6 video game franchises that still need an animated series

Whether Netflix intended it or not, it looks like the streaming giant has hacked the code to make really cool tweaks to video games. The answer seems to be animation, like their shows like Castlevania And mysterious Prove that the animation series format can get the best out of these IP addresses.

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On top of the creative freedoms that animation allows, a narrow production scale can also be a beneficial factor because these projects don’t look like cheap cash buys for companies. This would potentially open a huge door to other video game franchises, and there are many great IPs arguably thriving in the mobile TV format from an artistic and storytelling standpoint.

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elden ring

Elden Ring promotional art showing faded kneeling under the honorary ring

Latest FromSoftware soulslike quest elden ring It has already established itself as one of the best modern fantasy RPG games. And while the case can be made for the likes demon souls And Evil spirits For animated mods, elden ring It is the most objective. The Lands Among world is filled with FromSoftware’s trademark of accurate storytelling, encouraging the player to discover current events and piece together their traditions.

The creative team can benefit greatly from the inherent open nature of the game, with the ability to showcase a more cinematic story set in the past – or the future. Events like the devastating war, Godfrey’s reign as the first Lord Elden, and more can be explored. Grant A song about snow and fire Author George R.R. Martin’s association with the game, it wouldn’t be out of the question to get such an adaptation on HBO Max.

blood borne

Although it is another FromSoftware game, it is Sony PS4 exclusive blood borne It has been surprisingly neglected to critical acclaim. The argument is that the game works perfectly as a stand-alone story and doesn’t need a sequel, making the animated series a good compromise and an excuse to plunge back into the gothic horror world of Yharnam.

blood borne Dripping with hideous dark fantasy style, animation studio like CastlevaniaPowerhouse Animation’s animation studio will do well with flashy kinetic choreography and innovative monster designs. Among other things, blood borne He is praised for his amazing bosses who would make for some delightfully horrifying scenes. HBO could be another good destination for this IP, and it can also adapt the story already made through the base game and ancient hunters DLC.


Super Games Hades The popular indie hit of 2020, the game expertly blended the roguelike sub-genre with dazzling character storytelling and world-building. These two things don’t usually come together even in the best roguelike games, but the exceptional writing, character designs, and voice acting prove that it can be done.

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With combat and addictive, fast-paced creatures around the world inspired by Greek mythology, it’s easy to see how this can be seamlessly turned into an animated show. In terms of character design, artistic direction and talented actors, Hades Already half the foundation laid. Zagreus and the company already make up an emotionally invested cast of characters, and should Supergiant pull out of making a sequel, the animated series could also be a good middle ground to continue the story elsewhere.

the legend of zelda

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

In terms of video game icons, Nintendo the legend of zelda Franchising is the giant of the industry. Every major game release of the series is an event in itself, and Hyrule’s sprawling fantasy world would make for an impressive animated adaptation. Complex as head scratching like Zelda There can be a lot of them to take advantage of.

If the right writing team is connected to a project like this, a sequential adventure can tell a compelling global adventure similar to the style of the Lord of the Rings To match the vibrant world in which the hero of time travels. And how better legend Zelda Taking place across different timelines, the games might allow for some creative freedom in telling a story without stepping on any familiar toes. The visual style and the world are presented in a . format Breath of the wild It could be a good blueprint for this.

hard lime metal

Official Solid Snake and Raiden artwork for Metal Gear Solid 2

While there is already direct action hard lime metal The film is in development – with Oscar Isaac in the lead role – the film has been plagued by a development quandary. Recently, Isaac said in an interview on the red carpet about his present moon knight series on Disney+ that they are still trying to get a specific script for the movie, per IGN. And bewildering like Oscar Isaac led MGS The movie looks, arguably at least deserves to be a live action series on HBO like the last of us Obtains.

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For this reason, and because of the complexity of the story and history, the animated series can still be justified in how at least an adaptation of the first game could act as a thrilling spy thriller. proverbs Doctrine killer You get live-action and live-action mods on Netflix, so there’s no telling hard lime metal You cannot get the same treatment. The series’ various official artworks from Yoji Shinkawa can give an idea of ​​how the elegant animation show treats his character designs as well.


Metroid dread

Fan-favourite Samus Aran has finally earned its well-deserved mainstream spotlight with the critical and commercial success of last year. Metroid dread. It was one of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2021, as it showed that the Metroidvania subgenre that helped envision it could excel in the modern gaming scene.

The game’s ominous sci-fi locations, aliens, and obvious inspiration from the venerable James Cameron alien The movies will make an exciting animation mod with elements of horror and explosive action. Prospect metroid The animated series can make great use of the setting, years of knowledge, and the lovable Ripley-inspired heroine to create a compellingly compelling sci-fi experience. Use of EMMIs from fear And the constant threat of Ridely is practically writing themselves into a hypothetical story.

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