Best Anime 2021 Action and Adventure in Funimation

Action and adventure dominated animation in 2021, and nowhere is this more evident than in Funimation. The popular animation streaming service has had a fun year, packed with excellent adventure and animated series. This includes the return of some favorite shows and many new shows that have quickly captured viewers’ imaginations.

For fans looking for some excitement this holiday season, here are the best anime and adventure now available to stream on Funimation.

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My hero academy season 5

Deku My Hero Academia Full Cowling

My hero academy No introduction needed at this point. Kohei Horikoshi and Studio BONES manga have solidified themselves as modern classics. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 5, and thank God, it does not disappoint. Season 5 concludes with Pro Hero Arc Season 4 and continues with the subsequent four manga arcs.

These arcs see the series’ most famous characters end up in very unexpected situations. This includes a work and study program with Endeavor that sees Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto pushed to their limits as they learn new things about themselves and each other. This season also sees the League of Villains hit rock bottom. However, when All For One’s bodyguard arrives to get her in shape, things seem to get better. However, unbeknownst to the heroes, a new group lurks in the shadows, waiting for the moment to strike them. When they do, the entire world will be turned upside down.

Watch all 25 episodes of Season 5.

At that time she reincarnated as Slime Season 2 (English Dub)

At that time, she reincarnated as promotional artwork for the second season of Slime with Rimuru and the main cast.

Inspired by the light novel by Fuse, Eat Bit At that time, I embodied the role of slime He received a lot of praise during his first season due to his unique development on isekai metaphors and fantasy. When 37-year-old salaryman Minami Satoru is murdered, he wakes up in a world of swords and sorcery. However, he is not in the body of a hero or a king. exactly the contrary; Minami has been revived as a mean slime.

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At first, it seems that this life will be worse than his previous one, as the sticky creatures are weak, blind and deaf. However, as a slime, Minami has two special abilities: “Predator” and “Great Sage”. These two abilities allow him to overcome his low status and rapidly grow in power. And as he does, the newly named Rimuru Tempest makes new friends and foes as he explores this strange new world.

Watch all 24 episodes of Season Two.

SK8 infinity

Animation by world famous Studio BONES and written by Ichiro Okouchi, SK8 infinity It was one of the top hit movies of 2021 and quickly generated a huge fan base thanks to social media and word of mouth. It follows two high school students who have a common passion for the “S.” This is an underground skateboarding race, very dangerous, very secretive, there are no slope restrictions, only found in Okinawa. However, what makes the S so extreme is that the racing takes place in an abandoned mine, which makes the already dangerous sport even more dangerous.

Ricky, a sophomore in high school, befriends Langa, his school’s new transfer student. Ricky decides to take Langa to S Zone, where Langa falls in love with the sport. Together, these teens navigate this bizarre landscape and do their best to come out on top. Studio BONES’ excellent animation turns this story of youthful exuberance into a stunning visual and action-packed scene.

Watch all 13 episodes.

Megalobox 2: Nomad

Megalobox title image

Produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Yo Moriyama, Megalobox 2: Nomad It is the sequel to 2018 which is very popular Megalobox. The series is set in alternative Japan where the citizens live in a nice administrative district while the others live in a poor neighborhood called the Exclusion Zone. In this world, Megaloboxing, a form of highly violent boxing in which fighters wear metal exoskeletons to make their strikes stronger, is a popular sport.

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Megalobox 2: Nomad It follows Joe “Gearless,” the man who made his way through the ranks of Megaloboxing in the first series. However, after seven years, Joe returned to the dirty underground fighting clubs he had started in. Now under the name Nomad, he is once again trying to save himself by fighting – but can his scarred and battered body go the distance?

Watch all 13 episodes.

Fifi’s song -Florite Ein-

vivy sings on the main stage in nialand in vivy fluorite eye

Fifi’s song -Florite Ein- It was an instant cult favorite this year thanks to its unique story and unforgettable characters. Produced by the beloved Wit Studio and designed by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara, the series follows Vivy, the first independent artificial intelligence. Vivy spends her time in NiaLand Park, where she sings to the guests. Live a peaceful life until one day, Matsumoto arrives 100 years in the future.

Matsumoto warns Fifi that in the future there will be a war between humans and artificial intelligence. However, Matsumoto believes that he can prevent this war by persuading Fifi to change certain events. Change the time and date flow in the process. Vivy, keen to protect her happy existence, agrees to help, and soon the singer is thrown into a twisted web of political intrigue. A sneak peek into AI and its surroundings, Fifi’s song -Florite Ein- It is one of the most amazing and fun series of this year.

Watch all 13 episodes.

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Nika from One Piece

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