5 Times Gabriel Agreste Was A Terrible Dad (And 5 He’s Okay)

all the time Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noiraudiences get various glimpses of the elusive Gabriel Agreste, even though he spends most of his time as a villainous Goth.

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Time and time again, Gabriel has proven to be a terrible father to his son Adrian. Constantly ignoring Adrien’s needs, Gabriel isolates him from the rest of the world, risking Adrien’s life over and over, and even annoying Adrien to get what he wants. However, despite all this, Gabriel claims to love Adrien and, on a few rare occasions, has acted in Adrien’s best interests.

10 Good Dad: Gabriel let Adrien go to public school

Adrian Agreste Miraculous Ladybug

Having been in seclusion for the majority of his life, Adrian is finally freed from his captivity and enrolls himself in a public school. Although Gabriel initially orders Natalie and Adrien’s bodyguard to take Adrien back, Gabriel soon realizes how important being at school with people his age is to Adrien. It is possible that if Adrien could express his opinions more often, Gabriel would listen to his son, but until this day comes ladybug Fans will have to accept Gabriel to do the bare minimum for Adrien to go to school.

9 Bad Dad: Gabriel Didn’t Plan Anything for Adrian’s Birthday

Adrien and Nino sitting together in class at Miraculous Ladybug

Knowing that Adrien would not ask his father for anything, Nino went to Agreste’s house to plead with Gabriel, hoping to allow Adrien to throw a birthday party. During this meeting, Nino stated that all of Adrien’s hard work in following Gabriel’s orders should be rewarded. Despite knowing that Nino is Adrien’s best friend, Gabriel shows his strength, claiming that he’s the only one who knows what’s best for Adrien.

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While denying Adrien’s birthday party was punishment enough, Gabriel went one step further, belittling Nino by calling him a bad influence on Adrien and asking him to leave Nino and never return to Agreste’s house. This was just one more reminder that Gabriel believed that Adrian belonged to him, not his son.

8 Good Father: Gabriel Watched Solitude with Adrian

miraculous ladybug miraculous

After discovering that Adrien has snuck out of the house to watch the only screening of Solitude, featuring Adrien’s mother Emilie, Gabriel realizes how far he’s been lately and offers to watch the movie with his son. Before the movie begins, Gabriel asks Adrien to be more prepared with his feelings and speak up if he has a problem. While it’s safe to say that Gabriel is an emotionally distant father at best, it’s possible that if Adrien talked more about himself, Gabriel might listen.

7 Bad Dad: Gabriel used Lily Rossi to spy on Adrien

Gabriel Agreste Handcic Lily Rossi

Gabriel is no hobbyist when it comes to the art of manipulation; He must be adept at it to control his grieving victims. Therefore, when Gabriel meets Layla, he is able to see her lies and mind games. However, he plays along with Layla’s lies, pretending to have fallen in love with her tricks, while manipulating her all the time until one day he uses them to his advantage. While Lily hasn’t been useful to Gabriel as a villain yet, he still uses her as a model until she spies on Adrian for him and reports anything that appears to be untrue with his son.

6 Good Dad: Gabriel gave Adrian’s family for Christmas

Ladybug Christmas special miracle

at ladybug A special musical Christmas celebration, Adrien ran away from home, feeling lost and lonely on the holiday, confident that his father didn’t love him. Convinced that Adrien had been kidnapped, Gabriel not only called the police, but also ordered Nathalie to organize a search team to help find Adrien. After finding out why Adrien ran away from home, Gabriel lets Adrien have the Christmas party he’s always wanted, filled with warmth and companionship from all his friends and families.

5 Bad Dad: Gabriel Gambled With Adrian’s Life

gorilla miraculous ladybug

Confident that Ladybug would save him, Adrien jumped off a building, unable to transform into Cat Noir in public. However, having been captured by Gorizilla, Ladybug was unable to save Adrien. Although Gabriel could have intervened at any time, ordering Gorizilla to rescue Adrien, he chose to gamble with his son’s life, believing that Adrian was a Cat Noir. While Gabriel regretted putting his son in danger, he waited as long as he could before ordering Lady Bug’s release so she could save Adrian.

4 Good Father: Gabriel did not perform Adrian when he was upset

Gabriel Agreste, the miraculous ladybug

Having his heart broken by a Ladybug, Adrien finds himself mired in his grief with no one to talk to. Sensing Adrien’s disappointment and guilt, Gabriel immediately turns into a prosecuted moth, ready to rouse his last victim. However, when Gabriel realized that his target was Adrien, he could not move forward to scold his son and immediately changed him. Although Gabriel is not the warmest of characters and rarely opens up about his feelings, in this instance he tried to convince Adrien to open up to him, claiming that he would be there if Adrien needed someone to talk to.

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In two separate realities, Gabriel scolds Adrian. However, on both occasions, Gabrielle knew that Adrien was Cat Noir. Although Gabriel has protected Adrian for a long time, he clearly believes that the benefit of resurrecting Emily will outweigh the costs of temporarily hurting Adrian. Without knowing that Adrien is Cat Noir, Gabriel has no reason to harm his son by scolding him. While this is the bare minimum that Gabriel can do for Adrien, it shows that he cares in his own way and that he wishes for a more open relationship with Adrien.

3 Bad Dad: Turn Gabriel Adrian into Cat Blanc

Miraculous Ladybug Cat Blanc Hawkmouth Blanc

Upon discovering that Marinette is madly in love with Adrien and the two are happily dating, Gabriel formulates a plan to separate the couple and akumatize Marinette as a result. While it was already too bad that Gabriel was plotting to sabotage Adrien’s happiness, things only got worse after the plan forced Adrien to reveal his secret identity as Cat Noir. After finding out, Gabriel waits until he gets caught up in one last fight with the super duo before he finally upsets his son, shocks him, and turns him into a weapon that eventually destroys all of Paris.

2 Good Father: Gabriel sent Adrian away

Miraculous ladybug Adrien Lila

During ladybug At the end of season four, Gabriel claimed that if Adrien’s modeling career was to grow, the last ad campaign had to take place around the world, with Adrien and Lila touring together. While some might call this terrible parenting because Adrien obviously doesn’t want to leave his friends in Paris, or be a model anymore, this is actually one of the coolest things Gabriel has done for his son. Sending Adrien away, Gabriel protects him from his last attack in the name of Hawkmoth, which is sure to be successful; No matter what happens, Gabriel doesn’t want Adrien to get hurt.

1 Bad Dad: Gabriel Turned Adrien Into A Passerby

Shadowmoth Adrien . the miraculous ladybug

at ladybug The first timeline where Gabriel finds out that Adrien is Cat Noir, Gabriel doesn’t immediately scold Adrien. Instead, he finally revealed that it was Hokmoth and that he was trying to save Emily with a miracle.

at ladybug The second schedule, Gabriel did not hesitate to provoke Adrien and turn him into an ephemeral. He led Adrien to his secret lair, revealed a comatose Emily who had been missing for 100 weeks, and then enjoyed the sadistic pacification of Adrien. Had Gabriel shown any remorse for his actions, it might not have been so terrible, but he seemed to be enjoying every moment, rejoicing at the fact that he was closer than ever to his goal rather than regretting hurting his son in the process.

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