End on a high note

PathwaysARTS season is coming to a close this coming weekend in a big way. Rolling music nights will round out the winter/spring schedule of literary, dance, video, theater and visual arts events performed at Chilmark Tavern and points around the island.

On Friday, April 22, it will offer a collaborative music experience that will entertain audiences at the pub. The group known as Martha’s Vineyard Medicine is made up of musicians and bands from the island who have joined forces to help spread and promote the talent of the vineyard and bring indigenous music to points beyond our shores.

According to a press release, “The Martha’s Vineyard Medicine Show is a cross-genre project, consisting of Vineyard songwriters and musicians working collaboratively to create new music to be shown on tour in off-island venues. The goal is to bring together musicians who contribute to and cover each other’s songs, and inoculate creatively and inspire new work, in the spirit of ‘The Last Waltz.'”

Miguel Samuel, half of the Wolftrap duo and co-founder of the project alongside Shawn McMahon, explains the genesis of the MV Medicine show. “We talked about creating a way for songwriters to collaborate and learn each other’s songs and come up with that music coming from the island. We hope to build and strengthen bridges between other musical scenes.”

The press release lists the upcoming performance as “part vocal; part rock ‘n’ roll, with extended rock anthem; incorporating experimental Latin rhythms, with a variety of influences that each performer brings to the stage.”

The Medicine Show currently features nine musicians, who play in four groups, as well as a soloist.

Members expect more musicians to join the caravan as it develops. Referring to famous island musicians like Willie Mason and Nina Violet, whose careers have extended beyond the vineyard, guitarist Rich Giaimo says, “I think the energy of these musicians is still there and it’s still happening. Shaun [co-founder Sean McMahon] And I feel it’s important to keep pouring gasoline on that fire.”

The Pathways Show will be the first time the musicians have performed collectively on the island, although they recently gave a run-out show at Burren in Somerville.

Samuel notes that musicians all contribute their own styles to the mix, which he describes as “a mixture of indie rock, folk, reggaeton, and funk” with a few other surprises.

On Saturday, convertibles will arrive at the temporary theater at Chilmark Tavern, where they will perform an array of fun tunes from movies and TV shows. Giaymo calls the performance a concept show, something the band hasn’t done before but an idea they hope to expand upon.

Convertibles formed four years ago, and they play to jazz standards. The band is constantly evolving and an upcoming performance will give the members a chance to expand their boundaries with the wide range of styles that the themed show will represent. To give an idea of ​​the range of genres represented, audiences will be treated to familiar songs and soundtracks from “The Pink Panther”, “Deer Hunter”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Super Fly”. The TV anthology will include music from various Peanut specials and the “I Dream of Jeannie” theme. The group will also perform two tunes from popular video games of the ’80s, which will allow them to dip their toes in metal with a theme from Castlevania.

The convertible consists of Giaimo on guitar, Becky Williams on piano and vocals, Mike Alberice on drums, and Steve Turner on bass. Showcasing concepts will allow each member to bring their own influences and interests into the mix. Giaimo notes that Turner suggested the theme from “Superfly,” while Giaimo himself added the song “Doctor Who” that would include effects provided by a Theremin simulator to reproduce the sounds of the original recording.

“We’re going in a slightly different direction, giving a little more weight to electricity and color palette,” says Giaymo.

The Martha’s Vineyard Medicine Show, Friday, April 22, 7-9 p.m. Pathways Final with The Convertibles, Saturday 23rd April, 7-9pm. They gathered from 6:30 p.m. to chat. Both shows are free and open to all ages.

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