10 video games inspired by classic literature

When not drawing inspiration from original concepts, video games often look to film and television for their structure and themes, but there are certain occasions when a developer may look to the literary world to craft a new virtual adventure. While there are a lot of games inspired by the likes Dune or the Lord of the Rings , There is much that most scholars consider classics of literature.

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Authors like Homer, Dante, and even Mark Twain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have pulled their characters off the page into the world of video games. Anyone can take advantage of the classics, even in a virtual environment.

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Trevor Belmont fights the Titan at Castlevania III

When the Harkers don’t dread or lock horns with his opponent Van Helsing, Count Dracula makes life very difficult for the Belmont clan. Castlevania It may seem like an homage to classic horror movies, which it is, but it also comes with a bit of literary flavor in some of its designs, characters, and references.

It’s not just that the series constantly references Bram Stoker Dracula But there are nods to other horror genres as well, like Frankenstein’s monster and Castlevania III Grant is also a character that the player meets in the La Quasimodo Tower. Simply put, it is a horror lover’s dream.

dark eye

On the topic of horror and dreams, Edgar Allan Poe is an author whose work really needs more representation in video games. However, there is one title that will definitely get the attention of the author himself, and that is dark eye;

The game is a first-person survival horror experience that draws stories from Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, Red Death Mask, And the Bernice, With items taken from The Early Burial, Annabelle Lee, And the to Helen. Famous for its gothic presentation and quirky valley nature of its stop-motion characters, this is one computer game that will keep some of the restless gamers up at night.

The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

In retrospect, this RPG set of characters from Merry Old Land of Oz works surprisingly well. In this reimagining wizard of oz, Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the rest of her friends turn a party on the mighty and powerful Oz’s quest to defeat the game’s four witches.

There are elements from both the classic movie from MGM and the series from L. Frank Baum, but it still maintains its own personality. While the use of a trackball may disqualify some players, this DS JRPG is great for those entering the genre.

Alice: Madness Returns

American McGee Alice It offered players a twisted version of Wonderland, where they dive into psychological horror as well as dark fantasy. While the original game was certainly a cult classic, its sequel included many psychological elements, as well as more characters from Lewis Carroll’s novels.

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Along with characters like Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Cheshire Cat from previous games, Alice has new encounters with other devious natives of Wonderland, such as Walrus, Carpenter, Mock Turtle and more. The books were dark, at first, and McGee went full circle.

Dante’s Inferno

A fan favorite among those in the hack-and-slash community, Dante’s Inferno He reimagines the Renaissance poet as a knight from the Crusades who must rescue his beloved Beatrice from the clutches of Satan when he steals her away to be his unholy bride. In addition to giving players one of Hell’s most terrifying and creative visualizations, it pulls much of its dialogue and visuals straight from Divine Comedy.

As in the book, Dante descends into the Nine Circles of Hell, rides the back of a giant demon, and finally encounters Lucifer at Lake Coquitus. Accompanied by Virgil’s ghost, Dante pierces his way through a horde of demons and monsters to save his wife and atone for his sins. Simply put, it’s a great hack-and-slash game with a literary flavour.

God of War series

God of War Greek Gods: Hell (Olympic God)

Greek mythology seems to be the inspiration for video games, but it’s the original God of War Trilogy is the poster child for this concept. Taking influence from classic tales such as The Iliad, The Odyssey, And the Golden Fleece Plus some notes from 300, Kratos’ saga was certainly of epic proportions.

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From blind blindness to invoking the wrath of the gods, Kratos performs feats similar to the characters who came before him. Although not Odysseus, he would give Leonidas some serious competition in the warrior department.

Immortal Phoenix Rising

Immortal Phoenix Rising Medusa Art

While God of War The prime example of legendary video games may be, Phoenix height It will draw the attention of more scholars. Phoenix is ​​a born storyteller, much like Homer. In fact, there are many direct references to Homeric scripts scattered throughout the game.

References to Odysseus, Achilles, Helen of Troy and more are what gives Phoenix height More realistic flavor. Highlighting gods and monsters is one thing, but having direct references to characters from classic works goes an extra way.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Screenshot from the first chapter of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is no stranger to the stage, screen, or even the video game industry, but his most recent appearance is one who attempts to up the ante in a narrative sense, putting players in the shoes of the iconic detective as a youngster rather than the hardworking professional seen in other media.

In this origin story of Doyle’s most famous character, players will put their own power of deduction to the test as they take on the role of Sherlock in one of his first instances. The combination of action and mystery gives the title more character than a regular crime-solving game, and the first chapter is filled with references to Holmes’ original law.

Special Operations: The Line

Martin Walker in the sand dunes of Dubai at Spec Ops The Line

Don’t be fooled by the look of a modern shooter; There is a lot going on Special Operations: The Line What the eye sees. While it may appear to be the military standard shooter, it is actually a cleverly compelling adaptation of Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness.

Inspiration from the original novel and movie, End of the world nowwhich still exists in many ways, The game sees a team of soldiers searching for a mysterious colonel in an unforgiving environment. While the bush is traded against the ruined sands of Dubai, the same narrative structure and references to Kurtz and Conrad make up several key points in the game.

Codename: Steam

Three VIPs from Codename Steam prepare for battle

Think of the 3DS gem as an answer to Steampunk The league of wonderful masters, It turns famous literary figures into special agents under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria. There are more than ten different playable characters to build a team of heroes to fight an alien menace.

The plot concerns a team of literary figures such as Tom Sawyer, Dorothy Gill, and John Henry fighting against an alien invasion by the horrors of H.P. Lovecraft. It is an action and strategy game with a unique idea, design and flavor that should catch the attention of any bookworm.

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