9 Original Netflix Anime That Aren’t Actually Anime

There are many different definitions when it comes to the term “anime”. However, it is generally agreed that the series must be animated and made in Japan in order for it to count for a Japanese audience. However, when it comes to stop-motion animation, puppet shows, and international co-productions involving Japan, fans don’t seem to come to a consensus.

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For the most part, if a series is produced outside of Japan, it’s not anime, even if it’s made in stereotypical anime style. However, Netflix occasionally bundles anime with anime-influenced titles in order to take advantage of the animation’s popularity.

9 Castlevania: The series is not completely off Japan

Castlevania Technically Japanese in origin, the video game series that inspired it comes from Japan. The animation team even got some help from D’Art Shtajio in Japan. However, the series is generally considered mostly Western, with American studio Frederator Studios serving as producer.

The series deals with monster slayer Trevor Belmont battling Count Dracula, who in turn wants to take revenge on his wife after she burns a witch.

8 Blood of Zeus: The series is something of a sister series to Castlevania

Zeus rides the final battle

blood of zeusalso known as Gods and Heroesis an American animated series about characters from Greek mythology. It has even been described as an “original anime on Netflix.”

The series can be considered something of a sister series to Castlevania, as it has a similar production history. It was produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios with animation worked on by Mua Film Studios and Hanho Heung-Up in South Korea.

7 Therese: This series comes from a comedy movie from the Philippines


While Therese Designed to resemble an anime, the Filipino series has its origins in a Filipino comedy horror movie about a detective who battles paranormal forces when he proves the police can’t handle him.

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For the most part, Therese It is a Filipino production, although BASE Entertainment, a production company, is based in Singapore and Indonesia.

6 The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf: This movie is a South Korean American project

Vesemir from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf It is part of the series of live events, the magician, Polish-American co-production. For many anime fans, just being animated in Japan would have allowed the movie to be considered an anime production in its own right. However, the film is a South Korean-American co-production, and Studio Mir from South Korea is working on it.

5 The Daily Life of the Eternal King: It’s Actually a Chinese Donghua

Everyday life of an immortal king (1)

While Chinese donghua is sometimes mistaken for a Japanese anime, Chinese animation has become very prominent over the years and has established its own fan base.

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The daily life of an immortal king It was originally a Chinese novel before Donghua was inspired by the same name. While Western viewers can watch it on Netflix, it was originally broadcast on Chinese video sharing site Bilibili.

4 Dota: Dragon’s Blood: It is a South American and American co-production

Dota Dragon Blood

Based on Dota 2 video game, Dota: Dragon’s Blood is a fantasy animated series produced by South Korean studio Mir and Ashley Edward Miller Kaiju Boulevard, making it an international co-production.

The series revolves around the dragon knight, Davion, whose soul fuses with a large dragon and travels with the Princess of the Moon to fight the demon Terrorblade.

3 Neo Yukio: It’s technically an American-Japanese co-production

New Yukio Toblerone

When it comes to cartoons, New Yukio It is one of the more complex examples. Usually considered an American production. However, several Japanese animation studios, such as Production IG and Studio Deen, worked on it.

Not only is its status as an anime in flux, so is its status as a Netflix original. Although billed as such by the platform, it was originally created for Fox before being picked up by Netflix.

2 Haunted House: The series is a South Korean production

Haunted House Netflix

at the house is hauntedalso known as Shinbei apartmentHarry and Dory are siblings who befriend a magical demon named Shinbi who helps them fight ghosts. And with each ghost they defeat, they gain the power to summon them when they need to.

The series’ South Korean setting and references to Korean mythology should help viewers understand the fact that the series is not a Japanese production but is actually from South Korea, coming from CJ ENM.

1 Voltron: Legendary Defender: Fans aren’t even sure that the original Voltron was an anime

Hunk with spear and pedge in Voltron Legendary Defender

While fans of the original Voltron You might think of the series as an anime, the truth is a lot more complicated. It’s actually an American compilation of GoLion Monster King With unrelated articles Armored Fleet Dairugger XV mixed in.

However, the Netflix series was animated by Studio Mir in South Korea and produced by companies from the United States, such as DreamWorks Animation Television and World Events Productions.

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