Halo Cast: Where I Watched Paramount + Stars of the TV Show

It was the video game that made me fall in love with video games… well, Guitar champ, Really. However, I still have fond memories of the first time I played it Hello – An Xbox exclusive, first-person shooter set in a ring-shaped world infested with the apocalyptic space race, Covenant. Thus, you can imagine my reaction to the news that a live TV series inspired by the perennial franchise was coming to Paramount+.

Looking at the way most video game mods are received, I was – let’s say – “cautiously optimistic” about it until I remembered that there are some video game mods that have outlasted their reputation in recent years. Then I saw the actors involved in this new series and I got even more excited. Below is a breakdown of who plays from on Hello The cast of the TV show, starting with the next intergalactic helmet badass you’re set to get.

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Pablo Schreiber (Chairman)

Given the honor of being a “face” Hello – Master Chief – is Pablo Schreiber (Liev’s half-brother), who is best known for his Emmy-nominated role on Netflix Orange is the new black Cast like “Pornstache.” He made his acting debut in the comedy in 2001 bubble boy Before joining HBO the wire He was cast in 2003 and continues to act in films such as prismatic filter The 2004 or biographical film Neil Armstrong first man In 2018, as well as more TV roles such as Mad Sweeney American Gods. Schreiber most recently starred opposite Chris Evans on the Apple TV + series Jacob’s defense In 2020 and in the fantasy movie period the king’s daughter in 2022.

Natasha McCalone on Hello

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Natasha McCallon (Dr. Kathryn Halsey)

The role of Dr. Catherine Halsey in Hello It’s not the first time Natasha McClellone has played a video game character, as she previously voiced Mary Belmont for two pieces of Castlevania series. English actress like Jim Carrey, Lauren (who turns out to be real name Sylvia), will likely be remembered by non-gamers in Truman Show; David Duchovny’s on and off lover, Karen van der Beek, on Showtime Californication; Or the first lady of the United States, stricken Alex Kirkman, on Designated survivor, For example, but not limited. McElhone recently played another space travel fanatic on Hulu the first Also in 2022, he led the cast in the original drama Britbox Portofino Hotel.

Cortana in Hello

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Jane Taylor (Cortana)

Re-enacting the role of Cortana, the companion of the Master Chief of AI (which she played in every Hello Jen Taylor, who is certainly no stranger to expressing video game characters. It first appeared in 1997 Baseball in the backyard As different characters that will be re-enacted in later versions, she has been the voice of Princess Peach since she first played the role in 1999 Mario GolfZoe was in both left 4 Dead game games, and has even made her voice use several video games based on movies – like when she played Amanda in 2009 saw Toy. Outside of this medium, Taylor has also appeared in Jackie Robinson’s biography 42Played Miss Stock on Netflix’s Everything is disgusting!It tells the anime series RWBY.

Pokem Woodpin on Halo

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Bokem Woodbine (Soren-066)

As a candidate for SPARTAN-II, Soren-066, we have Bokem Woodbine, who is no stranger to the sci-fi/action genre and has starred as one of the vulture goons in Spider-Man: Homecominga ruthless sergeant in a WWII-era horror flick OverlordSharif in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, For example, but not limited. He also proved his worth in joining a series like Hello Years ago in 1996 the rockIn addition to his acting tracks in popular favourites, such as 2004 Beam or queen and skinny In 2018, TV shows like thriller cop movie SouthlandWGN Pre-Civil War Drama Undergroundor FX’s dark anthology drama Fargo. He also starred in Hulu’s Wu Tang: An American Epichaving previously appeared in two music videos for the rap group in 2000.

Shabana Azmy on Halo

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Shabana Azmy (Barangowski)

Admiral Margaret Orlinda Barangowski, former commander-in-chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence at the Games, played in Hello She is veteran actress Shabana Azmi, who has starred in countless classic films originating from her home country, India – like the 1996 romance. shooting – In addition to TV shows such as the Hindi version of 24. Speaking of which, she once starred opposite Kiefer Sutherland (as well as future Oscar nominee Riz Ahmed and Liev Schreiber) in the 2012 thriller The Reluctant Fundamentalist The American public may also recognize her as the Queen of son of the pink panther From 1993. Before joining Hello cast, Azmy starred in UK soap operas Next kin 2018 and hindi historical drama, Empirein 2021.

