10 Underrated Anime on Netflix You Need to Watch Right Now

Streaming services like Netflix have made it easier than ever to consume anime content. With a wide variety of options available, viewers will never have to worry about what they will watch next. Netflix’s anime section is full of classic and fan-favorite movies like The attack on the GiantsAnd the death noteAnd the Demon Slayerand much more.

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With so many popular anime to watch on Netflix, other great shows can easily be overlooked. There are a number of underrated cartoons on Netflix that deserve more attention. For both old and new fans of the genre, these shows are sure to be viewers’ next big obsession.

10 For some crime and comedy, the great pretender

Laurent from great pretense

This 23-episode anime is fast-paced and has plenty of jokes to keep viewers hooked. Great Pretender It follows the main character Makoto “Edamame” Edamura, who is forced to live a life of crime in order to survive. Unfortunately, this scammer offends the wrong guy and ends up in hot water.

With the police on his tail and challenging his reputation as “Japan’s greatest con artist,” he follows fellow con artist Laurent Terry to Los Angeles where they target the West Coast’s biggest mafia boss. With unique characters and an easy-to-follow plot line, this show is perfect for fans who want to watch a casual show.

9 Blood of Zeus is basically the anime of Percy Jackson

Prince of Monsters - Seraphim

blood of zeus Perfect for those who love legends but want a fresh take on classic stories. Inspired by ancient Greek tales, this anime reimagines the lives of the Greek gods and their children.

Heron, son of Zeus and a mortal woman, finally learned the truth about himself after years of condemnation from the city’s residents. This set him on a perilous journey against an army of demons. The story of family and brotherhood and how one act can change the course of history, this show is not to be missed.

8 Brand New Animal is a show about social commentary with cute animals

for lovers monstersAnd the BNA It’s a necessity. BNA represent new animal, a type of monster animal created from a genetic variation called a “monster factor”. The show follows a young girl named Michiru who mysteriously transforms into a Tanuki monster. Fearing and worried for her safety, she flees to anima city where she meets a werewolf man.

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The two converge and begin to uncover the truth behind Michiru’s sudden transformation and the shady business going on within the city. This show is full of action, intimate moments, and powerful messages of acceptance and belonging.

7 Puella Magi Madoka Magica is filled with strong girls

kyubey sitting with madoka plushies

This anime may look cute with its fun art style and talking amulet, but don’t let that fool you. Madoka Magica It is a scary story about love and loss. The show begins with a cat-like creature offering wishes to a group of young girls in exchange for them becoming enchanted witch hunters.

Viewers follow Madoka Kaname as she watches all her friends accept the cat creature’s offer and the consequences of his deal. Although popular in Japan, Madoka Magica It hasn’t gained much attention in the states. But with a female cast of villains kicking ass lately, this show is well worth a watch.

6 This is how Keshep Rohan spoke, strange but wonderful

This is how kishibe Rohan spoke

By far one of the strangest animations ever, This is how Keshep Rohan spoke It is a 4-episode series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. This show is a must watch for fans Joe Joe But it can also easily be viewed as its own short series.

This is how Keshep Rohan spoke Follows a manga artist in Italy as he tells tales of frightening and unnatural events that occurred during his travels. Each story is different from the next, leaving viewers very amused and a bit confused. With a short run, this show will leave viewers craving for more.

5 The house husband way is fun and funny

Most people don’t expect a retired mafia boss to cook and clean, but that’s exactly what the former mafia boss decided. The juxtaposition of Tatsu’s fearsome and violent past with his current domestic kindness creates an entertaining story.

home road husband It is a great comedy filled with fun characters and absurd scenarios. Despite gaining popularity, this anime has not received enough attention for how ridiculous it is. For anyone who wants some humor with an edge, go to Tatsu (there’s also an adorable cat).

4 Learn about the body with cells at work

Cells in action!

For a family-friendly educational offering, look no further than cells at work. This anime takes place inside the human body, after the lives of two blood cells, one red and the other white, as they work hard to keep their host healthy. Packed with action, this show turns germs into monsters and the immune system into heroes.

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Fans love this show for its creative depiction of cells, how easy it is to understand, and how it makes learning biology interesting. Whether viewers have a Ph.D. In medicine or at the beginning of the sixth grade, this presentation will certainly be interesting.

3 Castlevania is perfect for horror fans

Castlevania Anatomy: Five Grossly Strange Facts About Dracula's Body

Of all the stories of vampires and their killers, Castlevania It might be better. This horror anime is packed with guts, blood, and fiery hell scenes as well as massive monster hunters, powerful sorcerers, and thrilling vampires. Castlevania It follows vampire hunter Trevor Belmont as he searches for the famous Dracula.

Along the way, he meets some comrades who change the course of his journey. As the show develops, many new characters and plot lines are introduced to create a complex story about love, revenge, and the evils of excessive force.

2 Binge Japan Sinks 2020 in one night

It’s impossible to watch just one episode of JAban Laundries 2020. This anime follows one family as they struggle to survive a series of massive earthquakes and their effects on Japan. This harrowing show depicts the frightening realities of major natural events and how humanity reacts when faced with life-or-death decisions.

Viewers will feel connected to each character, root for them all the way and feel sad when things don’t go as planned. In the darkness of this anime sometimes, Japan Laundries 2020 He is also full of hope and the wonderful willpower of mankind.

1 Parasyte is an underrated classic

Shinichi Izumi Meiji is an alien parasite

Based on the popular 90’s manga, parasite It follows a high school student named Shinichi Izumi after he is infected with a parasitic alien species. Although the goal of these parasites is to invade the brain, Shinichi only reaches for his hand, causing an interesting case of a human-beast hybrid.

With his brain intact, Shinichi and parasite Meiji become a strange duo working to battle other parasites trying to invade and destroy humanity. Filled with dark themes and graphic images, this anime is funny and hilarious often. For those who like a good human-beast hybrid like Jujustu Kaisen And the chainsawmanAnd the parasite Must watch.

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