10 Best Ranked Modern Metroidvanias, According to Metacritic

There are plenty of games on the market that claim to be action platformer games, but only a few can claim to be Metroidvanias, a subgenre of video games that trace their roots back to 1994. Super Metroid and 1997 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Players enjoyed titles like Super Metroid or grandchildren talk like dead cells For nearly 30 years now.

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There has been a recent renaissance in the Metroidvania genre, and there are many titles that fit the mold. With a little help from Metacritic and its overall scoring system, gamers can easily narrow their choices from the ocean to a secluded oasis of Metroidvania’s best exploration games.

10 cover (82)

A monster lying dead on a statue in the language of disbelief

Blasphemous is a game that doesn’t hold back from its terrifying and bloody visuals, but that’s a big part of its appeal. In this hybrid of Evil spirits And Castlevaniaplayers take the sword as a penitent to hack and make their way through a disturbing landscape inspired by the religious artworks of the Renaissance.

It is the hack and slash nature of the monster that attracts many players. The armored protagonist is definitely one of the more aggressive Metroidvania heroes seen in recent years. His bloodstained quest to rid the land of monsters and demons would give Kratos some fair competition.

9 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (83)

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Sequel

Designed by Koji Igarashi, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Often considered the spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Although Miriam may be a far cry from the sword-wielding Alucard, the exploration, combat, and progression of the experience are definitely similar.

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Vampires and monsters are replaced by alchemists and demons in this deep and familiar title. Simply put, it’s Metroidvania designed by one of the founders of the genre. It jumps through similar hoops, but makes enough changes to the formula to stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Today display

8 Messenger 86

The Prophet was seen with his friend in a quarrel

While it takes a lot of jaden ninja, Prophet Not just a Metroidvania game but a carefully crafted homage to the classic Nintendo era games. Like any Metroidvania, progress is measured by a range of different weapons and upgrades, and getting from A to B can sometimes require the right tool to beat a level.

It is the platform that will really test the player’s ninja skills. The traditional platform elements here are very sharp and one wrong move can lead to the death of Messenger. Things only get more interesting from there when the game goes from 8-bit to 16-bit in the later parts of the title.

7 Metroid Dread (87)

Metroid Dread EMMI enemies have frightening encounters with Samus Death

No collection of Metroidvanias would be complete without at least one metroid the address. Metroid dread As proof that Samus Aran still knows how to bring fans a classic gaming experience. Inspired by her days on the Game Boy as well as the SNES, she brings new life to the series and brings Nintendo’s bounty hunter back to its roots.

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Besides being a throwback to the character, the game is also a health challenge for those who have their teeth over other members of the genre. There is a reason why there is the word dread in the title.

6 Axiom Verge (87)

A monster shoots a laser beam at Axiom Virgo

If there is one game that can be considered the true spiritual successor of the origin metroidthat it Axiom Verge. Influencing from the games on the original NES, the game places the player in a huge space dimension filled with quirky visuals and intimidating enemies. It will take more than one cannon to survive this sci-fi nightmare.

Axiom Verge It is a game that is clearly respected for its inspiration, which is evident in its presentation, gameplay and design. While it may lack some of the amenities seen in other titles in the genre, those who have grown up exploring strange, maze-like planets will be sucked in with little effort.

5 Iconoclasm (87)

Screenshot showing the title of Icon Shatter

Iconoclasm It is a game that can be described as deceptively dark and deep. On the surface, it’s a Steampunk Metroidvania game with a huge focus on exploration and puzzles. It’s all well and good, but there’s a stark science fiction story at its core.

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Behind the rich colors and vibrant backgrounds, there is a story of refugees, pirates, and religious cults looking to conquer society, all in an eccentric world. Most Metroidvanias are certainly deep and complex, but this title definitely goes above and beyond in terms of character and story.

4 Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition (88)


from direction Guacamelee! is a love letter to classic ’90s Metroidvanias, in particular Super Metroid. On the other hand, it’s an eclectic and eccentric blend of exotic and wild mixed with a spicy Mexican flavour. Then again, not many Metroidvanias feature talking goats and lucadors.

It is the combination of elements that makes the game so unique and fun. Metroidvania’s elements are decidedly polished and equipped, but the game’s quirky visuals and humor are its biggest selling point. As Juan abandons his cactus farm and turns into a great masked wrestler, a comedic and colorful adventure unfolds in the Land of the Dead.

3 Hollow Night (90)

Artwork of the knight walking around.

The small but mighty masked hero of Hollow Night It can be said that it can be considered as the label maker for modern Metroidvania. Like many titles in the genre, it’s a mixture of elements that come together to culminate in one glorious experience. Hollowunest looks as strange and alien as any distant planet but maintains a strange and unusual darkness worthy of a Tim Burton movie.

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Some call this game a souls-Like but those who have discovered the winding paths of its nooks and crannies know that it takes a lot of games like Castlevania from any thing else. Its mix of whimsical and eccentric paired with the sprawling world to explore makes it easy for any fan of the genre to get happily lost.

2 dead cells 91

Screenshot of Anti-Dead Cells

dead cells It could be considered a Metroidvania, but that’s just one part of a complex equation that blends genres, motives, and visuals to create a distinct and challenging gaming experience. This elegant and punitive roguelike checks all the boxes for a traditional entry in the genre, but uses death as a mechanic to push the player’s limits.

Headless heroes and alchemical experiments are the flavors of the day in this complex and combative title. Unlike in other Metroidvanias, running and throwing isn’t always the best strategy, as reckless players will discover. Simply put, it is a mixture of classic and modern fans of the genre that they will enjoy a lot.

1 Cave Story (93)

An example of combat in the cave story.

If one were to trace the origins of the Metroidvania renaissance, it could be said that one would start with the origin Cave story. The game blends many qualities mega man metroideven Undertale To create and narrate his complex world. With multiple paths, multiple endings, and a surprisingly dark plot, the game is definitely a cut above the rest.

The graphics are simplistic yet distinctive, and the story blends science fiction, fantasy and a touch of cosmic horror with cartoon-inspired characters giving it an eclectic identity. For those looking for a major experience in the genre, they won’t be to blame for starting here.

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