10 Miraculous Ladybug Characters Who Won The Most Battles

the offer Miracle: Ladybug Tales And Cat Noir follows an episodic format that viewers are accustomed to. There is always an issue that causes emotional instability in a character, as Shadow Moth takes advantage of the resulting negative emotions and hurts his victim, then saves Lady Bug and Cat Noir, sometimes accompanied by a team, leading to another victory for the Champions.

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However, the miracle universe is bigger than Ladybug and Cat Noir alone. The world is filled with many heroes who fought longer than the Miraculous duo. When it comes to who won the most fights, the answer isn’t necessarily Ladybug and Cat Noir; They have only won the most battles on screen.

10 Every day the shadow moth is not caught is a win

Even though Shadow Moth hasn’t won any battles since he first came to power doesn’t mean he hasn’t. Every time Shadow Moth reprimands someone else and uses them for his plans, he learns from them, and changes his strategy, so even when his pawns fail, he’s able to continue his mission the next day.

Every day that Shadow Moth remains free and in power is a victory for him. Although his plans were generally unsuccessful, he now controls almost all miracles.

9 Mister Su Han didn’t lose a fight

Master Su Han was specially trained within the Order of the Miraculous to fight anyone who might want to use a miracle for evil. As such, any powers or tactics gained by Miraculous were useless against him, and so far, Master Su Han had not lost a single battle on screen.

Despite his track record, Master Su Han had long since disappeared from existence thanks to Feast. As such, he wasn’t there to fight anyone. Moreover, Master Su Han only fights those who use Miraculous for evil, which does not leave him with many opponents, so he did not need to fight for long.

8 The shield is the team’s defense

As the saying goes, “The best attack is a good defense,” and as the only hero with defensive power, Carapace is a member of a team in multiple missions. Whenever a group of Miraculous users are seen working together, the dynamic usually varies somewhat. However, one character who is never lost is Carapace, mainly because his ability to shelter is invaluable.

Carapace also works well with Rena Rouge, which is also used for most tasks. Because of the bond between Nino and Alia both in the hero’s life and beyond, these two make perfect mates. They work together effortlessly without having to communicate their plans out loud.

7 Alia is Rena Rouge, Rina Vertiv and Scarabella

Other than Cat Noir, Alya Cesaire was Ladybug’s closest ally and the only one who could be trusted regarding her secret identity. As the first added member of the Miraculous team, Alia has been proactive in the group’s missions, and her power of illusions comes in handy on various occasions. However, after Shadow Moth discovers Rena’s secret identity, Alya is forced to give up fighting directly alongside Ladybug, so she can work unseen in the background and watch out for Shadow Moth.

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Despite missing out on fights as Rena Rouge, Alia’s superhero career isn’t over, as Marinette trusts her as a secondary user of the Ladybug Miraculous. Thanks to the Tikki gem, Alya is able to battle as Scarabella, ensuring that even if something happens to Marinette, the world will always have the Ladybug to save him.

6 Marianne fought alongside Master Fu for years

In protecting the Miracle Chest, Mr. Fu realized that he couldn’t work alone forever and that he would need help keeping it out of enemy hands. Because of this, he recruited Marian to his side, and the two fought multiple battles together over the years, sometimes using miracle and sometimes coming up with ways to fight without the magical gems.

Although the two separated during the war, Marianne continued to fight for her country. She trusted that Fu would continue his own battle to protect the Miracle Chest.

5 Cat Noir has fought almost every battle on screen

After being commissioned with the Miraculous of Destruction, Cat Noir has been linked to Ladybug as the most important superhero in all of Paris. He’s been present in nearly every battle with a agonizing villain, with very few exceptions.

Even when Adrian was unable to use his miracle, he was still fighting in disguise. However, due to Adrian’s restricted lifestyle under Gabriel, he was not able to attend some battles and was even bruised on more than one occasion; For this reason, the beetle fought a few more battles than him.

4 Ladybug hasn’t been a hero for a long time

As one of the two main characters on the show, Ladybug has fought nearly every onscreen battle with very few exceptions. However, it’s important to remember that Marinette has only had her miracle for a few months at this point. Therefore, she did not participate in as many battles as one would think.

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There are other characters on the show who have been fighting for years. Some of them are old heroes of their countries, others have fought wars in which they were forced to fight battles every day.

3 The owl knight has been fighting since childhood

Over the years, there have been many Knight Owls, each one presenting themselves to be the immortal champion of New York. Likewise, everyone was accompanied by a young Sparrow companion who would one day take the mantle of the Knight Owl character and continue the charade.

Barbera Keynes has been a hero in New York since she was only a child, taking part in multiple fights that dramatically improved the lives of New Yorkers. She saved the city from various villains, once as a sparrow and later as a mighty knight owl.

2 Majestia is an actual superhero

As a true superhero born with powers rather than bestowed upon them by miracle gems or other magical artifacts, Majestia has likely been battling evil forces since a young age. She is the type of personality with a strong moral sense that may have been inculcated in her since her childhood because of her abilities.

Because of her strong sense of justice, Majestia lined up against anything despicable. With many villains threatening New York, Majestia is often called upon to fight to protect the citizens of her city.

1 Master Fu has used many miracles for years

After accidentally destroying the Order of the Miracle, Mr. Fu has changed dramatically from a foolish boy to a responsible mentor. He became someone who firmly believed that the world needed heroes. With his mother’s chest in hand, he defended the world with various miracles, as seen in a few glimpses of his past.

Having lived such a long life and witnessed multiple wars firsthand, it was clear that Master Fu fought fiercely. He tries to restore balance to the world while remaining hidden from others who might want to use the Miracle Box for nefarious purposes.

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