Bubble movie review (2022)

When you take probably the world’s largest streaming service Netflix, and combine it with Anime, fans can expect to see some of the best that the industry has to offer in terms of production quality. Netflix originals like Castlevania And Devilman Crepebe It was well received by the audience, breathing life into the animation on the huge podium.

When prominent Wit Studio and director Tetsurō Araki collaborate, massive, high-quality productions are widely expected due to their world-building prowess and general mastery of the Sci Fi anime genre, as evidenced by the extremely well-received The attack on the Giants And Iron Castle Kabaneri a series’. This dream introduces a team – including famous anime writer Gen Urobuchi – bubble, Wit Studio’s latest sci-fi thriller that breaks away from the mature content of previous projects and delves into a dystopian Tokyo filled with gravity-shifting bubbles, dangerous high-stakes parkour, and the romantic angle that follows little mermaid Carefully.

bubble It primarily takes place in Tokyo five years after the disastrous event that saw the emergence of millions of bubbles that altered the city’s gravity functions. Think, war equipment Electronic day, but with bubbles instead of locusts. Once the “Bubble Fall” occurred, many areas of the city became littered with wildlife making the former city uninhabitable. Teens and teens who have lost their families adapt to make this disaster area their new orphanage and wage fierce parkour battles across town for supplies and bragging rights.

The unoccupable devastation is shown by numerous shots of buildings wearing mossy shawls, the remains of a better life, and the fallout that blows the user up with post-apocalyptic landscapes. one thing bubble Totally knocking out the park is the visuals, and the movie is superb from start to finish. There is a vagrant group seen by the public along with the “Blue Tops”, which is also the name of their parkour team, who house a boat in this already hostile environment. This is where we learn about OP’s silent and powerful protagonist Hibiki (Jun Shison), who ranks first in parkour ability, showdown, and lone wolf. This, of course, checks many boxes in the anime’s main character lists.

“one thing bubble Coming out completely from the park is the visuals, and the movie is fantastic from start to finish. “

Once a Hibiki slips and falls into dangerous waters, a girl whose name he changes saves his life, moving the narrative. Of course, another metaphor from the cartoon in the typical “amnesia” manner gives the girl the name Uta (Riria). This is the place bubble It becomes too big for its fans. There is a sense of the way a lot of items are inserted into it bubble, And like unbalanced power, this becomes stressful early on and makes it hard to make sense of everything that’s going on.

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A catastrophic event causes dystopia only in Tokyo, a well-described parkour game due to one of the characters not knowing the rules, a romance character in which Hans Christensen appears little mermaidAnd, even with all these themes and devices, there are still major issues the movie tries to attack such as bringing out disability at a young age, feeling abandoned, and putting differences aside to overcome insurmountable odds. At less than two hours, the film takes far more than it can adequately handle, leaving many questions for the audience even after the show is over.

The Blue Blazes are basically a copy-and-paste group of stereotypical anime characters, with a stubborn rival type, an annoying young member who ‘always gets into trouble’, and even a leader named Shin who is deeply respected by many members. Uta devours knowledge and becomes an expert at many things in what appears to be seconds, although she acts mostly non-verbally along with singing, and is of course totally fascinated by Hibiki and never leaves her shadow. Uta also takes parkour just as if it was made for it, or it was made for it.

“In less than two hours, the film takes a lot more than it can adequately handle…”

The writing demands a lot of liberties, and while there are real laughs, like when Hibiki expressed his displeasure with the Blue Blazes Cringey logo before parkour matches, the plot falters due to explanations that have to be given at inopportune times.

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The Undertaker is the main antagonist of the parkour group, and they embrace it sword art online The coffin laughs with energy in every way. They dress up in scary clothes and do gruesome things to win parkour in an already devastated city. They break the rules of the game by wearing sophisticated equipment and seem to be doing their best to infect other fighters. Their motivations are never expanded, it’s just bad for it to be that way. There is a scene where one of their members locks someone up in a collapsed building… to win parkour. Parkour competitions offer bonuses, but I don’t think killing helps much.

This is the place bubble He can’t seem to get out of his own way, there are a lot of things thrown into the film’s foundation that make his exploration a mess. The voice acting is great, the visual quality is great, and the musical score orchestrates the movie with well-timed motifs. The animation sequences perform flawlessly, with no drop in quality even during the most demanding of sequences. However, this only allows the movie to be plausible on every lining of the confusing story. Even Hibiki’s disability is a wonderfully described heart-wrenching moment, but it is all too easily eliminated to add comfort to building relationships.

Total, bubble It is a well-polished gem in terms of visual prowess, with amazing sound quality and superb production quality. But with an over-reliance on anime tropes, huge plot holes, and the sordid chaos of narrative ideas thrown into the salad bowl, it falls somewhat short.

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