Here’s every show coming to Crunchyroll after the Funimation merge

My hero academy Crunchy Roll Given that Sony now owns both Crunchyroll and Funimation, it’s not exactly a huge shock that they eventually wanted to combine them into one huge animation entity. And that day is today. The merge is happening as we speak and consolidation means a lot more shows on Crunchyroll than before, … Read more

Stanford Symphony Orchestra to perform again for Mahler’s “Resurrection”

When I walked into Bing Concert Hall to immerse myself in the SSO’s Spring Concert on Sunday, I was instantly shocked by the unprecedented size of the audience, taking up nearly every seat up to the upper levels of the balcony. In front of this audience of enthusiastic community members, SSO and Stanford Symphonic Chorus’ … Read more

21 books to read this summer: ‘Lapfona’, ‘Friend’ and more

Written by Otesa Mishvig Otesa Moschvig’s latest novel is set in Lappona, a medieval fiefdom ruled by a corrupt and chivalrous lord, William. The story begins with Marek, a 13-year-old masochistic God-fearing child who craves pain and punishment because he knows that God loves those who suffer. His father, Judd, is more interested in the … Read more

On Mother’s Day, let us praise stepmothers, scapegoats for fairy tales

When it first became clear that my relationship with my wife was serious, everyone I met would ask me the same question: “Do you think you will have children?” “Oh,” I would simply say, “I don’t think his ex would take our baby every two weeks.” My partner’s ex-wife is great, but it’s still fun … Read more

Lafleur’s funeral, farewell to the owner of Canadians

Family, friends, former teammates, opponents and countless fans have struggled with the loss of the Canadians icon, who passed away at the age of 70 on April 22, 31 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Now, over the course of three days, thousands are preparing to bid an emotional farewell to one of the … Read more