Cheers and sarcasm: Monday

poll shows that the republicans In Arizona and West Virginia, they overwhelmingly support the sweeping election bill. […] in West Virginia, 76% of registered GOP voters support a bill for the people. In Arizona, the bill has the support of 78 percent of registered Republicans and 75 percent of voters who supported Donald Trump. in the 2020 elections.

The End Citizens United / Let America Vote Action Fund poll, first shared with NEWSWEEKI found HR 1 – also known as For the People Act – to be so It is very popular among all voters in both states.

In West Virginia, respondents supported the bill with 79 percent. In Arizona, 84 percent of potential voters supported the bill, and 73 percent “strongly” supported the Voting Rights Act.

ding ding ding!!! Americans Love her! Get it, Senate – of the people’s law he is still A bipartisan winner!

Join us next time for another exciting version of he is This is amazing Enough of bipartisanship, Senators?

And now, our special offer…

cheers and sarcasm for Monday 2 May 2022

Noticeable: I have good news: I just bought Twitter for $50 billion. I also have bad news: You are all signed. I’m Bill in Portland Maine… and that concludes with me Contract Signature Forgery 101 master class.

In numbers:

5 days!!!

Days until summer: 50

sesame days brewed on bricks in Hays, kansas: 5

Unemployment claims last week, down from the previous week and still the lowest in more than 40 years: 180,000

The number of Russian “rascals” who have so far been accused of war crimes in the wake of the massacre in BuchaAnd Ukraine: 10

ExxonMobil net income increased in the first quarter, even with a loss of $3.4 billion Russia a job: $8.8 billion

The number of entertainment bowl certification bills that were rejected last week New Hampshire Senate: 2

The percentage of all the things you said, did, or wrote that Marjorie Taylor Green won’t remember today: 100%

Puppy Picture of the Day: Monday morning alarm goes off…

Cheers To the month of May! Flower Month, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day (3rd), Armed Forces Day, Victoria Day, Lost Remembrance Day, National Pet Week, “End of the Middle Ages” Day (29 May – Republican Day of Mourning), and Cinco de Mayo. The primaries erupt mid-term, with Democrats choosing among candidates they love their country, and Republicans choosing among candidates they don’t.

This month too: The Russki Turret Frisbee Olympic Games continue.

It’s National Carnivores Hamburger Month and National Vegetarian Salad Month. Webby Awards (and their famous 5-word acceptance speeches) will be awarded at 16y, a week after the Pulitzer Prizes were announced on the 9th. Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season in 25 days, but not before the celebration of Star Wars Day (i.e. “May the fourth be with you”) and the 52nd anniversary celebration Kent condition Shooting. The full moon arrives on the 16th, so make a note of research, think Neil Armstrong And Michael Collins, give him a wink. As for the New Movies & Streaming Itemsa lot of what seems like forgotten murder, horror, and mayhem, but they all dwindle to the pantha in the room: movie premiere Obi-Wan Kenobi Day 27 on Devil’s Channel, also known as Disney Plus.

And after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we’re excited to announce that the Daily Cos contributing editors will once again be wearing their best outfits this afternoon to dance around the Maypool. Again, too, they’ll end up with a curved pole, a huge knot, and a huge pile of phone cameras with their memories erased. Life returns to normal.

gear to elect fraud. Everyone heard that our ex-president is trying to force the election officials in Georgia To “find” thousands of non-existent votes for him to cheat on his way to a second term. Not sure if you know this, but -[whispers]—Election fraud is illegal. almost real, Is that true illegal. This is why All eyes are on Fulton boycott todaywhere the members of a special grand jury are chosen in anticipation of the trial of the century:

Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis asked a panel of judges in January to compose the grand jury due to “information indicating a reasonable possibility” that the election “was subject to potential criminal disturbance.”


Willis said in interviews that the investigation includes a January 2, 2021 phone call in which Trump told Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Ravensburger“I just want Find 11,780 votes. “Trump lost the state to Joe Biden by this margin – an outcome confirmed by several recounts. […]

“My phone call to the Secretary of State of Georgia was perfect,” Trump said in a January 20 statement.

