10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In Kakegurui

Strange is one way to describe Kakigurui, which is a perfectly appropriate word. It is an anime that is over the top in both character and violence. Characters do things with each other which makes Jigsaw out of a file opinion Blush movie series. One thing for you for sure I can not We call it boring.

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There is never a dull moment in it where it always seems like something is going on, whether it’s a game or the characters are just playing with each other. For a show full of madness, it can be easy to miss some of the nitty-gritty details of its characters, stories, and the world in general.

10 RI is Genderfluid

There are a lot of characters in the anime where you can assume that’s the case, but Rei is one of the few that has been confirmed as such. They seem to regularly alternate between masculine and feminine appearances, depending on how they feel. While exiled, they appear more masculine, while once released, they take on the opposite characteristics. The duality of appearance works well with the character considering her role in Season 2.

9 Batsu points to their X’s

Xs at Rei’s hands plays a big role in season 2 and a big reason why it’s called Kakigurui XX. What you may not know is that the “Batsu” in “Batsubami” refers to those same signs as batsu is the Japanese name for the “x” (which means “wrong”). It’s always interesting how much you think of names when it comes to anime and creative work in general. Small nuggets like this are often scattered throughout the animation, and the character’s name has become very symbolic of how the character operates in the show.

8 Midari Has Spin-Off Series

For anyone who has seen the show, Midari has undoubtedly made an impression. In a series with psychotic characters, you might be at the top of the pile.

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Her masochistic nature has always placed her in situations that no sane person would want to be in. Given how special her character is, it should come as no surprise that she has a spin-off series focusing on her and a new character named Ayame Nureba as Ayame deals with the newly appointed head beauty.

7 Yumemi’s live actress is a real idol

Live action adaptation of anime isn’t always without hitches, and it’s often a huge disappointment because it’s hard to translate certain aspects of anime into reality. 2018 live version of Kakigori She has her flaws as well as her strengths, but the interesting thing is that Yomimi Actress Sayuri Matsumura is a real idol. Considering that’s what Yumemi does outside of school and has been a key part of her character’s arc, it’s a pretty cool choice.

6 Sumika Battle Gallery

fair fights in Kakigurui rare as in Yu-Gi-Oh! a series. Everyone seems to cheat, and if you’re not, you’re left behind.

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Sumika is one of the few that manages to beat this as she goes above and beyond to ensure that the games are as fair as possible. She even bribed the audience to vote for who they felt was best to counter Yumimi’s cheating as they played against each other.

5 Unfamiliar Sayaka

It’s a small detail that might be overlooked due to its relative insignificance, but Sayaka appears to be unpopular between the two seasons of the anime.

In the first season, she uses an electric stun with her left hand, while in the second season, she is seen using the same tasers in her right hand instead. The fact that she uses both times tells you everything you need to know about her character – she’s one of the most serious characters on the show.

4 Continuity error in Itsuki’s nails

The series has some pretty horrific moments as the penalties keep mounting. It was one of those moments when Itsuki tore her nails in a scheme with Yumiko. The problem is that at the end of season one, her nails seem to have healed and are no longer painted.

Once the second season started, the first time we see her still wearing the bandages, after the anime forgot that they healed themselves, it caused a huge contradiction.

3 Strange casting coincidence with sword art online

Given their closeness and the fact that they are identical twins, it’s not too surprising that they look alike. This is especially true because the couple poses for each other on multiple occasions. What’s interesting is that the characters have a voice actress doing double duty in both the Japanese version and the dubbing. Furthermore, both (Myuki Sawashiro and Michelle Raff, respectively) have also voiced Sinon in both languages ​​from sword art onlineIt’s a coincidence, a coincidence.

2 Iremi is the only one who doesn’t wear a uniform

cast of characters in Kakigurui Spacious with figures of equal size, but one thing they all have in common other than the need to gamble is that they all wear their assigned uniform. The only exception to this in the Hundred Predatory Families is Eremi Mushibambi, who is always seen in the typical Gothic Lolita costume. The best guess as to why is that she is still a child, something that none of the other members allow her to forget because she is often made fun of.

1 Lack of screen time for Ryota

I’ve never seen a main character on the series lack screen time like Ryota did. He seems to be involved in everything, kind of like Krillin in Dragon Ball, but it is rarely the focus. It’s strange considering how close he is to the actual main character, Yumiko. One would think that it would be more present to play a romantic subplot. That may be for the better, because his calmer, quieter demeanor is often misplaced among the madness that others bring.

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