First RWBY: Ice Queendom Trailer Released

The official trailer for the upcoming anime based on the 2013 American animated series RWBY On YouTube channel Crunchyroll on Saturday. The subtitle is the title RWBY: Ice Quindom It will feature well-known and beloved characters from the original series.

Set in the world of Remnant, the story centers on four women who want to train and become hunters at the Beacon Academy in order to defeat the evil creatures known as the Grimm. Together, Robbie, Weiss, Blake and Yang form the RWBY (short for all their initials) team to try to stop the Grimm’s darkness.

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RWBY It was created by Monty Oum, who also wrote, directed, and voiced the series. The series is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy fiction. The series’ production company, Rooster Teeth, has teamed up with other entertainment companies such as BANDAI NAMCO and Shaft to present RWBY In the world of anime.

Animation style is a typical 2D animation traditionally used in animation, a departure from the 3D style of the original video game-like series. The trailer is in Japanese, but fans can expect English dubbing as well.

The four leading women will play Saori Hayami (Kakigurui And the Demon Slayer(as Ruby Rose, Yoko Hikasa)kingdom And the shaman king(such as Wais Shini and Yu Shimamura)The attack on the Giants And the sword art online(as Blake Belladonna and Amy Koshimizu)Spice wolf And the sailor moon crystal) Like Yang Xiaolong. The original English version of RWBY It will be voiced by the original cast, namely Lindsey Jones, Cara Eberle, Aryn Zeke, and Barbara Dunkelman, respectively.

The animator will be headed by General Urobuchi of Shaft, who has earned recognition for his work The charming girl Madoka Magica And the Zero Fate Among other chains. The story will be written by Tow Ubukata. His notable works include Marduk ScrambleAnd the Le Chevalier Dion And the heroic age. Hayami, will perform the closing track of the anime, “Awake” while Void_Chords will perform the opening theme, “Beyond Selves.” There is no official release date for RWBY: Ice Quindom is set.

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