9 most popular video game families and clans

Family that plays together stays together, and that can certainly be said for a whole host of different video game characters. Many games offer a variety of different characters for players to portray, but few offer a selection of an entire family or clan to choose from.

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It’s not the most common event, but it is remarkable how many families have starred in their video game adventures. From a pair of Brooklyn brothers trampling on Koopas and Goombas to a long line of whip-wielding vampire slayers, these families have been bringing interconnectedness to the gaming world for years.

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Bergson (sons of Murta)

Martha's Children's Logo The Last Supper

Although it may be a relatively new set of characters, the theme of the family unit plays a large role in the identity of Murta’s children. The game itself is a retro roguelike Diablo-Like items, but that’s the minimum description of the game. The Fighter, Ranger, and Magic classes are available, but under the guise of family members rather than random adventurers.

Between rounds of dungeons and boss battles, the player is transported back to the Bergson Palace, where each family member can be seen contributing in their own way to fighting corruption or simply living in a huge house. Sometimes it’s the little things that tell the bigger story.

Royal Families (Fire Emblem Series)

A set of Golden Deer characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Nintendo’s beloved Tactical RPG may have expanded to game of thrones levels, but it wouldn’t be complete without a selection of armies to drive. Starting with the royal families of the Altea in the original series and extending to three houses The series has all the dramatic medieval-style motifs and motifs.

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Royal families battling incoming invaders can be seen in multiple chapters of history, and the relationships forged and formed during the climax of the battle can greatly influence the story. It is one of the most in-depth RPGs from the developer, and is understandably one of the most character-driven entries in the genre.

Geralt Winnifer and Ciri (The Witcher)

The family is not always formed by blood or bond, and sometimes it can be the result of a magical surprise. Case in point, Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri in the icon the witcher series of games. Based on the book series of the same name, the relationships formed between the three characters are crucial to the narrative, and don’t forget the books, games, or Netflix series.

Naturally, Geralt is the main player in these relationship dynamics. Seeing him as Yennifer’s lover and father to Ciri allows him to express different aspects of his monster slaying career, makes it more relatable and fun for the player/audience.

Desmond’s ancestors

Best Possible Elder Scrolls 6 Transmissions Like BOTW Equipment From Skyrim

Altair, Ezio Auditore, and Desmond Miles all have one thing in common, and that is the bloodline of protecting the world from the wrath of the Templars. The original basic input Doctrine killer Showcasing a family of assassins over centuries from the medieval Crusades to the Renaissance in Italy, the series gave the series its original identity.

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Ezio’s classes are undoubtedly the strongest of the group, but Desmond would not have existed without Altair’s actions in the first match. The way the dynasty plays as a threading factor across the series is what made it stand out before the introductions of pirates, pharaohs, and Vikings, and not many complain.

The Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu (Mortal Kombat)

Mortal Kombat X Sub-Zero and Scorpion in front of the MK1 theater with the MK logo

Inspired by the most popular kung fu movies of the past year, this iconic movie human kombat The series would simply be incomplete without a pair of rival ninja clans ready to tear each other apart. Scorpion and Subzero, representing Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei respectively, have been a bloody all-out feud since the 1990s.

Although the two have settled their differences in the newer entries of the series, ninja fighters ninja will never go out of style in fighting games. With the introduction of characters like Takeda and cyborgs into the mix, clans have only expanded since the days of the arcade.

The Kongs (Donkey Kong 64)

Donkey and Diddy Kong may have topped the series on SNES, but once the N64 came onto the scene, players were given a whole bunch of Kongs to play with in the beloved Rare platformer series. DK and Diddy are still ready for the fun, but they are also joined by Lanky, Chunky and Tiny Kong who come on the journey.

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The logic of the cartoon dictates to never get caught between a monkey and a bunch of bananas, and there’s no doubt that the family of monkeys proves to be very tough for the krill and other creatures trying to spoil their day. With a variety of skills and special moves to move through the different platform challenges, it’s simply too much fun for Kongin alone.

The Belmonts (Castlevania Series)

Leon, Simon, Trevor Belmont and Hector from the Castlevania Games

From Leon to Trevor to Simon, the Belmont Clan has been in the monster slaying business for years. Any time Dracula and his famous castle turn their ugly heads, the Belmontese is there with chained lashes and holy water, ready to face any mortal aftermath and classic monsters. Castlevania The world can cook.

Simon Belmont may be the most famous member of the Belmont family, but the likes of Trevor and Richter have spent their time in the spotlight as well. Either way, action game lovers have a whole family to scratch the vampire hunting itch.

The Koopalings (Mario series)

Bowser set the bar for Nintendo’s big bad boss monsters, but when his group of Koopa began to spawn in the Mushroom Kingdom, things started to change.

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When they first appeared in the third entry in the Mario series, Iggy, Larry, Ludwig, Lemmy, Morton, Roy, and Wendy have been causing problems for plumbers and their princesses since 1988, and they’ve been touring ever since. Joined by Bowser Jr. at Super Mario Sunshine The hooligan family has only grown.

The Mario Brothers (Mario Series)

Mario and Luigi celebrate

The gaming world as players know wouldn’t be the same without the contributions of Mario and Luigi. Easily the first family member of the video game world, Mario Bros has been a Nintendo frontman for decades and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There is practically no player who does not know the name of Mario and Luigi, especially with more than 129 titles in their library. From jumping on Koopas on a regular basis to tearing up the racetrack on Rainbow Road, they’ve done more than necessary to earn a place in the Gaming Hall of Fame.

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