Go down the rabbit hole with the latest bizarre true crime series on Netflix

They ended up marrying the couple after “stealing millions” (Strangis even parted with Melngailis’s worried mother of $400,000). The couple were eventually found hiding in a motel room in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Is the plant queen regressing? Apply for a pizza credit card. And in case the pizza wasn’t tasty enough, order a side of … Read more

ZAG and Burger King launch global QSR restaurant promotion for ‘Miraculous’

Award-winning independent animation studio ZAG partnered with burger king In a global promotion for a QSR restaurant featuring collectible premiums from pop culture success miracle – Ladybug and Cat Noir tales With the purchase of a King Junior meal. Posted by Julian ZagAnd the EVPAnd the Global Operations and Head of Consumer ProductsAnd the ZAG. … Read more

10 Anime Fans Want To Watch More

There is endless innovation happening in Japanese comics industry and there were no more options to explore for both hardcore anime fans and newcomers. Anime is a medium that often deals in extremes, resulting in some Critics Ushered Series That lasts for hundreds of episodes as there’s still no end in sight, as well as … Read more

Halo is not like games, that’s why it’s good

After watching the first episode of HelloAnd the I’m totally on board. me Hello A well-known hobbyist, which means that while I was enthusiastically testing campaigns Hello‘s combat evolution Across guardiansGo on a regular Halopedia wiki dive, and own a lovable version of Eric Nylund access fallI did not consume everything The Halo universe has … Read more

The 10 Most Negative Heroes in Anime Who Don’t Lead the Story

The Japanese anime world features an impressive variety of heroes and heroes of all kinds, ranging from classic shonen heroes to dark dark heroes, honest josei and shojo pimps, and much more. These various personalities can also be categorized according to their personalities, such as reckless tundras or meek piles. RELATED: 10 Pro-Villains Driving the … Read more

People on the way: Powerkids Names Manoj Mishra CEO, ZAG Taps Disney Retail Vet & More

Develop, manage and monetize children’s cartoon content Power Kids Entertainment Private Limited (powerkids.net) for appointment Manoj Mishra as Chief Executive Officer. Mishra brings over 25 years of industry experience to this position, during which time he has been closely involved in the development, operation and marketing of many popular children’s animation titles including The Jungle … Read more

The best fantasy shows on Netflix

After Game of Thrones, fantasy has become a crowded genre—particularly on Netflix. Streamers spent huge amounts of money trying to own the fantasy genre. Results? No big deal like Game of Thrones, but there are plenty of very interesting TV shows. With all that said, here are our picks for the best fantasy shows on … Read more