Burning Tite Kubo’s Witch Cover Hides Cute Bleach Easter Egg

An eagle-eyed fan discovers a cleverly hidden reference to Tite Kubo’s Bleach on the cover of the Burth the Witch sub-series.

I saw a sneaky eagle-eyed fan whitening Reference in the cover of the manga sub-series Tite Kubo burning witch.

The video posted on Reddit also shows, in specific lightning, the sliding box for the first volume of burning witch Also characterized by the word whitening embroidered on the front; While B, E, C and H are very easy to spot, the letters L and A are cleverly hidden along with the first T and W of the Burning witch.

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after finish from whitening The manga series in 2016, Kubo started working on it Burning witch. It was first published as a one-shot chapter in Shueisha Weekly Shōnen Jump In July 2018, it began as a full-fledged and ongoing manga series in August 2020. While it takes place in the same universe as whitening, Not necessarily a supplement. The story revolves around two witches, Noel Nihashi and Nene Spangkul, who work for the western branch of the Soul Society, located in Rivers London. The burning witch The manga is currently in progress and licensed for English language distribution by Viz Media.

Colorido studio (Star Wars: Visions) adapt burning witch In an anime movie, it premiered in October 2020. Tatsuro Kawano (Iron Castle KabaneriDirected the movie with Chika Suzumura.morumi san(Supervising script, Keiji Inai)Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?Music composed by Natsuki YamadaFate / ApocryphaCharacter design. Kunihiko Inaba (Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie – Fatih ShambhalaServed as Technical Director and Keiichiro MiyoshiMegalobox) was the audio output.

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Asami Tanu (High school godand Yuina YamadaThe strongest sage with the weakest peakHe starred as Ninny and Noel respectively in burning witch Japanese comics. The cast included many famous and experienced voice actors, including Chikahiro Kobayashi (At that time, I embodied the role of slime), Haruka Shimizu (Kakigurui), Haruka Shimizu (tiger and rabbit), Saori Hayami (Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsand Mio TanakaMobile Suit Gundam: Original).

whiteningMeanwhile, she is preparing for the comeback of her comic book. The new season will be titled The blood war that lasted a thousand yearsThe premiere is scheduled to begin in October. The anime will adapt the chapters of Kubo’s manga that were published after the original show ended, although the author stated that the new show will contain new story elements that did not appear in the original story.

The burning witch The animated movie is available to stream on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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