8 most ferocious vampires in games

Vampires are a fan favorite and a classic monster across many forms of media. Perhaps one of the oldest monsters in existence, there is nothing like a pair of fangs to instill fear and panic in the unsuspecting prey of a vampire chasing the night to eat it. Vampires have a history spanning more than a century and have been a dominant trope in movies, films, and video games.

A treasure trove of games featuring the bloodthirsty nosferatu; Some of them are princes of darkness who seek to rule the world, others are renegade warriors who resent what they have become and decide to exterminate others of this kind. One aspect that remains constant is the bloodshed. The vampire will turn an unsuspecting town into nothing to satiate their thirst and arrogantly take on any opponent for the sake of excitement. Here are the most ferocious vampires in video games.

8 Jericho Cross: Darkwatch

Dark Cross Jericho

Darkwatch is a classic Playstation 2 FPS video game that contains Jericho Cross; An outlaw turned vampire on a journey to eliminate a vampire master with the help of a secret organization called Darkwatch. Jericho was an outlaw on the run for a train robbery until he picked the wrong score and unleashed a vampire boss, biting in the process. Darkwatch takes Jacob on a moral journey that allows players the freedom to choose which path Jericho, Beast or Man, goes. Jericho struggles with his thirst throughout the match and is constantly tested by the strength that comes from being a vampire.

Today’s video games

7 Ryan: BloodRayne

bloodrayne . Ryan

Rayne serves as the main hero in the Bloodrayne franchise; In the story, she is a cross between a vampire and a human female. Her upbringing was tragic. Her vampire father killed her entire family so that she, along with all his other children, would become faithful to him. Rayne is a smart but terrible character who disarms with her magic and then cuts off her head with her double blades.

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She prides herself on being able to slay countless amounts of vampires to deal with her hatred for her own kind and her father. Rayne has joined a secret society called the Brimstone Society that hunts all kinds of supernatural beings; Rayne found this to be the perfect solution to get revenge on her maker.

6 Therese and Janet Foreman: Vampire: Masquerade

Vampire masquerade teres

In Vampire the Masquerade, Therese and Janet Foreman are the same entity, two characters in the same body. They are Vampire Kings in their clan and appear separately throughout the game’s campaign.

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Janet is the superficial child who just wants to have fun and thinks she’s the “more beautiful face” than her other self. Therese is a cold, cunning and ruthless character who embraces her true supremacy in vampires and sees humans as weak. Therese is the polar opposite of Janet, proud of her nature and a powerful vampire baron who controls Santa Monica.

5 Dmitriy Maksimov: Darkstalkers

Dmitriy Maximov darkstalkers

Dmitriy Maksimov first appeared in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. Over the years, it has appeared in a fair share of Capcom Titles, mostly fighting games. Dimitri is an arrogant vampire but looks like a man who feeds on the blood of beautiful women. His thirst for blood is second only to his desire for power because he is constantly looking for a way to eliminate the human race, seeing them as nothing more than a source of food and trying to hide the world in darkness. Dimitri is a tough agent by night and a brilliant tactical expert respected by all who know him.

4 Bloody Mary: Infamous: Blood Festival

The infamous Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary was the main antagonist in the casual game “Infamous”blood festivalShe is a cold, sensitive vampire who was a ruler in her past life; after turning around, she roamed the world leaving behind a trail of corpses. Activated by Cole’s blood channel and returned to adulthood, she immediately began to wreak havoc throughout the New Marais. She sought to establish dominance over the city and then the world, and with her astonishing strength of nearly a century of age, she gathered a large number of her followers to bid.

3 Kane: Legacy of Kane: Soul River

omen blood relatives legacy ken

Kain is a character from the Blood Omen franchise that has been an important pillar throughout the game’s main storyline and the many iterations that were born after that, such as the comics and novels. Kain was the guardian of Nosgoth, a multidimensional world in the Blood Omen franchise; He played an anti-hero in the game and was a very big vampire who was accused as a descendant of balance.

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Being a brilliant tactician, a skilled swordsman, and able to perfectly use his vampire powers without being excessive, there weren’t many who could stand against him. His journey in the Blood Omen Games is long and complex, which saw him go from being a consultant to the game’s main protagonist to the Alliance in a multi-faceted arc.

2 The Red Queen: Vampire

Vampire Red Queen

The Red Queen is the embodiment of the vampire plague in the video game, Vampyr. It is the source of all vampires and is centuries old, returning frequently to spread its epidemic all over the world.

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In all her evil and evil, she is the thirst that vampires suffer and increases when she awakens from her slumber, driving low-level vampires crazy and others into a frenzy of need to feed. The Red Queen was worshiped as a god of blood and the cult of a priest who protected her was born and saw her will done, and her legend continues.

1 Dracula: Castlevania

Castelvania Dracula

Dracula Vlad Țepeș is the main and final protagonist of Castlevania through many iterations. With many names, mainly known as the father of vampires, Dracula is a misfortune of the human race, and has sought extinction on numerous occasions. Dracula has massacred an indomitable number of people for no other reason than to annoy him. While his hatred and venom for humans know nothing, it wasn’t always the case. Dracula’s descent into madness occurred when his human bride was burned at the stake simply because of his love for him. After that, he washed his hands of humans and now found them a disease that was meant to be cured by uprooting them from the earth.

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