Natasha Kolzak on Hello

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Natasha Kolzak (Reese 028)

Natasha Kolzak played Reese-028, the super-soldier of the United Nations Space Command, who made her full-length acting debut, having starred in most of the short films, in 2019. Men in Black: International As a nightclub waitress. In the same year, she had a bigger role in the British drama Miserable strangersFX series adaptation of Christmas caroland appeared in an episode of another series based on a successful video game: Netflix’s the magician. The following year, she collaborated with the streaming platform again on three episodes of another fantasy drama called cursed.

olive gray on halo

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Olive Gray (Dr. Miranda Keys)

As the daughter of Dr. Kathryn Halsey, Miranda Keys, we have Olive Gray – who started out in the UK family drama The Tracy Baker story Before appearing in several episodes of the British long-running crime drama East Enders Soon, he joined the cast of the family-friendly British crime drama Half Moon Investigations. In recent years, she has had a guest place at an Emmy Award Fleabag In 2016, he starred opposite Elle Fanning in the 2018 musical drama teenage spiritShe has also appeared in popular dramas such as HBO Max’s pure And the sex education for Netflix. She also starred in the BBC/BET+ original series dark moneythe second season of the British peacock import Save meromantic horror story, the flowerin 2020.

Yerin Ha on Halo

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Yerin Ha (Kwan Ah)

Fully authentic character from Hello The series titled Kwan Ah played Yerin Ha, whose first role was as a dancer in the music video “I Gotta Have You” in 2016. This would lead to her official debut with a recurring role in the short-lived film. ABC crime drama Coral reef reststarring Poppy Montgomery, in 2019. In 2022, she starred opposite Thomas Jane in another interesting movie called tropo She first appeared in a horror movie Sisi.

Bentley Kalo on Halo

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Bentley Kalo (Vannak-134)

Before playing Vannak-134, another new character appeared HelloBentley Kalo fought the aliens in it edge of tomorrowdressed as a robot in the eleventh season of the classic British sci-fi comedy red dwarfHe has given his voice to a number of successful video games – including Star Wars: Battlefront II And the Battlefield 2042. He has appeared in many other blockbuster films, such as red 2 In 2013 as a commando, 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron As one of Klaue’s goons, an animated sci-fi comedy Ron gone wrong As a cop in 2021. Watch out for his appearance in the April 2022 issue Morbiusopposite Jared Leto as the vampire.

Kate Kennedy on Hello

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Kate Kennedy (K125)

Another new character, Kai-125, played by Kate Kennedy – another voice-activated video game veteran Hello The cast who played Avela Kjar in it Mass Effect: Andromedaseveral characters in Divinity: The Second Original SinAnd Hila (Cate Blanchett Motorcycle rental character) in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 In 2017. In subsequent years, she gave her voice to World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth And the Battlefield V In 2018, she played the role of Wraith in 2019 National anthemMrs. Eadwyn Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 2020, and he will be voiced by several characters in the ad 42 . squadron. Outside the gaming world, she made her acting debut in the 2014 comedy Gregorin 2016 adapted from TV A Midsummer Night’s DreamShe has also done several short films.

Charlie Murphy on Hello

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Charlie Murphy (Mackey)

Another character who debuted on Hello The TV series is a human being brought up in the covenant named Macy, played by Charlie Murphy. This Irish actress is best known for her successful UK-based soap operas such as sci-fi dramas incompetentperiod crime drama meager masks, Or modern procedural crime Happy Valley The latter two are available in the US through Netflix. She is also known through popular films like 2013 PhilomenaHistorical war movie 71The action flick led by Jackie Chan the alien.

Danny Sabani on Hello

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Danny Sabani (Captain Jacob Keys)

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