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From CBC TV, who brought to the audience the beloved sitcom Sheet CreekCome son of Creech. The TV station’s latest comedy show aired earlier this year and is the brainchild of Mark Creech and Tim McAuliffe. The show is based on the memoir of the same name by Critch, detailing his teenage life, including school, friends, and relationships, while growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1980s. son of Creech Described as a comedy series about coming of age, it features a roster of notable actors including Critch himself. In an interview with CTV News, Creech talked about reclaiming his childhood through the show. “It’s a lot of truth,” Creech says. “But the way these characters are chosen and created changed a lot for the TV version, and then they took on a life of their own. It’s not a biopic, it’s not a documentary, but the backbone of every episode is a true story.” If you’re interested in the show’s cast members, we’ve got you covered. Here are the cast members of the CBC TV comedy series son of Creech.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth plays a younger, fictional version of Mark Critch, around the time he enters middle school. The young actor, who is indeed British, has appeared in a few notable projects, most notably Netflix Haunting Bly Manor. He has also worked in Flora and Ulysses He provides the voice of Pinocchio in this live-action remake of Disney’s tale. next to son of CreechAinsworth is set to appear in an upcoming Netflix series titled hypnoticwhich is based on a comic strip by Neil Gaiman.

Mark Critch

Mark Critch also plays a character on his own show, portraying Mike Critch, Mark’s father and a reporter for a radio station called VOCM. Apart from participating in the creation of son of CreechMark Creech participated in a number of projects, most notably the comedy series This watch has 22 minutes. In an interview with splash screenCritch talked about how his memoirs were brought to life with Tim McAuliffe, with whom he previously collaborated This watch has 22 minutes. “I had written the book first. Then my friend Tim McAuliffe, who has written on The Office and The Last Man on Earth and a million other things, said, “We really need to make this a TV show.” At first, I thought, “This is ridiculous.” But he insisted. And so, we gathered and wrote an outline and a couple of scripts. Then we went to Just For Laughs, actually — we talked to a few different networks out there in Montreal at the Just For Laughs festival, and CBC was very interested. Before we knew it, we sold it and went out to the races.” Critch also spoke about his feelings about playing his father on the show, saying, “It was a bit weird at first, and something I’m afraid will make people a bit out of it or be a distraction. But once I played the role, I was happy to be able to do it and act alongside such a wonderful actor.”

Claire Rankin

Actress Claire Rankin plays Mary Critch son of CreechMark’s mother. The actress has worked in projects such as One of our Molly games, And Seven in Heaven. She has also played roles in notable TV shows, such as monk, house, swap, halcyon, And ransom. In an interview with My devotional thoughtsRankin showed some desire to work behind the camera, saying, “I actually love to go out. I train a bit and love working with actors. I’ve written two stories trying to find funding for them and I’m working on what I hope will turn into a web series.” Maybe she’ll have a chance to do that son of Creech.

Malcolm McDowell

Veteran actor Malcolm McDowell portrays Bob Critch, Mark Critch’s grandfather, in son of Creech. Prominent film and television actor, McDowell’s most famous film is 1971 orange orange, for which he gained worldwide fame. Since then, he has appeared in films like Will, puppies alone, father stu, walk, bomb, And big ugly. On TV, he worked in Gossip Girl, Castlevania, Seeker of Truth, Chicago Meads, And Mozart in the woods. In an interview with everything is zoomerTalk about enjoying the scenario son of CreechSaying about his character: “he isLike a confessing father, heLike his psychiatrist,” McDowell says of the dynamic. “He-sheBeautiful universal things which isThis is a great character. I mean, imagine taking a 12-year-old to a funeral home – for sandwiches. Isa!”

Colton Gubo

Actor Colton Jobo plays Mike Critch Jr son of Creech. Colton has appeared in Scary stories you tell in the dark And Titans.

Sophia’s powers

Sophia Powers plays Fox, who is about the same grade as Mark in the series. Previously, Powers worked in It’s a beautiful day.

Mark Rivera

Marc Rivera portrays Richie Perez, Marc’s best friend. son of Creech It is actually Rivera’s first acting debut, according to Philippine times. “I didn’t believe it at first. I thought I never got the role, but surprisingly the production picked me up. I portrayed the role of a Filipino boy named Richie Perez. He is a painfully shy kid who wants to fit in with the other kids at school but is bullied because of his color and race. He is the second least favored student in the school as Mark Creech was the first least favored student in the school. Over time, he developed this deep friendship with Mark,” according to Rivera.

recurring actors

Recurring actors appearing in son of Creech They include Petrina Bromley, who plays Sister Margaret; Nora McClellan, playing Sister Rose; Daisy Harris, Creech classmate; Richard Clarkin, Mike’s classmate at the radio station; and Nicole Anderhay, who portrays Susan, Fox’s mother.

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