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Video games are still a very new artistic medium. All too often, we see them pull out from multiple sources. One of the biggest influences on gaming certainly comes from the movie industry. It seems like a lot of great games are based on ideas that were first introduced in the movies.

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Now, while there are some really excellent equalizer games out there, we’re going to avoid the ones on this list. We do not include modifications here. We are looking for the one step removed movies from these notable video games.

10 Alien, dead space

Dead Space X Alien

Clearly, Dead Space is a game built around the same sense of isolation that the first Alien movie so brilliantly portrayed. So, it goes without saying that Dead Space fans who haven’t seen Ridley Scott’s masterpiece are doing themselves a lot of damage.

While Dead Space does run a little faster than Alien, it does many of the same things in the darkness and isolation that Alien does. After watching the movie, you can follow it up with the excellent Alien Isolation, if you haven’t played this movie.


9 Raiders of the Lost Ark Unknown

The Lost Ark X Uncharted Raiders

Uncharted changed the way big-budget video games are made. The incredibly likable photography of Nathan Drake and his captivating “treasure hunt” adventures charm players. It would probably be fair to say that much of this success is due to the allure of the game’s leadership.

Well, if you’ve skipped Raiders of the Lost Ark, but are a hardcore Uncharted fan, you’ll find a movie that offers almost all of the same elements. Uncharted would not have existed without the Indiana Jones films. And while they’re a little on the old side at this point, these movies are totally worth watching.

8 Enter the Dragon, Mortal Kombat

Enter the Dragon X Mortal Kombat

Enter the Dragon is a martial arts movie featuring a scattered group of martial artists fighting on an island in a tournament. It’s no secret that Mortal Kombat was heavily influenced by Enter the Dragon. However, it is not just Mortal Kombat. It appears that many of the Bruce Lee copycats in fighting games use the Enter the Dragon version of Bruce as their direct inspiration.

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Fans of the fierce fighting game will surely find something to love here, as Bruce Lee’s masterpiece is itself a rather brutal movie. However, every fan of a fighting game owes it to themselves to watch Enter the Dragon. It’s safe to say that fighting games wouldn’t be the same if Enter The Dragon had never been created.

7 Pirates of the Caribbean, the secret of Monkey Island

Pirates of the Caribbean X Monkey Island

A quick-witted, quick-talking, and cranky pirate, who no one takes seriously, goes on an epic reckless adventure that pits him against a notorious ghost pirate? Which property are we referring to there, Monkey Island or Pirates of the Caribbean? Obviously we were referring to both.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Monkey Island games have a lot in common. While Monkey Island is, of course, smarter, Pirates of the Caribbean certainly isn’t that far off in some of its sights. There’s also more than a few hat tips to Monkey Island in the Pirates movies. Once you see Captain Jack Sparrow paddling a coffin in a swamp, you know you’re watching a movie made by Monkey Island fans.

6 Unforgiven, Red Dead Redemption

X Red Dead Redemption Unforgiven

Unforgiven is a Clint Eastwood Western film. One deals with a former outlaw looking to win back a little redemption. It’s an excellent movie, sad on the western genre. And it has more than a few similarities to everyone’s favorite video game Wild West: Red Dead Redemption.

While the plots differ greatly, both stories are well told and manage to capture a similar feeling. Both tales strip the imagination of the Wild West and instead focus on the harsh realities of what it means to live as an outlaw and live long enough to regret it.

5 Crying fist, fighting night hero

cry fist x fight night hero

Fight Night Champion is the only boxing game that really tried to tell a story. And he mostly succeeded. Andre’s story in Fight Night Champion is captivating. Now, when it comes to boxing movies, most people probably think of the Rocky movies, but that’s really not a great parallel to Champion, which was a story about redemption.

On the other hand, Crying Fist is a movie that really highlights this element. It tells the story of two men trying to bring their lives back together. Someone has always been a punk, but through boxing, he can find some form of salvation. It’s a great movie and one of the best boxing movies ever. If you find Fight Night Champion installed, your crying fist will arrive immediately.

4 Streets of Fire, Ultimate Fighting

Streets of Fire X Ultimate Fighting

Streets of Fire is a whimsical, hit-and-run action movie. It’s not a classic at all, but it’s a super fun one, and it feels like an original time capsule from the ’80s. It also has an inferno soundtrack. However, what makes this movie more famous is how much Final Fight took from it. Considering how important Final Fight is to the genre, that will forever associate Streets of Fire with a genre.

Once you see that one of the common goons you fight in Final Fight is based on a character played by Willem Dafoe in Streets of Fire, you’ll never be able to look at the same game again. If you are a hardcore Final Fight fan, then this movie is an absolute treat.

3 Vampire Hunter D, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Vampire Hunter DX Symphony of the Night

Vampire Hunter D and Castlevania appeared around the same time. The two series have a lot in common, but that’s likely because they both draw from similar places of inspiration. However, with the Castlevania Symphony of the Night, some influence of Vampire Hunter D definitely appeared there. Alucard has a lot in common with D.

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One thing is for sure, at this point, Vampire Hunter D serves as an interstitial script for the Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Fans of the more modern Castlevania games owe themselves to tracking down the movie from 1985.

2 Willow, Guardians Champions

Willow X Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes is a great fantasy game that Sega Saturn beats to. It is full of action and uses its imaginative themes to help create a fun and interesting adventure. This applies to other fantasy hits like the arcade games Dungeons And Dragons and Dragon’s Crown as well. While there are plenty of great fantasy movies out there, most of them focus heavily on slow-burning world-building.

On the other hand, Willow is a movie far More interested in getting into the adventure and the fun part. We seem to be slowly witnessing the loss of willow over time, a file leaked Shame, because it’s one of the best fantasy films to emphasize this light-hearted approach to adventure. And not to worry, despite having more guts than many of her peers, Willow still has horrifying scenes that will haunt your dreams too (oink). She has it all!

1 Juno, Night in the Woods

Juno X Knight in the Woods

Night In The Woods and Juno do not have particularly similar plots. However, when it comes to topics, they both have a lot in common. Juno is the story of a young woman who is forced to quickly enter puberty due to an unplanned pregnancy. It’s a movie about coming to terms with the harsh realities of growing up.

Both Juno and Mai from Night In The Woods are flawed, lovable, and lovable characters. However, while both characteristics have compelling threads, the strongest in common is how they balance an endearing sense of humor while also telling a story that has weight behind it.

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