Haiku, bot developer Jordan Morris, discusses what he feels is the essence of Metroidvanias

After the success of Kickstarter and two and a half years of development, robot haiku It was released on Steam. Members Hollow Night You better watch out for the cute but challenging platformer Metroidvania as the titular robot hero, Haiku, navigates the virus-infested world of Arcadia. But the most impressive thing about the new indie title is that it’s the work of one developer: Jordan Morris.

Morris met with Game Rant to discuss its development process, haikuAnd we shared many insights into what makes the Metroidvania genre tick.

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Choice and independence

After monetary and commercial successes Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightAnd And Hollow Night Metroidvanias are becoming an increasingly popular genre in indie game development. However, not all addresses are created equal. For Morris, freedom of choice and independent exploration are two features that set these stellar exploration games apart from the masses.

To me, it has to be a sense of exploration, and the sense of that exploration has to be your own. I played recently Metroid dread And I was so frustrated when they kept blocking the roads behind you. So I couldn’t go back or explore as much as I’d like. And that’s something I really tried to emphasize haiku.

Instead of a guided tour, Hollow Night It places players in a massive world with few valuables, and invites them to get lost in their spare time. The result is a completely unique player-to-player theatrical performance, and an immense sense of accomplishment. Each discovery is acquired, and progress is a record of one’s own trial and error as opposed to the guided tour approach shown in Metroid dread. despite of fear It is a challenging and challenging game, and the way players can navigate the planet is imperative for the majority of the title.

Morris acknowledges that the first quarter of haiku Players hands hold a bit to make it easier for them to experience, but after this introductory part of the game, the title unlocks and emphasizes freedom of exploration in a big way. In accordance with genre conventions, players will gain new abilities while playing which will unlock new areas of the damaged machine world in Arcadia.

Spiritual Metroidvanias

While Morris is particularly fond of Metroidvanias, inspired by titles like classic SNES Super Metroid And the latest hit Hollow Night haiku It was shaped by a wide range of titles that capture a sense of discovery and exploration. The Gameboy titles were particularly impressive, and their aesthetics served as the basis for Haiku’s boxy pixel art style. One of the popular game series that launched on Nintendo’s first mobile device was a particular inspiration for Morris:

“I feel that Pokemon The franchise really confirms what I was discussing earlier. How it makes you feel that your adventure is yours and unique. For me, any kind of game that reflects or reinforces that feeling, I look at it and draw as much inspiration as possible from it. All the NPCs you find, all the world-building elements, the multiple paths you can take…to me Pokemon It sounds like Metroidvania, but I think you can say that about a lot of games.”

despite of Pokemon It has a lot more in common with classic JRPG games than Super Metroid or the Castlevania The titles that have come to Gameboy Advance, the game’s standalone approach to exploration is undeniable. Both blue red And silver/He went Progressing, the world map becomes increasingly less linear as players gain power-ups that allow them to traverse the world in new ways. Emotional notes for Pokemon The franchise is arguably built on the experience of each player taking on an independent adventure and experiencing a new world.

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Great games and fun friends

The tools players use to traverse the Metroidvania title are another important part of the exploration experience. It is not enough for players to find a key to the door. Instead, exploration tools should allow players to interact with the world in new and innovative ways. at PokemonThis novelty comes from companionship and adaptability to the monsters players capture and train, while Metroid relies on ever-evolving Samus weapons to keep players entertained with combat and platforming. robot haiku Borrows pages from the two game books.

Players will discover new gadgets such as bombs that allow access to new areas while introducing new mechanics – for example, Morris likened the experience of using a zipline element to playing Spider-Man. haiku It also contains a group of characters that players can meet, who build the world and personalize the game. Like rival Pokemon trainers, these characters go on their own journeys of exploration, boasting a diverse cast of characters ranging from fury to companions.

robot haiku Now available on PC.

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