Daki and the evil Akaza are fully enjoying their evil lifestyle, being much stronger than their demon slayer enemies and getting endorsement from Muzan himself. They also have a long life and can treat humans like cattle.

7 Criminals rule the seas in the Black Lake

Balalika Black Lagoon

black lake It’s a seinen anime where it doesn’t make sense to be a villain who gets in the way of the heroes, but other than that, being bad is a good thing in this grim saga. black lake It takes place in Southeast Asia and the high seas, where bounty hunters, smugglers, mercenaries, and serial killers are just about everywhere.

There are downsides to this lifestyle, but for the smartest and most well-armed criminals it pays to be bad and accept a life of crime and violence. successful black lake Characters can sell illegal weapons, smuggle drugs, accept assassinations or bodyguard missions, and much more – and get some serious cash for their efforts.

6 Nen’s popular criminals make it big in Hunter X Hunter

Although it is one of the lively shounen anime series, Hunter X Hunter It also depicts many characters who gain more from being bad than being good, such as the elite ant warriors who serve King Meroem. Then there is the Phantom Troupe.

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Hunter x Hunter Experienced criminals can make it big by stealing all kinds of treasures or accepting contracts to assassinate people and there is always a demand for their services. It also helps that the members of the Phantom Troupe look out for each other, and most of all the boss, Chrollo Lucifer.

5 In Vinland Saga, it’s better to raid than to be attacked

Askeladd Mocks Authority in Vinland Saga

finland saga It is a famous cartoon set in medieval Europe, when the Danish Vikings ruled a large part of England under the Danelaw. These are violent and chaotic times, as Vikings regularly raid and pillage weakened coastal towns or march further inland to find new loot.

Nobody can stand up to these Vikings except for the other Vikings and they can all be considered villains, given their vicious lifestyle. Oddly enough, Ascalad, the most successful Viking leader, secretly hates all Vikings, because these violent raiders can invade and destroy the beloved kingdoms of Wales.

4 Noir chefs are making a splash in the food wars!

at Food wars!Cooking is serious business and graduates of the legendary Totsuki School can find work as a chef in any top class restaurant in the world. But while most Totsuki graduates find honest work in catering and restaurants, noir chefs prefer cooking for criminal bosses.

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These nefarious rogue chefs employ methods that would offend any ordinary chef and they gladly serve up great dishes to even the most hated clientele, as long as the money is good. There is always a profit to be made for a skilled noir chef.

3 Tokyo Ghoul depicts powerful ghoul gangs

Ujiri tree member

at tokyo ghoul, It might not be worth being bad for ordinary ghouls, as lone ghouls can be chased and killed by elite CCG investigators like Kisho Arima, Kotaro Amon and Koryu Mado. However, a smart and powerful ghoul can join the gang of all ghouls to get protection and this can really pay off.

Powerful, evil ogres tend to form gangs for mutual protection and the Aogiri Tree gang is the largest and most notorious of the ghoul gang. Any member of this deadly gang can reap the benefits, especially protection from CCG investigators and a sense of belonging, not to mention having a castle-like lair to live in.

2 Dark guilds are profitable in Fairy Tail

grimoire heart fairy tail

For the most part, it’s actually not worth being bad at a cheerful and upbeat anime fairy tale story, but sometimes that happens. at Fairy Tail In the world, bad guys tend to form their own organizations, which can be very profitable if there is an intelligent guild master at the helm.

Dark guilds like Grimoire Heart and Oracion Seis are very successful as long as they don’t override the heroes. Members can benefit from mutual protection, a sense of belonging, and most of all, a serious cash payment to accept all kinds of hateful contracts that the Fairy Tail Guild would never accept.

1 Lupine III depicts a professional thief at work

Lupine III is a classic anime series starring the beloved Antero Lupine III, a professional thief who enjoys touring Europe and stealing treasures only because he can. Lupine isn’t exactly evil, but he’s definitely a bad guy in the eyes of society and detective Zenigata is determined to catch the criminal once and for all.

However, Lupine has a knack for running from trouble over and over again, and Zenigata can never seem to catch him, no matter what he does. Joining Lupine’s gang means being on the wrong side of the law, but at least it’s a lifestyle full of freedom and adventure.

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