The release date of the seventh season of Shetland? BBC announces release date information you should know!

Shetland, a British crime drama series on BBC One, based on the popular Anne Cleves series of novels. The show premiered on the network in 2013 and quickly became a huge hit. The episode focuses on criminal investigator Jimmy Perez. In the Scottish Shetland Islands, Jamie and his colleagues investigate a number of crimes. A … Read more

10 Main Tekken Characters I Hope To See In Netflix’s Next Tekken: Bloodline

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, but Netflix has a great selection of animations. Whether it is their own nicknames, such as pseudo-anime Castlevania (See our ranking of the top 10 episodes here), or actual anime (meaning, from Japan), like Demon Slayer and another great anime currently streaming on the platform, Netflix … Read more

What is the possible release date for Castlevania season 5 on Netflix?

The Castlevania anime was a critical and commercial success. The first two seasons update Castlevania III’s 1989 debut. Trevor Belmont, Alcard, and Siva Belnades must undergo Dracula’s curse. While he was defending the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his followers. The story of the anime series revolves around the wife of a vampire who … Read more

Netflix definitely failed to release games, huh

I’m not surprised, but Netflix Games are pretty lousy. It could still develop into something very cool, but first impressions aren’t excellent, and we all know how important those impressions are – especially in games. I’m not bothered by the shows—they’s free, after all—but I can’t help but feel that Netflix totally miscalculated at a … Read more

Halo is not like games, that’s why it’s good

After watching the first episode of HelloAnd the I’m totally on board. me Hello A well-known hobbyist, which means that while I was enthusiastically testing campaigns Hello‘s combat evolution Across guardiansGo on a regular Halopedia wiki dive, and own a lovable version of Eric Nylund access fallI did not consume everything The Halo universe has … Read more

The best fantasy shows on Netflix

After Game of Thrones, fantasy has become a crowded genre—particularly on Netflix. Streamers spent huge amounts of money trying to own the fantasy genre. Results? No big deal like Game of Thrones, but there are plenty of very interesting TV shows. With all that said, here are our picks for the best fantasy shows on … Read more