10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kakegurui

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler was started as a Japanese manga. However, it proved so popular, that it received a prequel, an anime adaptation, and a direct adaptation. It is interesting to note that a second season of the Kakegurui adaptation of the Kakegurui anime is scheduled to begin in January of 2019. Here are 10 things you may or may not know about Kakegurui:

1. The gambling genre

Manga can cover a wide range of topics. In Kakegurui’s case, it should come as no surprise to learn that he focuses on high-stakes gambling. However, what might be more interesting is that it is far from being the only manga that focuses on the aforementioned topic, which might interest those who enjoy this particular series.

2. Set in an elite school

Kakegurui is one of those series set in an elite school. In short, Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school for the children of the rich and powerful in Japan. As a result, most of them are expected to end up becoming members of the rich and powerful in Japan as well.

3. There is a strict hierarchy in the school

Social hierarchies are very common anytime and anywhere people congregate in large numbers. However, the social hierarchy of the private Hyakkaou Academy is more formal than most, seeing as how it is determined by the contributions of each student to the school’s student council.

4. There is a gambling system

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about all kinds of hoaxes going on in schools, but Hyakkaou Private Academy takes things to the extreme. In short, there is a system in which students gamble large sums while playing against each other, which has a significant impact on their ability to contribute to the student council.

5. Debt bondage is a thing

Debt bondage is a serious issue that doesn’t get much attention, so it can be a bit surprising to see it pop up in anime all over the place. Regardless, students who can’t contribute to Student Council because of their gambling debts get the dubious status of “domestic animals”, which is basically just a different way of saying they’ve become debt slaves to someone who holds debts.


6. Debt bondage extends beyond school

And to increase the scale of the stakes, debt bondage extends beyond Hyakkaou’s private academy. Simply put, those who are still in debt by the time they graduate from school end up with what the series calls a life schedule, which defines what they will do with their lives as well as who they can marry.

7. Protagonist for suspense

Given the series’ full name, it’s perhaps unsurprising to learn that protagonist Yumiko Jabami gambles on excitement rather than the prestige or wealth that some of her fellow students are interested in. In other words, she will be the compulsive gambler in the full title, although it takes her further than most.

8. The protagonist has a snake idea

Speaking of which, it is no coincidence that the practical man has the image of a snake. Some of her fellow students explicitly described her as a serpent that had slid into their allegorical paradise. Moreover, the word “Ja” in Jabami can be read as “snake”. Finally, it is sometimes drawn with the side pupils seen on some snakes when they are excited to gamble.

9. The protagonist has a Hime cut

The protagonist has a Hime cut, which can be summed up as a front fringe, long, straight side strands that tend to reach the cheeks, and long straight hair at the back. It is a very distinctive look that developed among noble women during the Heian period, which explains why it was associated with this appearance. Speaking of which, the fact that the protagonist has a hime cut is no accident.

10. The protagonist can be rather disingenuous

With that said, the hime cut is somewhat deceptive as well. The protagonist can look like a Japanese archetype called yamato nadeshiko, but in practice she is cunning, quite capable of being deceptive, and perhaps most importantly, she is not someone who can be described as possessing a rational state of mind.

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