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Zag has been revolutionizing the children’s media industry for over a decade. Launched in 2009 in Paris, the company has firmly established itself in the children’s media industry.

Julian Zag, Executive Vice President of Global Operations and Head of Consumer Products, ZAG, is one of the key minds behind the company’s success, along with his brother, Jeremy. Its flagship hotel “Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” has been a hit since its premiere in 2015. The show became a feature film this year and is already a successful FMCG programme.

Global Licensing: Why did ZAG decide to focus on children and family entertainment?

Julian Zag: We work in many countries around the world that are in different stages of development – some modern, some more traditional. Our goal is to ensure that our products are present wherever our customers shop, whether online or offline. There are three areas we focus on. We are developing our online presence, particularly in the apparel side of the business where we have been boosting our print on demand business. We’ve also looked at consumer-specific brands that don’t have a brick-and-mortar space, and we’ve partnered with some of them through licensees or direct models. The core of our business remains multi-channel retail. It allows us to cover everything from fashion and accessories to bedding, household products, food, beauty and care.

What is your role at ZAG? What was your professional journey to get here?

I am responsible for the further development of our burgeoning consumer products business for all ZAG Heroez branded properties – a comprehensive brand franchise that brings together all of the superheroes from ZAG’s moving properties. He directly oversees a global consumer products team of over 100 CEOs worldwide across retail, licensing, promotions, digital and gaming, events and live experiences. Before I joined ZAG, I was involved in various businesses including retail and QSR services through my company.

What gets you excited about ZAG and its mission?

We’re at an exciting expansion point with the massive success of “Miraculous” and we’ve strengthened our team significantly as we move into production on Season 5 of the series and prepare to launch our animated feature later this year. We’ve expanded with new offices in Miami, Florida and Mexico City to serve the Latin American market, and in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the launch of our gaming division.
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