10 Cartoons That Are Hard To Watch Without Being A Anime Fan

Everyone has a streak that made them fall in love with the anime. Since there are so many types of anime, there are many series that new anime fans will be attracted to right away. classics like Cowboy Bebop Or even modern songs like My hero academy Continue to attract audiences.

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However, there are some animations that are difficult for those who were not yet a fan of anime to enjoy. Whether it’s due to excessive fan service or bloodshed, some anime series are not suitable for people who dip their toes in water for the first time.

10 Kakegurui can be very confusing for people who have no other exposure to animation

Yumiko extends her hand kakegurui

Kakigurui It is an anime about intense gambling at Hyakkaou Private Academy. The protagonist is Yumiko Jabami, a new student who is a compulsive gambler. She seems to enjoy intimidating and intimidating her opponents when betting.

althoug Kakigurui Not necessarily bad, it will be difficult for people without prior exposure to the animation to enjoy it. There are a lot of spontaneous and randomly placed sexual innuendo, loud groaning, and blood throughout the anime that can make new anime fans uncomfortable and not make them want to watch more anime.

9 Devilman Crybaby can be annoying for new anime fans

Ryo watches the carnage at Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crepebe The film revolves around a demonic child who is led by his friend into a horrific war. The central message of the series is about the violence of humans who condemn demons and yet commit the same atrocities they accuse demons of every day. Holds strong anti-war sentiments.

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However, this may turn off many new anime fans as he chose to highlight the worst parts of humanity. It presents crimes of humanity in very bloody and candid ways that can make it difficult for those who are not fans of anime to enjoy it.

8 Goblin Slayer’s controversial violence images may turn off new viewers

The killer's goblin goes after its prey

puck killer It is a dark fantasy anime about a person tasked with exterminating all goblins. However, this anime quickly gained a reputation for being controversial. Crunchyroll had to issue an apology and put out content warnings before each episode of the show.

The show is very graphic, depicting sexual abuse and pure violence in the simplest of ways. For people who aren’t a fan of anime, it’s understandable why puck killer It would be hard for them to get in – and maybe even scare new anime fans out of watching more whole anime.

7 Attack on Titan may be too much for new viewers

Attack on Titan Levi Fighting

The attack on the Giants It is one of the most popular anime series in recent years. It quickly became a fan favorite and as the series is about to end, its popularity is only increasing. However, for new anime fans, it can be a bit difficult to watch.

The attack on the Giants Incredibly bloody, limb-cutting and plenty of gunfights are shown. Additionally, the story has many layers that force viewers to think critically about the societal conditions in the anime. New anime fans can find all of this confusing.

6 Bad sounds in food wars! It can be a turn off for new anime fans

Nene and Satoshi from Food Wars!

Food wars! It is a very cute anime. The film revolves around a high school student named Soma Yukihira on his journey to become a full-time chef alongside his father. However, as simple as the plot may sound, anyone who has watched it has seen it Food wars! He knows some of the more straightforward sound effects.

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Excessive fan service and loud whining throughout the anime may be too much for people who haven’t been exposed to anime before. Everyone who has watched this anime agrees on one important thing: wearing headphones.

5 Sword Art Online’s concept of VR can be tough for new viewers to get immersed in

Sword Art Online Sticker

sword art online It’s about a multiplayer VR game where players can’t come and go as they like: they can only leave once they win or if someone else kills them. Killing them in the game will also kill them in real life.

The element of VR can be too much for new anime fans to indulge in. Additionally, the anime features little graphic violence, and contains at least one blatant sexual assault scene each season. This can be very annoying for any viewer – especially new fans of the anime.

4 Neon Genesis Evangelion can be overwhelming for people who don’t watch anime

Toji is rescued in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Although it is considered a classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion It can be confusing for new viewers. The anime goes to great lengths in its depiction of violence. The visuals throughout the series range from gory to downright horrifying.

Throughout the anime, there are many disturbing scenes to keep anyone watching it awake at night. Many of the scenes display elements of surrealism that would disturb new viewers, such as when Shinji’s backstory is revealed and an exploration of psychology. The blood is enough to turn a lot of people off right away, but the element of surrealism is an extra layer that would be a little too intense for new anime watchers.

3 The Promised Neverland would upset the newcomers of the anime

The Promised Neverland Season 2

Neverland Promise Both excellent and very annoying. It focuses on the children in the orphanage who are sold to demons as meat. Although it does not rely heavily on the gory visuals to tell the story, the emotional and psychological aspects can be severe for any viewer.

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The anime does an excellent job of building a very disturbing atmosphere. In terms of horror movies, its first season is the best. However, for newcomers to the world of animation, Neverland Promise It may be too much.

2 Bestars is too weird for longtime anime fans, let alone people who are not fans

kulot and phos from monsters

monsters It is an anime set in the modern era – except that all the characters are anthropomorphic animals. In addition, there is a major culture war between herbivores and carnivores. The anthropomorphic animals that rule society are weird enough, but then the culture war aspect is thrown over them, making it one of the weirdest anime series of all time.

For newcomers to animation, be a starIt might be way too strange for them. Sexual allusions throughout the series are another weird aspect of her, as well as a severe psychological gap between the animals as they question their morals and instincts. Total, monsters It’s a strange series for people who have watched anime for a long time – and even more disturbing for people who are not fans of anime at all.

1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a classic game that may attract new fans of anime

Dio and Jonathan stand in the moonlight on Gogos' bizarre adventure

Nobody can deny that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure It is a classic anime. Hirohiko Araki’s superiority should not be doubted. However, for newcomers to the world of animation, the events of the story can be too strange and spontaneous for them to follow.

Since it’s the story of every single Joestar generation in every part, it can be a bit confusing at first. Newcomers will likely be confused about why the protagonist is killed by the end of Part One and not sure what will happen next. Another potentially confusing aspect is the sudden switch from Hamon to Stands. The presentation is spontaneous, which is its most enjoyable aspect. But for people who aren’t interested in anime, it’s probably too much at first.

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