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It is not surprising that this chaotic glory Kakigurui The popularity of cosplayers and tiktokers has increased. A simple student’s school uniform mixed with the diverse and creative personalities of the characters (and they’re all somewhere on the crazy spectrum) allows costume artists to play with and experiment with different shapes, details, and presentations.

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In fact, the amount people wear like the infamous anime girl crew is so great that it’s a rabbit hole in itself. Fans prefer dressing up as protagonist Yumiko Jabami, then entertaining fans like cheerful Marie Saotome, enigmatic siblings Kirari Momubami and Ririka Momobami, girl player Rhona Yumozuki, nail collector Itsuki Sumragi, and violent Midari Ikishima.

9 hyun

Great explanation of the file Kakigurui A look by an already talented costume player, Dahla brings her own spin by bringing a gothic duality to her character, seemingly inspired by the titular compulsive gambler herself. She’s also dressed as Yumiko, which is accurate for the grace and spirit she was before bursting into an eerily excited laughter.

8 2 pink 2 yellow

It helps that the 2pink2yellow team brings their polished photography and makeup skills to the table for one of the cleanest renditions of an incredibly crazy and corrupt character. Her interpretation of Midari is simple but satisfyingly accurate in delivery and spirit. The details on the Eyepatch are simple yet satisfying, which also adds to the cartoonish feel.

Today display

7 mk0607mg

Bringing life to a wider range of Kakigurui Actors, including Mari, Midori, Itsuki, and Kyari, mk0607mg bring their history of emotional disguise to the table. Tiktok on the characters is more ambitious than the majority, bringing truth into small details like Itsuki’s nails and eye colors.

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Each character feels totally special, and their personalities really shine. She also denies the role of the head of the Traditional Culture Research Association, Yuriko Nishinotwin, which you rarely see her representation in cosplay.

6 azzy.cosplay

Azzy.cosplay plays the lovable characters as we know them – including Yumeko, Itsuki, Kiari, and Runa – and brings an extra level of makeup inspired by alternate looks. Expanded magic adds an extra touch of effort and reality to the characters and is fun creative. Not to mention her Tiktok tyranny over Kiari is impressive.

5 Binxuk

By taking more e-girl and alternate spin on character appearance, pincsoc brings liveliness and awesomeness along with her performance of Mary, Kiari and Midari characters. She even makes a fun gunplay when she plays Midari, adding a bit of unexpected cartoonishness to a funly unexpected character.

4 Yes Caroline

Although it covers a small variety of characters, there is nothing quite as unparalleled as yeahimcaroline’s acting and Runa’s performance. Summon her bravery to bring forth a sassy and lively Student Council member with quick movements and perfect interaction with her famous lollipop that evokes the character’s terrifying wits.

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Cosplayer and Tiktoker are no stranger to Elfish, who are energetic and enchanted, bringing the best that RunaTok has to offer.

3 THEEDeezumaki

Elegance, aesthetics, skill and spirit come together in the THEEDeezumaki show by Marie and Rhona, most notably Yumiko. Create some of the most famous Tiktoks on behalf of KakiguruiThe cosplayer’s voice also impressively plays the voices of the main characters. They bring the perfect balance between sharpness and chaos to her visuals and performance. Something also worth noting is how they painted their eyebrows blonde for Marie’s outfit.

2 goatchii.cos

goatchii.cos lends a stylistic touch to fan favorites Midari and Runa. WebCore’s Poppy aesthetic involving massive detail and improvisation on behalf of makeup brings life to the characters while maintaining an artistic touch. Tiktoks appear on Midari in equal measure. The satisfying detail of adding horns and butterfly clips gives the Crazy Betmaker a cool electronic girl touch. The eyelashes, eyeliner, and eye-catching effort Rona elevate it to a whole new level highlighting her character as a gamer girl, perhaps inspired by the likes of Belle Delphine.

1 f.ukuro

The cosplayer is huge on Instagram and Tiktok. take on”Kakigurui The challenge “in which one plays the entire main cast of female characters in a short soundtrack, it cannot be understated that f.ukuro has taken the helm to get the most famous engagement. Not only does she act out all the girls with an impressive array of powerful expressions and plays. Overall, but she also dresses up like every character with great precision and care that would make any of them. Kakigurui fainting fan. Smooth transitions for cleaner Kakigurui Tiktok, perhaps of all time, her first Tiktok challenge after just crossing 15K likes and 185K shares, all well deserved!

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