10 perfect anime slots to try not to dance

There are countless animations with opening and ending sequences that have become iconic over the years. The opening of the anime is designed to thrill and intrigue viewers of the episode they are about to watch. They are often accompanied by a catchy song. However, sometimes, there is also a ballroom dance performed by the cartoon characters.

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The latest challenge that has taken over the internet and social media is the “Try Not to Dance” challenge, where anime fans are expected to remain still while watching cartoon openings that are simply too energetic to get up and dance with them. These slots will put the restraint of every anime fan to the test.

10 The opening of Ranma ½ brings the feelings of the 80s

Ranma ½ was released back in 1989, and while its opening certainly looks old, it still holds up in terms of how appealing it is. The characters shown seem to combine martial arts elements with running and some more subtle dance moves.

Ranma is a martial artist and prodigy who falls into a cursed spring, transforming her into a girl when sprinkled with cold water. Then the hot water returns him to a boy. It’s a fun concept for an anime, and this is depicted in the opening sequence.

9 Yuri!!! On Ice’s “History Maker” will thrill fans everywhere

When it was released in 2016, Yuri!!! on the ice It was immediately captured in popularity, as most fans of the anime have even heard of it. The song accompanying the show’s opening sequence, “History Maker” by DEAN FUJIOKA, has been a similar hit since its release.

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Even those who aren’t fans of anime can’t deny how attractive this opening is, especially the chorus. While the anime focuses on figure skating and the opening dances appropriately focus on figure skating, it still encourages fans to at least get up and dance.

8 Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku brings the hand signal dance

Wotakoi: Love is hard for an otaku It is a romantic comedy with an otaku touch. Narumi Momose starts a new job with the intention of keeping her otaku nature a secret. However, she quickly meets others who make her more comfortable to be herself.

Its opening sequence has Sumika’s song “Fiction” accompanies the viewer. The last half of the opening has characters performing a dance with hand gestures, which many people try to imitate. It’s not a completely energy draining dance, but with the catchy music, it’s tempting to try it.

7 The iconic opening of Lucky Star features active dancing all the time

Almost every anime fan will recognize lucky starThe opening song, “Mutaki! Sailor Foucault.” Not only is she attractive, but she also brings a chaotic energy that only the characters she dances with can match. This continues for most of the entire opening sequence.

First impressions may be that the anime will be rooted in music or dance itself, but it will only center around the four high school girls who appear at the opening going about their daily lives.

6 Kakegurui slots are more accurate but still encourage a few steps

Both Kakigurui The openings show elements of dance, but there is a bit of structure to it. However, at the end of the second opening, Yumiko moves in such a way that it can be turned into a dance in itself.

The accompanying song is “Kono Yubi Tomare” by JUNNA, and matches the casino visuals. Hyakkaou’s private academy turns into a gambling den by night, which introduces the main premise of the anime, where Yumiko is drawn to the thrill of risk-taking and gambling.

5 Keep your hands off Izuken! Plain breeze makes it impossible to stay still

chelmico’s “Easy Breezy” is not only upbeat and catchy, but encourages movement and dance almost instinctively. Opening Get your hands off Izuken! Combines music and intentional dance moves of the characters. Anyone can repeat it, because this song is easy to dance to.

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The anime itself is a celebration of animation, with the premise centered around a trio starting an animation club. The opening is just one of many excuses for flaunting the show’s creativity.

4 Carnival Phantasm brings the characters of Destiny to the dance floor

carnival fantasy is a hilarious fantasy comedy that fuses the worlds of Type-Moon business, such as Fate/stay night And Tsukihime. It’s a weird parody that brings back fan-favorite characters and puts them in ridiculous situations.

This fun premise is captured in its opening sequence. The upbeat chaos is a far cry from the original shows themselves, but the dance and music are enough to pique the interest of long-time fans. exactly the contrary, carnival fantasy It’s going to be a rather strange introduction to some of the characters for new audiences.

3 Radio flyers are the perfect companion to the opening of the Death Parade

BRADIO’s “Flyers” has become one of the most popular songs in the anime thanks to its inclusion in death procession Opening. The song is a catchy party song that fits perfectly in the look of a pub, especially with the upbeat dance. It just omits any blatant signs of death.

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Quindecim is the bar to which people who die at the same time go to receive their final judgment. The games are then played as a means of deciding the fate of a person’s soul. This can end with either reincarnation or being thrown into the void.

2 Kyouma’s dance moves in the W dimension opening is impressive

Chaos Dimension W The opening has very energetic music, movement, and even some dancing. “Genesis” from the Stereo Dive Foundation accompanies Kyouma Mabuchi in presenting his dance moves in good order.

This kind of random dance routine isn’t necessarily the easiest for everyone to pull off, but the way it’s presented makes viewers want to try it out. While the anime itself may be a hit or a miss, this opening does its job of amplifying the show in an entertaining and engaging way.

1 Hey Boy Kongming! The opening sequence is top notch

Hey Boy Kong Ming!also known as Barbie Comey, is the 2022 isekai anime that has caught the attention of many anime fans due to its interesting premise. It sees Zhuge Liang, a famous strategist in the Three Kingdoms also known as Kongming, reborn in modern-day Japan, where he becomes a mentor to a budding singer named Eiko.

The opening is enough to make anyone watch this anime, from its flashy visuals to its catchy music, “Chiti Chitty Bang Bang” by QUEENDOM. The Kongming scene and many other dances are a must-see, helping to complete the package for this extraordinary opening. It’s as if the opening sequence itself is one of Kongming’s strategies to get fans to watch the anime.

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