8 Netflix Anime That Doesn’t Get The Recognition To Be Recorded In 2022

Netflix may not be a person’s first choice to check out new animations, but it’s still home to a variety of great and underappreciated shows. The platform may contain classics such as One piece And whitening, but these are not TV shows that one might call “understated”. They are pretty cool in their own right, but everyone already knows them.

Instead, this list will focus on some of the shows that may have fallen under the radar. Some of the titles are recognizable to anime fans, but viewers may be surprised to learn that they exist.

Also, only shows that are currently on Netflix (as of April 2022) will be listed here. Unfortunately, this means some animations like Maid Sama! will not be included.

Eight Underrated Netflix Anime You Should Check Out in 2022

8) blood of zeus

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 8
  • TV rating: Master’s
  • Netflix tags: violent

Greek mythology has been plagiarized into a number of entertainments over the years. It should come as no surprise that many animators have drawn inspiration from it. In this case, blood of zeus It is the story of one of Zeus’ illegitimate sons named Heron and how he moved from a nameless villager to Olympus.

Naturally, it does not follow Greek mythology down to a tee. It takes some liberties to make a unique and entertaining story.

7) yasuke

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 6
  • TV rating: Master’s
  • Netflix tags: Unavailable

yasuke It is an action anime that contains only six episodes. This may sound short, but it makes binge-watching easy, especially since each episode is only 30 minutes long.

As for the actual content itself, it follows a black samurai named Yasuki, and his story explores his past in Nobunaga’s service while also focusing on his matches with Yami no Daimyō.

Fortunately, he is accompanied by a young girl named Saki, who has extraordinary magical powers that come to grips with the final battle. Interestingly enough, the show started as an anime shortly before the manga was published shortly thereafter.

6) Carol & Tuesday

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 24
  • TV rating: Master’s
  • Netflix tags: Feeling good and inspiring

This anime is about two aspiring singers, Carol and Tuesday. Unsurprisingly, it features many original songs and puts a heavy emphasis on music, with some tunes that attract viewers.

It’s a wholesome adventure with many twists and turns regarding this music duo’s rise to stardom. The characters are lively, the art style is fun and unique to look at, and the story is entertaining from start to finish.

5) Kakigurui

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 24
  • TV rating: 14
  • Netflix tags: Thrilling

Cartoons talking about gambling are not uncommon, so anyone looking for a TV show on this should be happy to know Kakigurui deserve watching. Of course, one can still enjoy anime even if they don’t particularly fancy the concept of gambling.

In terms of gambling, it is the main part of the private Hyakkaou Academy, where the main hero, Yumiko Jabami, loves to ply her trade. However, she does share the simple thrill of doing so. The school at first glance seems unfortunate, causing viewers to wonder in which direction a particular episode will go.

There are two seasons, the first titled Kakiguruiwhile the second is titled Kakigurui XX.

4) Therma Rome Nova

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 11
  • TV rating: Master’s
  • Netflix tags: Quirky, feel good

The basic concept of this anime is quite strange. Lucius Modestos is a thermo-architect constructing new baths for Roman citizens based on his exotic and cosmopolitan travels in modern Japan and Edo. It seems convenient at first, but the anime is surprisingly fun despite this unusual premise.

Keep in mind that while it’s TV-MA rated, it’s largely because the characters were nude in the bathrooms. The viewer does not actually see any nudity, and the show is not brutal or uncomfortable to watch.

3) Castlevania

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 32
  • TV rating: Master’s
  • Netflix tags: violent, scary

Anyone who played the classic Castlevania Games should already understand the premise of this anime. The main protagonist here is Trevor Belmont, who was also the protagonist in the third game in the series. Fortunately, he’s not the only character from the game featured here, as he’s joined by hilarious characters like Sypha and Alucard.

It is one of the longest running original animation on Netflix, with 32 episodes spread over four seasons. The show is bloody and deserves its label “violent”.

Anyone seeking to watch a long-running TV show with a coherent story full of brutality, vampire politics, and memorable characters should submit Castlevania going.

2) Cells in action!

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 13
  • TV rating: PG
  • Netflix tags: Thrilling

Cells in action! It is the deadliest PG anime one can watch. Basically, it’s a TV show that tracks certain diagnosed cells and their actions in the human body to keep a person alive. It’s educational, but most importantly, it’s entertaining.

There really is nothing else like this show on Netflix. One will not find anything like it outside of this platform either. The closest will be to display it, Cells in action! code blackIt is not on Netflix.

1) Psyche K.

Basic details:

  • number of episodes: 50
  • TV rating: 14
  • Netflix tags: rigid, silly, gay

Imagine a TV show about a rigid psychic who wants to live a normal life, but attracts a lot of attention no matter how hard he tries not to. This is basically Psyche K. In short, although it must be said that it is primarily a hilarious comedy.

Technically, there are two anime under the name Psyche K. on this platform. The second is Awakening Saiki Kwhich largely follows the premise of the previous show, but unfortunately it’s only six episodes.

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