10 Modern Games Inspired by Classic Nintendo

Nintendo is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. The company that has given old players the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong and Link a powerful midfield influence for decades and continues to create new and exciting titles on a regular basis. So it should come as no surprise that they have also influenced other developers in their work.

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Other developers like Sega, Ubisoft, and Yacht Club have certainly learned from Nintendo, but it’s great to see how many titles hold their own. From platform games to dungeon crawlers, these modern classics wear a Nintendo influence proudly up their sleeves.

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Grim Matchstick fights Cuphead in the clouds

Cuphead It is a game that can easily be considered a modern classic for various reasons. Whether it’s the cartoon aesthetic or the running and gun action, the game fulfills so many requirements that it fits in more than a few Nintendo game entries.

While its visuals and designs may come from classic cartoons, its gameplay takes more than a few things from “Nintendo-hard” titles like Contra And gradius. Many players have even compared some of his platform levels to Super Mario 3. Mario may not be making any devilish deals, but he can definitely run alongside Cuphead and Mugman.

Kazee and the wild masks

Banner for the video game Kaze And The Wild Masks featuring a crouching rabbit character

Kaze might look like she should be hanging out with Sonic and his crew, but the gameplay and her game design will feel right at home on the SNES. There’s no shortage of classic platform games in the system, but this colorful title feels like it’s taking its direction from Donkey Kong more than anyone else.

Experienced players can choose Kazee and the wild masks Draw instant parallels between the adventure and mechanics of the Long-eared Bunny and the adventure and mechanics of Donkey and Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country. What it lacks in bongos and peanut guns, it more than makes up for in fantasy platforms.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter It’s been compared to many games, but with its 16-bit designs, top-down perspective, and action-packed gameplay, it could easily go for an action-adventure title on the SNES. It may not contain storytelling clips of something like that mana secret or link to the past, But they certainly carry their own design features.

Game narrative mainly for player interpretation, but it is a combination of Zelda-Like dungeons and top-down shooter battles that earn you recognition. With just a few minor tweaks, this post-apocalyptic adventure can pass for a SNES original.

cross code

crosscode It can be considered larger and more complex A connection to the past. Certainly there is no shortage of Zelda-Titles inspired by the eShop, but this game, its cartoon-inspired designs, and futuristic decorations help it stand out from the crowd in many ways. While the layout and gameplay are certainly familiar to experienced players, the story is definitely deeper than your average journey through Hyrule.

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With gestures for articles like sword art online, Sci-fi fans will feel right at home in this 16-bit epic. Her compelling story and gorgeously designed work of goblins are sure to gain more than a little bit of recognition.

Axiom Verge

Screenshot from Axiom Verge, showing player using a stun gun.

The Switch is loaded to the edge with Metroidvanias, but few capture the elements of the game that started the genre better than Axiom Verge. While he definitely takes his weapon system out of something along the lines super metroid, Its design, environments and visuals pay tribute to the very one who started it all.

There’s no denying that Samus would be incredibly fit in this 8-bit dimension. With some upgrades, the bounty hunter can easily explore with Trace and take down the group of bosses in the game. The intersection of the two addresses will undoubtedly yield excellent results.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

field fight

A game based on a movie based on a video game-inspired comic book looks like a jumble of mayhem, but there are few retro-inspired games that understand their inspiration better than Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. With its 16-bit visuals, familiar gameplay, and clear appreciation for the theme, it’s one of the most vocal love letters of classic games.

Games veterans will easily make comparisons to games like Nintendo River City Ransom and sega streets of rage, But anyone with experience in this type of game will pick up the different notes and gestures of classic arcade titles of the 80s and 90s.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

There are many games that pay homage to games of the past, but there are games that make players wonder if someone didn’t directly copy another title. show from Bloodstained Night Ritual: Curse of the Moon Not just a tribute to the original Castlevania games on the NES; blatantly takes the framework and gameplay of Castlevania III.

From the cast of characters to the branching paths, it’s enough to make the player wonder if someone has been slapped with a Konami suit. All that said, the game clearly and starkly knows what made its inspiration so memorable.

cyber shadow

The Wheelie Shadow pops up in Cyber ​​Shadow

in this time , jaden ninja The series is more related to hard hack and slash combat than the classic platformer. Luckily, cyber shadow Available to address this change and take players back to the days of 8-bit platformers and acrobatic ninjas in this cyberpunk-inspired adventure.

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Yacht Club is a developer that owes much of its success to how it pays homage to classic games of the past, and cyber shadow is no exception. It really feels like talking jaden ninja, And everything from its mechanics to its themes goes to great lengths to prove this fact over and over again.


The Prophet was seen with his friend in a quarrel

Prophet does what cyber shadow in its design and delivery but goes a little further in its homage to classic Nintendo games. Where the previously mentioned game goes to great lengths to recognize as a single platform game, Prophet It pays tribute to two games and two eras of games.

The biggest defining feature of the game is switching between 8 bits and 16 bits to represent the passage of time. Fans of any breed of old title will instantly appreciate this blend of classic platform games in the style of Metroidvania. It’s definitely a title that will put their ninja skills to the test.

knight shovel

Shovel Knight image showing the knight surrounded by green trees

If there is one game that could be the ultimate Nintendo homage, it is Knight shovel. The Yacht Club’s popular indie title takes a whole bunch of classic platforming elements from a variety of games on the NES. Veteran players will be able to pick up the game and make connections to titles like Super Mario 3, Mega Man, And even Capcom Ducktales Game.

The game can be considered as the perfect love letter for retro games. There are simply too many features, visuals, characters, and even levels to be seen in multiplayer video games of the 80s that are practically unmissable. Simply put, the game is known to whom it owes its existence and offers more than subtle homage.

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