10 cautious anime characters who hardly take any risks

The anime world is filled with characters of all kinds, from brave and daring shounen heroes to cool, calculating villains and everything in between. In these stories, the most interesting and unpredictable characters are the daredevils who will not hesitate to jump into the fire, but other anime characters take the opposite approach.

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A cautious anime character will not push her luck if she can help her. Instead, these cautious characters will avoid dangers or excessive risks, preferring to fight an enemy or take on a mission when they are sure things will go their way. These characters are not necessarily cowardly or reluctant, but they are not reckless adventurers.

10 Ryota Suzue is a cautious gambler (Kakigurui)

Ryota Suzue Kakigurui

Unlike his unruly and greedy friend, Yumiko Jabami, the meek protagonist Ryota Suzue is a cautious and somewhat timid gambler who deals with everything in moderation. He is just an average gambler by Hyakkou standards, so he can rarely afford to go home or go home.

That’s why Ryota acts as a supporting character in Kakigurui While the risk-loving Yumiko takes center stage, he does well. Ryota may be cautious, but he is willing to take risks if Yumiko takes the initiative and encourages him, and sometimes it pays off.

9 Uryu Ishida Won’t Work Without A Plan (Bleach)

Oreo Ishida

Ichigo’s Quincy friend, Uryu Ishida, is a balanced shonen leader in many ways. He’s cautious and takes no action unless he has a cunning plan in mind, but Uryu is also bold and decisive, which makes for a winning combination. He could easily be a shonen protagonist in his own right.

Uryu prefers to be stealthy and ready in his missions, and prefers not to leave things to chance if he can help them. If the situation is really dire, Uryu may improvise and take risks, but this is not his preferred method. He’d rather win the fight in his head before making a move.

8 Shikamaru Nara also prefers to plan (Naruto)

Shikamaru Naruto

Genius Shikamaru Nara shares a lot in common with Uryu Ishida, both of whom are main supporting characters who balance the hero’s reckless ways with a cautious and meticulous attitude. Shikamaru, like Oreo, is capable of very bold and brave action, but he does not let himself be carried away.

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More than once, Shikamaru has stopped his reckless team again to avoid traps, and this pays off. Shikamaru does not want to play into the hands of the enemy with a reckless act. Instead, he would come up with a great plan and cautiously move into battle on his own terms. He doesn’t feel the need to roll the dice with his life.

7 Iruma Suzuki keeps it simple (Welcome to Devil’s School, Iruma-kun!)

Iruma smiles at Welcome to Devil's School!

Isaki’s hero Iruma Suzuki has been sold by his selfish parents to the demonic underworld, where he is bought by Lord Sullivan and adopted as his beloved grandson. Iruma is the only human being in the entire underworld, and he has to take great care to hide this fact, or else.

Iruma maintains a low profile during his time in the Babylonian school, and uses a variety of methods to portray himself as a demon. Also, Iruma rarely chooses to fight. Instead, battles come to him, and Iruma must do what he can to survive as a mere human.

6 Nothing Like The Reckless Mello (Death Note)

Near rotating his hair Death Note

The original detective L was rather cautious, although he also took serious risks in a desperate attempt to capture Kira, such as when he met Light Yagami as a fellow student at To-Oh University. One of L’s successors, the white-haired relative, is more cautious than that.

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For years, Nir worked patiently and cautiously to gather evidence on Kira before making his move five years after El’s fall, though his overly cautious methods slowed him down a bit. Nir did not complete the task until he made good use of Milo’s reckless moves to finally rule in Kira’s corner.

5 Zenitsu Agatsuma Not Keen To Take Risks (Demon Slayer)

Designed by Zenitsu

Thunder-breathing assassin Zenitsu Agatsuma slowly became more brave and daring as an assassin, although he still had a reputation for cowardice. On a more flattering note, Zenitsu is also a cautious and cautious demon slayer who fully understands just how dangerous and dangerous his profession really is. He’s not wrong to be careful about demons.

Cowardly or not, Zenitsu is known to be wary when the gang reaches the demons’ territory, and he’s not responsible for just accusing and fighting the first demon he finds. He prefers to hold back and wait until the right time to strike, and to some extent, Tanjiro feels the same way.

4 Momo Yaorozu wouldn’t act without a plan (My Hero Academia)

Like Uryu and Shikamaru, the hero of creation Momo Yaoyorozu is able to take daring actions during a mission, but she won’t act until she has a strong plan in mind to reduce the risks. Heroes like Katsuki Bakugo jump straight into battle and fight by instinct, but without Momo.

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Instead, Momo will carefully analyze the terrain and its enemies and devise a plan to maximize her team’s advantages and eliminate private enemy assets. Then, and only then, will you get Momo to move and achieve a calculated victory.

3 Naofumi Iwatani will not gamble with his life (Rise of the Shield Hero)

Naofumi arrogant face

Shield hero Naofumi Iwatani has no choice but to be careful and avoid dangers during his adventure in the kingdom of Melromarc. He does not have offensive power on his own, and for a while, he had no support from the other three cardinal heroes and from the kingdom itself. Taking risks was not an option for him.

Therefore, Naofumi walked slowly and carefully, always thinking about the consequences of his actions in advance, something that other heroes did not do. It paid off, and the cautious Naofumi becomes a clever, practical hero who can save the day in style.

2 Sokka is wary of the world (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The Last Airbender: How Sokka Gave the Fire Nation Its Most Dangerous Weapon

Animation series Avatar: Another Airbender Gaang stars, a group made up of Avatar Aang, Sokka, Katara and Toph Beifong, striking a balance between caution and bold action. Of the four, Sokka was the most cautious, to the point where he didn’t trust Aang at first.

Sokka feels responsible for the entire Southern Water Tribe, and will lose a lot if he takes too many reckless risks. Soka often warns Ang and Katara to avoid trouble during their journey, but his friends can’t help but save the others, so Sokka must be careful to accompany them or be left behind.

1 Megumi Tadokoro rarely issues challenges (Food Wars!)

Megumi holds a ladle with both hands

Soma Yukihira is a big risk taker, and loves to issue and accept challenges all the time. Then there’s his wary new girlfriend, the beautiful Megumi Tadokoro, who uses her relaxed home cooking style to impress the judges. She rarely experiences in the kitchen, though she has challenged herself to skin and cook monkfish, which says a lot.

Megumi followed in Soma’s footsteps and learned to be a more courageous and confident chef, but still did not like to take risks, and would rarely, if any, challenge other chefs to risky shokujiki matches. Instead, Megumi slowly and steadily built herself up as a chef until she competed in the BLUE Championship for the ultimate challenge.

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