10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kakegurui: The Compulsive Gambler

What is known about Kakeguirie: Compulsive Gambler is not much unless you have read the manga and watched the anime. From the trailers and reviews, you can guess that like a lot of the cartoon, it features a great deal of sexual content and adult situations that you probably wouldn’t want young children to watch. However, if you like gambling and/or higher education, this series may interest you. In many ways, taking a closer look at both subjects may make your eyes widen and your jawline narrow. If nothing else, it’s an interesting show for those who can handle it and something that might be attractive to those who like shows that are kind of close to being marginal and don’t care because that’s how they’re designed. Watching this show is something you might want to consider as part of your Netflix and Chill nights.

Here are some things you might want to know about her.

10. Yumiko gambles for the thrill.

While the rest of the students are willing to bet and bet big in an effort to make their future, the main character is there because of the need to gamble and nothing else. She’s there to get an education but it looks like she’s coming to high school.

9. Yumiko is able to see beyond the tricks that have been put in place.

The main character has an uncanny knack for seeing beyond the brilliance and glamour that is presented as a way to distract gamblers/students from making obvious mistakes and losing. This of course puts it on the radar of the person who runs the place.

8. The hierarchy is designed to make “pets” for those who cannot cover their debts.

If you can’t pay off your debts, you are obligated to pay it back in some way by creating a life that is claimed by those you owe. In other words, if someone put you in their pocket, you might not get out of it.

7. The school hierarchy is based on contributions.

The more a person contributes to school, the more chances the student has of making his own life and possibly paying off any debts he owes. This is the only way to ensure that one lives outside the school.

6. Students are pitted against each other as they bet their fortunes against each other.

As far as education in this place goes, there is no real learning other than the supposed odds that go into each game and how lucky a person must be to beat these odds on a routine basis if they don’t want to borrow.

5. The anime was released in 2017.

It hasn’t been that long but it looks like a compelling program that might deserve some attention. The only caveat is to avoid letting younger children see it as it deals with adult situations.

4. A live drama was created.

Not much has been heard about this topic but there is good reason to believe that it may not have been as popular as anime because in fact anime is one of the most popular mediums of all time.

3. Over 4 million copies of the manga have been sold.

Obviously people love the story and frankly it’s not hard to imagine because the idea of ​​gambling and making it a habit is something a lot of people can relate to. Plus the story seems compelling enough to hold one’s attention for a while.

2. The manga was released in 2014.

The story is clearly not entirely new but it is not one of the oldest since it came out only a few years ago. You can imagine the animation has changed only slightly during that time four years ago versus thirty years not much time for a change of routine.

1. It seems to draw mixed opinions.

It may be due to the content or the subject matter but anime tends to be viewed from a much harsher perspective at times for several reasons, among them the fact that a lot of the characters are sexual in nature and they don’t seem to be many. More than cartoons of real people. Of course that’s how animations are usually and that’s what people are used to.

This show seems a little crazy right from the start, but overall it might be interesting enough to sit through one episode and then try to judge it rather than do it without ever seeing it. The show deserves at least a chance to prove to people that it has something worth seeing in it. For many fans, this guide has already been viewed and they loved it. Critics are the ones who usually don’t like something the audience does, but then critics tend to endorse movies and shows that many people think are horrible as well.

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