If he ends up being indicted and Trump loses in trial, he could serve up to three years in prison. excellent.

Cheers To the days of popsicles and surpluses. On May 2, 1997, President Clinton and Republicans in Congress reached terms on a plan for Budget balancing over five years. “This is a great moment for our children, our grandchildren, and our country, and we’re proud to be a part of that,” Newt Gingrich said of the bipartisan agreement. Fourteen years later, as a presidential candidate, Gingrich foolishly raised his hand when asked if he would veto a ten-dollar cut for every one dollar in revenue. But in fairness, it has also offered jobs to our children and grandchildren. as cleaners. on the moon. Amazingly, he did not become president.

short break

A short break in the sewer

Cheers to redemption. It doesn’t happen often enough, but it does happen. Leader of the American Nazi movement He saw the error of his waysburned swastika badge, cut tiki torch in two, donated his khaki pants and polo shirt to Goodwill, moved to Norway, embraced the reality-based left:

Evan McClaren, who played a pivotal role in the white supremacist American “alt-right” movement and attended a deadly fascist rally in CharlottesvilleAnd VirginiaIn 2017, he published a surprising statement on Thursday condemning his past racist and anti-Semitic activism.

McLaren’s transformation from the dark side was confirmed when he no longer burst into tears of sadness while showing a photo of the liberation of Paris.

“I am not and will not be in contact with the far right again,” McLaren wrote in the statement posted to Substack. “The disgust with conservatism and the political right wing is complete. I reject and repudiate my past actions, opinions and engagements.” […]

It makes him one of the most prominent dissidents from right-wing extremism in recent memory. McLaren, 37, said in his statement that he was sorry for his white nationalist activism – which he called a “desperate and foolish mistake that harms others, myself and society” – but said he does not expect, nor ask for any kind of forgiveness.

McLaren says he now listens to liberal podcasts like Majority report. Wow – From Hitler to Sam Seder. I hope his brain has supplemental insurance for the injury.

Cheers For an unforgettable growth spurt. This week 91 years ago, in 1931The Royal District Building He was dedicated. It was the tallest building in a pleasant area village from New York Until 1972, when the World Trade Center rose above it. He regained his “tallest” status in the worst possible way after 28 years. But today she plays the role of the third violin for the new One World Trade Center Tower and luxury apartments 432 Park Avenue. over there, empire condition—If it’s any consolation, King Kong has always loved you more.

Ten years ago at C&J: May 2, 2012

gear to alma mater. Yes, I graduated from Otterpin University (class of 1986) in the beautiful dry town of Westerville, Ohio. Yes, they invited Mitt Romney to speak there last week. Yes he is He said something stupid:

If you’re young and want to start your own business, Mitt Romney’s has some advice for you: Borrow money from your parents. In a “lecture” for students at Ohio’s University of Ohio today, Mitt Romney told the students that his friend, Jimmy John, had started a business by borrowing $20,000 from his parents at a low interest rate. Romney suggested that anyone in the audience could do the same.

It’d be easy these days: Mom and Dad could make the dog take the check downstairs to the basement where Junior would crash on an air mattress because Republicans ruined the economy and our employment prospects. I hope the kid finds out why it’s made of rubber before trying to drain it.

and again …

Cheers To inflate this straw holder. As the shit gets deeper here on the bluish-brown marble, I head to the NASA site to see if our new space force – still something under Darth Biden’s Iron Fist rule – conquers every ball of gas and rock in the known galaxy. Sorry to say the answer is no (although that little helicopter is on Mars He’s still doing great thingsSo we just have to spend our days and nights staring outward and dreaming. The main celestial events of this month are a lunar eclipse and a lot of hot events on planet upon planet. Here’s NASA with your monthly preview:

And in the immortal words Eric Idel: “Pray that there is intelligent life somewhere in space, because there is tampering – it’s all here on Earth.”

Monday is acceptable. The floor is open… What are you cheering and cheering for today?

Disgraceful C&J testimonial today

Honestly, I don’t think what Bill is saying in Portland, Maine makes a lot of sense.

— Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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