DSS lunar circle, explained

Since the beginning, Castlevania The games have different systems of weapons and special attacks that players can use. From swords and crosses to magic, this can be a means of Castlevania A game to define itself. The Dual Setup System, or DSS, is how moon circle He chose to tackle this essential element. However, the problem is that this system is not as well explained or intuitive as most, so many players waste this valuable resource to use in their gameplay.

moon circle It was originally released in 2001, and has recently been a part of Castlevania Advanced Collection. DSS uses two decks of 10 cards that can be found by defeating specific enemies around the castle. Through the MP counter charged with hearts located throughout the castle in breakable items such as candles.

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The first thing players need to do before using DSS is to get a card from each suit. The first is the working group, which is represented by the Roman gods. The second is the set of traits, which are represented by mythical creatures. When paired together, they create unique effects for players to use. Then, players can simply choose a card from each suit by moving the selector over the card that represents the desired effect. Each effect will use a portion of the MP meter either passively or whenever specifically activated. Until they are used, not every combination will reveal to the player what their effect is, so some combinations will require experimentation to see exactly what effect they have.

While business cards specify the type of effect that activates when DSS is used, Mercury cards add elemental states to the whip. The flower modifies the player’s stats (mainly attack and defense) in various ways. Jupiter creates defensive effects such as healing, damage reduction, or damage to the impact area around the user. Mars allows an individual to exchange his whip for an elemental weapon, including a shotgun when mixed with the Black Dog.

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Diana creates an elemental projectile when using a whip. Apollo creates elemental explosives to throw at enemies. Neptune creates full protection from the elements and restores 10 percent of the damage that would have been done. Saturn creates a familiar one that follows the player around. Uranus summons a monster that launches an attack that strikes every enemy on the screen at a high cost of MP. Pluto has various effects, such as turning the user into a skeleton or increasing the experience gained by twenty percent.

Attribute cards are much simpler because they are simply associated with an in-game item, but they determine how the action card affects. Salamanders are associated with fire, serpents with ice, mandragora with agriculture, and golems with earth. Cockatrice is Stone, Manticore is Poison, Griffin is Wind, and Thunderbird is Lightning/Thunder. The last two are the unicorn, which is associated with sacred damage, and the black dog, which is dark.

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