10 things you didn’t know about the comic history of the franchise

Castlevania For the Nintendo Entertainment system, it began as a side-scrolling homage to the classic monsters from the global horror films Hummer. From there, the series underwent many different incarnations on multiple platforms. While Konami essentially paid a stake through any attempts to enter other games in the long-running series, Castlevania It still lives on through the highly successful Netflix series and featured shows in games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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While not as prolific in the world of comics as sonic the hedgehog or mega manThe century-long battles between Belmont and the dark Count Dracula are depicted in the pages of the comics.

10 Koji Igarashi has supervised many of the manga’s works

Cropped Koji Igarashi drinking wine

Koji Igarashi got his start in Konami where he worked as a programmer in the tutorial department. After the success of the dating simulator Tokimiki Monumentwas recruited as a writer and co-producer of symphony of the night. The game’s success raised him to the rank of serial producer, leading him to oversee numerous games and media outlets across much of the franchise’s history. One of these was the movie direct adaptation of the movie Dracula’s Curse Written by Warren Ellis – It eventually turned into a hugely successful Netflix series. In addition, Igarashi has overseen many manga adaptations for titles like the ones mentioned above symphony And the Dark Curse.

9 Follow the legacy of Belmont i.e. a mysterious Belmont instead

Castlevania The Belmont Legacy Comic Dracula Cropped

Christopher Belmont was the vampire slayer who was front and center in two Nintendo Game Boy titles. Though, when Castlevania: Adventure Released in North America, all references to Christopher have been completely omitted from the game’s packaging and manual, leading some outlets to erroneously refer to the hero as Simon from the first two NES games. While the limitations of the Game Boy made any attempt to describe Christopher impossible, there was a 2005 comic series that explored his struggles with the dark count in more detail. Having said that, it is debatable whether the events are considered canon.

8 Many of the comics served as an introduction to the games

As promotional links for the games, several manga mods have been released that depict events that happened before players got their hands on the controls. Night symphony, curse of darkness, And the Dracula’s Curse All of them got pre-play manga offers for their games. For some strange reason, some of these adaptations came in two phases. in case if symphony of the nightBoth were written and illustrated by Koji Igarashi and Ayami Kojima respectively. Dark Curse I received a manga intro by Tokyopop and another manga intro that is completely unrelated by Kojima.

7 The series has been represented in countless Nintendo crossover games

castlevania crossover

The Belmonts and Dracula have been represented in many crossovers with other franchises such as MarioAnd the groundAnd the the legend of zelda. Famicom 4koma Manga Kingdom is an anthology parody depicting more Konami characters such as the mystic ninja Goemon, Toynbeeand Kid Dracula from the strange side game of the same name.

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Despite this only Dracula’s Curse represented in this manga. Characters from the first two NES entries appear in the format Famicom and Arrera Hubei Seminar And the Famicom Cap. Most recently, Simon Belmont made a cameo in the manga of 2017 Knami 4koma Manga Wai Wai World.

6 The symphony had two comic adaptations by Igarashi and Kojima

Alucard Awakens Moonlight in Tranquil Manga

symphony of the night She received not one but two interviews from the manga that served as an introduction to the game’s events that Koji Igarashi and recurring series illustrator Ayame Kojima worked on. anyone played symphony The game’s reputation is known for its beautifully drawn character and charming atmosphere. Kojima was instrumental in the shoujo manga and Roman Gothic art direction. Her work was so powerful and distinct that her absence is deeply felt in games like dawn of sadness And the ruin image that used a more general Saturday morning anime look that old fans found inappropriate.

5 Manga Show Goemon Crossover An Unseen Belmont

In a two-part manga crossover with another Konami franchise, a member of the Belmonts teams up with the mystical ninja Goemon to defeat Dracula. New Ganbare Goemon: Hell Chapter He sees the hero of the same name in the underworld and releases a deceased warrior supposedly the grandfather of Simone Belmont-Pierre. Despite being part of a dynasty dedicated to protecting humanity from unholy threats, Pierre found himself in Hell after his death. This manga represents the only appearance of this particular member of the clan, and as such, Pierre is not considered a core member of the family.

4 Lament of Innocence has been adapted directly into the manga

Cropped manga cover Lament of Innocence

Castlevania Lament of Innocence It not only marked the series’ first major entry on PlayStation 2, but was also a precursor to the entire franchise, depicting the origins of Dracula’s endless struggles with the Belmont clan. The game included an exploration of Igavania seen in Simponi Night And I mixed it with the hack and slash game in Devil May Cry. While many comic strips and manga have served as past shows or comedic parodies of games, lament of innocence It has been adapted into a relatively faithful manga for download on Japanese mobile phones.

3 Manga Curse Of Darkness uses the Japanese name Trevor

Curse of the Dark Castlevania Sypha Belnades manga cropped

At Trevor Belmont’s first appearance, Dracula’s CurseTeam up with three other heroes to defeat the vampire population and save Wallachia. These companions consist of Grant the pirate, Dracula’s son, Alucard, and the wizard Sypha Belnades. Trevor also appeared briefly in Dark Curse As Chief he tries to kill Hector because of his past relationships with Dracula. In Japan, however, Trevor was originally known as Ralph and is referred to as such in Tokyopop’s English translation. Dark Curse Mango. Presumably, when Tokyopop translated the manga, they didn’t realize that this Belmont name had changed for the North American lands.

2 The most enigmatic entry was the centerpiece of Howard Winstor’s comic strip

Howard & Nestor Castlevania 2 Comic Cropped

If there is one entry in the chain, force players to gain strength Nintendo PowerIt was ambiguous and non-linear Simon’s search. While it was well appreciated during its initial release, the first sequel to Castlevania It was met with criticism for the lack of any clues and its zigzag pace. For these reasons, it became the topic of the first video of the famous Internet game critic – The Angry Video Game Nerd. In addition to providing a lengthy and useful guide to Simon’s searchAnd the Nintendo Power He made it the centerpiece of a Howard Winstor comic strip that poked fun at the game’s tantalizing hurricane puzzle.

1 Symphony’s Prequel manga depicts Lisa’s death differently

Dracula Mourning Lisa Konami magazine manga cropped

For the longest time, Lisa Tibbs was considered the only woman Dracula ever loved, whose death led to a genocidal war against humanity. 20 years before the events of Dracula’s Curse, Lisa came to Dracula’s castle in order to gain his scientific knowledge. Thanks to technology that has exceeded human capabilities by years, Lisa has acquired the skills to treat the diseases of undeveloped city dwellers. Unfortunately, superstition overtook the locals, who accused the doctor of witchcraft and executed her. While Netflix puts Lisa on fire, the manga from Konami Magazine Dracula is depicted embracing the corpse of his fiancée.

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