10 Pieces of Animated Media You Might Never Know

Lost media is perhaps one of the most exciting topics for many. In an age where media of all kinds is released daily, it’s surprising that fans know that lost animated media may be around. Perhaps a movie or TV show was canceled before it left Earth, or maybe it was released on a small scale and faded into obscurity. One of the missing media types that attract Internet stumbles is animation. Animated media projects can get lost even before they leave the storyboard scene, which is why fans search for them high and low. Here are ten pieces of lost moving media that have to be found somehow.

10. The New Batman and Robin

Batman was enjoying a new level of success in the late 1980s. The Caped Crusader has been known as the camp thanks to the Adam West series for decades, and has finally been taken seriously again. One of the ways it was reinvented was by introducing a new robin. Jason Todd was the current Robin, and animation studio Nylvana was looking to make animations Batman Featured series. The new batman and robin It was installed around 1988 but was never selected. Now, all that is there are various bits of comics and some playground material featuring the Dynamic Duo and their greatest enemies. This promotional material has since been leaked by those who worked on the doomed show.

9. Escape from Jurassic Park

Character designs from Escape From Jurassic Park

The 1990s was a time when animation shows based on successful films were very popular. Oftentimes, fans wonder why so much success Jurassic Park The series did not make the leap to the small screen. As it turned out, this was a reality. The potential show was conceived by writer and comedian Will Mugniot, who was planning on making the series a little more mature. Batman: The Animated Series. He had planned to use a combination of CGI and traditional animation to bring it to life. Some comics, character designs, and even scripts have been leaked to the Internet. A full trailer was also produced, but not yet seen still exists in the realm of lost animated media. Steven Spielberg is said to have rejected the idea, meaning Never Escape from Jurassic Park Make it live. Storyboards are widely available, but the trailer is a coveted piece of missing media.

8. Yellow Submarine

Screenshots from the lost yellow submarine cartoon edition

In 1968, the Beatles released the musical animation yellow submarine Using music from the album of the same name. In 2009, Disney announced that Robert Zemeckis would head an all-new version of the CGI movie, using his company ImageMovers Digital. This company is famous for its use of motion capture and has produced movies like electrode articulation led by Jim Carrey Christmas carol. The film had all four Beatles cast and a significant amount of design work was done. Disney shut down ImageMovers Digital in 2011, which meant the project was killed off. Some of the material made for the movie can be viewed online today, such as character models, art designs and even a few seconds of fully animated footage.

7. Power Rangers: Origins

Other than the trailer, Power Rangers Origins is completely missing media

In 2015, members of the RangerBoard forums discovered a mysterious mystery power Rangers Animation in a promo from the ZAG animation studio. The trailer was from around 2011 and was uploaded to the studio’s official Vimeo account. After further inspection, it was a Korean animation studio Power Rangers 3D It was listed among other projects they worked on around 2011. Other evidence of the canceled project was a poster hidden in the background of a license trailer for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. When knowledge of this project spread, Saban pulled out any copy of the trailer they found. Little is known about this canceled movie, and not much is known about it. Lost media is usually found through breadcrumbs and Power Rangers: Origins She has very little.

6. Angry Beavers: Bye Beavers

Angry Beavers is one of the most controversial Nickelodeon cartoons

angry beavers It is known as one of the best Nickelodeon animated shows of all time. When Nick canceled the show, the creators decided to create a final introductory episode in retaliation. In it, the titular beavers discover that their show has been cancelled. Then they realized they were cartoon characters and broke the fourth wall. Throughout the episode, the two refer to each other by the names of the voice actors rather than the names of their characters. Nickelodeon had a rule against cartoon characters referring to the fact that they are cartoon characters, so they refused to allow it to air. Some comics, as well as recorded audio, have been released online, but that’s it. Nick is unlikely to release the entire episode causing her to lose media.

5. Dumbo II

The title card of the animated movie Dumbo II, which is now lost media

In the early 2000s, Disney made a direct-to-video sequel to many of its classic films. movies like Cinderella and the little mermaid Receive follow-ups that show what happens after you happily come back after. One of the films that was planned for a sequel was Dumbo. The film was in production for a 2001 release, but continued to be delayed until it was officially canceled in 2006. Not much is known about the plot. The movie appears to take place just a day after the original movie and follows Dumbo and his friends as they find their way to the circus. All there is are a few storyboards and a brief behind-the-scenes feature that has become hard to find. Disney has a lot of animated media, and these are the ones that fans hope will pay off.

4. BOO

BOO Logo Animation Canceled

In 2015, Dreamworks Animation planned to release a supernatural animated comedy titled BOO: office of other operations. The film had a cast, including Melissa McCarthy, Seth Rogan, and Bill Murray. Originally scheduled for a Summer 2015 release date, the film was pushed to a November 2014 date before it was removed entirely. According to informed sources, the film has been put in development at Dreamworks, but it will likely never be released. Images of promotional products such as the activity book poster and cover have been leaked, as well as about 45 seconds of footage. This footage was found in the animation reels from some of the crew who worked on the film.

3. The Movie Foxy Cooper

Screenshot of the only surviving footage from the movie Sly Cooper

In 2014, Sony announced a feature film based on its popularity wicked cooper A series of platform games. The film was planned for a 2016 release date and was scheduled to be produced alongside a film based on Questions and clanking games. The last movie was released with disappointing results. after failure Questions and clankingthe plug has been pulled wicked cooper. There was no official announcement about the cancellation, but the animators have since moved on, and no updates have been provided since 2016. A teaser trailer was released and it can still be watched. Sony had a website for the movie, although that has since gone down. It is not known how much work was done on the film, but chances are there is something, such as storyboards or audio.

2. Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series

Trailer for the Might No 9 series that has now lost media

the game Mighty Number 9 There was a lot of noise that led to its release. The game was created by Keiji Inafune, who created the game mega man a series. Mighty Number 9 Funded via Kickstarter and was pleased to be the spiritual successor to mega man. The game was released and was a notorious failure. In addition to the game, Keiji Inafune has planned an entire franchise, including manga, anime, and animated series. While most of these episodic elements never left the idea stage, the animated series made some headway. The game’s failure halted the series despite the presence of some material. A trailer was released prior to cancellation, and many believe that something like comics should exist in some capacity.

1. Blues Brothers: The Animated Series

Storyboard from the canceled Blues Brothers show

As mentioned earlier, the ’90s were notorious for producing animations based on hit movies. It was one of the films that was planned for the treatment of animation blues brothers. The show will follow Jake and Elwood on the weekly music trick. The series stars Peter Ackroyd and Jim Belushi, the real-life Blues Brothers Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi. It is not known why the series was never broadcast, but a large amount of material has been produced. In fact, eight episodes are rumored to have been entirely produced and shown at an animation conference. Everything online is an early demo of the promo, some text and some storyboards. It is possible that there is at least one missing media loop that is fully animated somewhere.

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