‘Gabby’s Dollhouse’: Dreamworks’ next big franchise on Netflix?

There is an ongoing question about children’s content in broadcast: Is distribution via SVODs alone sufficient to achieve franchise-level success? This can be defined as widespread content sharing where the intellectual property can be widely marketed via other companies, particularly games. So far there has only been one prime example of this, Free spirit ride From DreamWorks.

DreamWorks and Netflix

DreamWorks started streaming live for many years before it became trendy. The 2013 Netflix deal saw them stick with huge windows playing for the first time on TV content supporting franchises like Shrek and Madagascar. If the streaming scene was a person, he probably doesn’t remember a time when that deal wasn’t part of the furniture.

The collaboration saw more than 1,200 episodes of TV shows directed. Derivative content for CroodsAnd the TrollsAnd the How to train your dragonAnd the The chief child All flowed through. There was also independent success with Guillermo del Toro Arcadia Tales triple. Add to that the rebirth of the franchise Free spirit ride It is fair to say that the partnership has been mutually beneficial.

The editorial axis of the deal

After NBC Universal’s acquisition of DreamWorks, a clear editorial pivot emerged. The series that made it to Netflix began to diversify away from the DreamWorks movie catalog. Derivatives from Universal Pictures, including Fast & Furious and Jurassic Park, were favored. Alongside this shift, the proverbial broadcast wars have accelerated, with DreamWorks Animation Television aggressively rounding up production partners; Hulu and Apple TV+ have been added to Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as NBCU’s Peacock SVOD.

Even with a huge movie catalog available for inspiration, DreamWorks needed to dig deeper to keep up with all that production. Although books and comics have remained a trusted source, an original concept for preschoolers, gaby dolls house, It was lit green. This is noticeable in the current streaming scene where there is a strong instinct to bet on the current IP. DreamWorks itself wasn’t particularly accustomed to creating entirely new television concepts.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Launch

In the show, we follow Gabe, who uses her magical cat ears to transport herself to her dollhouse where she goes on adventures and solves problems alongside a group of cat characters. The concept unabashedly hits every sweet spot imaginable for little girls: cute kittens/kittens, fun hair accessories, baking, crafts, mermaids… the list goes on. It’s pink and shiny in my beauty. It even has an ambitious angle in each episode’s live event opening. Viewers are brought to the show by a slightly older Lily Lockhart Kranner. Despite trends away from the gendered exaggeration of children’s media in recent years, what is often tacky remains a focus.

Gabi dolls house

Gabi dolls house It premiered on Netflix in January 2021. But wait – that’s not the beginning of the story. The series has already received some special attention. Clips from the show were put out at the end of 2020 on the YouTube channel DreamWorks was dedicated to another Netflix Original, focusing on the nursery rhyme. Rime Time Town.

More than a YouTube business, the game’s master license holder Spin Master has joined the board with a plan for playsets, figures, plush toys, games and puzzles. In cooperation with NBCU, they will also launch an interactive mobile app before the series premiere.

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Gabi dolls house He was followed a few weeks later by another stablemate at DreamWorks preschool, Go dog. Go! Both Gabi dolls house And the Go dog. Go! He was pressured by the Nielsen SVOD Top Ten about their debut shows. Gabi dolls house It will continue to chart again when the second and third seasons are released. The YouTube channel, now renamed Gabby & Friends, averaged over 18 million global monthly views throughout 2021. The series also featured in the top 10 global watch hours on Netflix, when these charts were introduced in the second half from that year.

Gabby’s Dollhouse performance for the first year

Performance Shark Fin hints at the chain’s impact over the entire 2021. It is fair to say that Gabi dolls house It had an amazing show, especially considering it was only showing 10 episodes of content through August. In Nielsen’s streaming reviews in the US, it was featured as the best original product for kids 2 to 11 years old, winning Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous And even the most established Baby Boss: Back to work. Within the overall arrangement, rub shoulders with household perks such as peppa pig And the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noirfabricated bluish And the PJ Masks.

She holds similar companions in the FlixPatrol Kids Trending Top 10. Here she is ranked secondsecond abbreviation for 2021 globally, behind paw patrol but before that peppa pig Even the viewing giant CoComelon. Looking internationally, FIGSUK data from Digital i has Gabi dolls house As the best Kids Original from Netflix, it is second only to peppa pig in the overall ranking.

Do we have a new Netflix Original Kids franchise?

Do we have a new Netflix Original Kids franchise? Content performance metrics definitely tell a positive story. Although we were deprived of general standards when this happened before, it is clear that the numbers Gabi dolls house The first year ownership is exceptional. In addition to this success, IP has had an extensive merchandise licensing line, claiming a place in the NPD’s top five new gaming properties in North America, with a European offering on hand for 2022. The property is mentioned several times in the latest Spin Master earnings call, Which indicates that they are very happy with the work you accomplished in 2021.

Perhaps the biggest vote of confidence is from Netflix themselves. The series was recently granted another 20-episode order. In the words of Heather Tellert, Netflix Preschool Leader:

“Kids absolutely love a scientist Gabi dolls house. “

This is in addition to the green lights in two new original versions of DreamWorks for Preschoolers: Not quite Narwhalbased on a book, and dewdrop diaryAnother new IP. These are certainly indications that the Netflix-DreamWorks relationship is still alive and well, and that a franchise-level IP matters to Netflix, even when it’s not theirs.

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