10 games that last even after you expect them to finish

Video games can be a huge undertaking. While some will only take an hour or two away from skilled players, some may take hundreds of hours to get your way. With the number of hours available to tell a story, no one should be surprised when the developers put a few surprises into the mix.

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Some games are centered around a single conflict, and all the action will push you towards its end. Sometimes that conclusion is a bit bogus and the game somehow finds a way to continue. Whether it’s a mystery game or an adventure game, there’s nothing weird about tricking players into believing the story is ending, just for a few more hours to test it out.

10 Person 4 – Investigation completed?

Persona4 logo and characters

Anyone who’s ever played Persona 4 knows that there are actually quite a few moments when the game finally seems to come to an end. The first time the game looks like it’s heading toward its final conclusion, you still have about twenty to forty hours left, depending on your playing style.

For those who don’t know, a large part of the game revolves around some sort of mysterious murder, something you and your friends will be tasked with solving. The game is filled with twists and turns that even the biggest fans of the mysterious genre might not expect.


9 Donkey Kong Country – King K is not done. roll

Donkey Kong Country Gangplank Galleon

It was very rare for old games to pull the rug out from under you with respect to their ends. Games were generally shorter because system limitations made developing longer games more difficult.

Donkey Kong Country has managed to craft a unique game in many ways, but one of the most unique was its fake ending. When you head into the final battle with King K. Rool, you’re probably ready for whatever tricks he might have, but you might not expect fake credits to appear before the fight finally continues.

8 Pokemon Gold/Silver – Back to Kanto

pokemon gold start screen

It has to be admitted that while returning to the Kanto region in Pokemon Gold and Silver is technically post-game content, it still provides plenty of additional content to continue playing.

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Once you’ve made your way through everything the Johto region has to offer and become the Pokemon Champion, you can then head back to the famous trainer Red’s arenas. Experiencing the original Gym Leader lineup with tougher Pokémon is a blast every Pokémon fan has loved.

7 Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage – The End?

Spider-Man fights carnage

One of the best hits on Super Nintendo comes in the form of Spider-Man And Venom: Maximum Carnage. It features an iconic storyline, lots of surprising patterns, and a shocking amount of levels for a side-scrolling fighter.

The battle will take Carnegie and his various companions through the many levels of the game, eventually leading to the final battle. When everything seems to be done for good, the credits roll, but that’s not really the end. For the last time, you have to fight the carnage to stop him for good.

6 Super Smash Bros. Millie – GigaPower

Games with short development times are a snapshot of all the fighters from Super Smash Bros.  Melee who lined up including Link, Mario, Ness, Kirby, Princess Peach and Captain Falcon

Throwing in surprises can’t be in a series like Super Smash Bros. easy task. It features many fighters, but the games are also relatively straightforward for the fighters. Super Smash Bros. had Melee is a big surprise to those who thought they had taken control of Adventure Mode.

As long as you don’t play in the easier difficulties, you’ll meet the Giga-Bowser after you finally bring down Bowser. It’s a lot bigger, does a bit more shooting damage, and packs a big punch if it can get its hands on you.

Metal Gear Solid 5. A steel snake sitting in a helicopter.

No one can ever be blamed for thinking Metal Gear Solid 5 was nearing its end because the endgame was everything you’d expect in the end of a game for any big budget title.

Everyone should experience the story free of spoilers, but once you face your enemy once and for all, the game reveals that this was only the first chapter of the story and that there is still a lot to do. The amount of content that follows Endgame is staggering, and how important the story continues to be is something only Metal Gear can do.

4 Batman: Arkham Knight – Game Over, But Not Really

Arkham screenshot of Batman and Arkham Knight

One of the most famous moments in modern games is the end of Batman: Arkham Knight, or rather the lack of an ending. Completers may not have had a problem with the true end of the game being locked behind more or less completing the entire game, but the average player did.

You can make it to the end and even experience the end game, but the problem is that it’s not the true chain of events. If you neglect the Riddler Awards throughout the game, you may be around for hours solving puzzles in order to experience the true end of the game.

3 Final Fantasy 6 – Kefka wins

Final Fantasy VI Kefka throws Emperor Gestal from the Floating Continent

Before Super Nintendo, games were much shorter experiences. While there have been some games here and there that still take several hours to play through, most games have relied on extreme difficulty and replayability to keep you coming back.

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That changed when Final Fantasy 6 made its way to home consoles. There’s been a lot of bait and switch in the series before, but Final Fantasy 6 may have its most shocking twist. You head into what feels like the final battle, only to lose in the end, taking the world to failure, which is something you then have to keep getting revenge and fixing.

2 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Inverted Castle

Fight enemies from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

One of the most loved games of the Castlevania series is Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. The sprawling game told a fun story that was set entirely inside Dracula’s castle.

Many players may not have experienced the fact that the game can almost double if you follow the right steps. Instead of getting into a fake final battle, the entire castle will be reversed and you will have to make your way back in. It’s a fun surprise that has added a lot of value to an already great game.

1 Mario Series – The Princess in Another Castle

The princess is in another castle.

One of the most famous thrills in video game history comes from the Mario series. Almost every Mario fan remembers experiencing the fact that the princess was in another castle at some point in their lives.

It’s a simple twist that creates excitement and amazement. You’ve already carved your way through one world, what challenges can a whole new world present? This development just got better, and it originated at a time when many players thought the game was over when they beat the first castle from the original Super Mario.

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