10 Famous TV Shows That Need A Tidy LEGO Game

Whether you’re a huge fan of it or not, it’s hard to deny how successful the Lego series has been over the past few years. They’ve become so prominent that they’ve been able to cover huge franchises like Harry Potter, Marvel, Bat-Man, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and more. While some games are more liked than others, most tend to agree that anyone can find some level of enjoyment from games.

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With so many huge franchises already featured in Lego adventures, there’s no reason why a few popular game franchises can’t finally find themselves as beloved Lego toys. There are a lot of perks that will probably jump your mind, but there are some that might surprise you with how they work in the world of LEGO bricks.

10 mega man

Mega Man Smash Ultimate Call Down Up Smash

With how much can be done with the countless masters of robotics from the Mega Man series, it’s almost a shock that there was no Mega Man Lego. While any version of the Blue Launcher could work, placing it in Universe X would probably work best.

The original Mega Man will set the level, while the X series will provide a way to mimic the usual Lego style. With Maverick Hunter HQ as a pivotal world where you choose levels, and a huge collection of Mega Man characters, there can be countless playable characters and some amazing levels to explore.


9 Castlevania

Castlevania Cover Art

A Lego game set in a world that is usually meant to be darker and more mature may not make sense at first, but the creep factor could be replaced with fantasy and comedy instead. The Castlevania series has a lot of great characters and stories and the whip mechanic has already been used in the Lego games.

It will also be easy to create multiplayer thanks to the links between the various vampire slayers in the series and their companions. Unfortunately, Lego fans probably won’t get this game thanks to the awesome, violent, adult-oriented Netflix series.

8 Super Mario

Screenshot showing Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad running through a level in Super Mario 3D World

Everything Mario touches seems to make money, so it’s a shocker that Nintendo hasn’t made a game deal with Lego, despite some physical sets being released. The game practically makes itself felt, with many iconic characters and power-ups to choose from.

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It would be easy to create a mix of excitement and puzzle solving in Lego Mario, especially if the Mushroom Kingdom was presented as a kind of open world for you to explore. This is the kind of game that anyone can spend dozens of hours on, even if it’s just exploring the world that can be built.

7 the magician

Wizard 3 cropped

Creating a Lego game based on The Witcher may seem strange, but as long as you remove overt sexual themes and insults, the game can become an incredible fantasy adventure. Seeing Lego Geralt grumble his way through an adventure would be funny.

If they make the game open to the world, just as they did in Lord Of The Rings, the potential for secrets and side quests is just as endless as one of the popular main games. Although Lego won’t capture the same beauty as toys, it’s worth a shot.

6 human kombat

Mortal Kombat 11 Art Promo

Mortal Kombat is widely known as one of the most violent game series ever, and since Lego bricks can’t fully include blood, this isn’t much of a problem in a Lego game. Violent deaths can be played for laughs rather than taken seriously, something that could serve as a precursor to the series for those who shouldn’t be playing games yet.

The huge cast of characters will allow telling almost any kind of story and plenty of puzzle-solving opportunities with the team’s wide skill set.

5 vampire

Resident Evil 6 Main Cast artwork

While scary crawls are usually meant for an older audience, there are plenty of scary media out there for younger audiences as well. A series that could serve as a precursor to gaming horror in the form of Lego will be Resident Evil.

Action-packed stories are sometimes ready for a Lego adaptation and can allow the horror aspects to be broken down in a way that actually makes sense. Many people may not realize that the most memorable moments actually happened in the main series.

4 Tomb rider

Tomb Raider 2013 Lara at the top of the radio tower.  Lara asks for help in a movie scene.

Since Lego has already taken up the Indiana Jones franchise, it might be worth trying out the Tomb Raider. Lego will give an adventure led by a female who can see you travel across the world in search of different treasures.

While there aren’t many classic characters to build the game’s menu, it might not be a huge problem if the game is primarily story-based rather than an open-world adventure. It could be a great opportunity to teach a younger audience about diverse people around the world.

3 Doctrine killer

Ezio from the creed of an assassin who jumps from above on two guards

A group of assassins all about killing people might be too violent for a Lego game, but if it’s woven the right way, it can be pretty cool. Imagine an Assassin’s Creed Lego game where all the assassinations were caused by mousetrap-like puzzles that must be solved in order to eliminate a target.

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Levels can consist of entire ancient cities where you have to collect things or complete side quests to collect what you need to make your move. It can be story-based and brings you into the world outside of Animus to play as a player-created character.

2 Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 4 Decidia King

There are many different ways a Lego Final Fantasy can be made. While it would be easy to simply take an old game plot and turn it into Lego, it might be best to combine the main series with Dissidia’s lineup of games.

Bringing all the hitters from the franchise together in a Lego RPG adventure can be something both young and old players can enjoy. If the mechanics remain simple, it could be a precursor to RPGs for younger players and still feature some challenging puzzles.

1 the legend of zelda

Zelda Peddle

The fact that people are still playing Breath Of The Wild to this day shows that open world Zelda is working. Taking this formula and translating it into a Lego adventure on a smaller scale is something Nintendo fans might love.

A game like this could also allow players to play as all the different unique tribes of the Hyrule lands, and even some famous villains. We’ve seen Nintendo take risks in this series before with games like Hyrule Warriors, so Lego might not be too big.

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