How Jagannath and Odisha had a profound influence on Guru Nanak

A smiling Mahaprabhu asks him why is poor Shah not going inside for Darshan? Guru Nanak replies, “I have already seen the Lord.”

How do you sing to God? When the mind disappears and the soul dissolves in the vast surroundings, the expression becomes an anthem of the divine. This can happen anywhere and at any time. A cue from the inner self, abundant love, the temple, the countless natural wonders, utter helplessness, a moment of bliss or the smile of a child! When one momentarily forgets their identity, these melting point expressions become as sublime as water and energy, simple, pure and timeless!

A glimpse of Jagannath in Puri will make you forget instantly Maya. When Jagannath looks at you, the sheer attraction to her black-haired idol attracts you; And your senses immediately abandon you, leaving you no choice but to immerse yourself in it completely. Standing before the Lord, one feels motionless, speechless and thoughtless. The first eyes focus on the idol and the devotee feels the massive pull. The next moment her eyes become misty, tears roll down her cheeks and then a divine trial occurs! Oh, a moment of pure bliss.

Rabindranath Tagore says:

Let all the love inside me flow towards you

Leave the beggar pot you filled completely empty

And all the rooms of my heart were filled instead

O Lord, with your gifts, only with your gifts! “

This cloud is eternal. Like the gravity of the moon that creates tides in the sea! This cloud makes Nanak reach Puri after he walked several thousand miles on foot in wooden sandals from the far west. Nanak, who believes in no form and form coexist together. This attraction resonates in the unimaginable unity of duality, as Chaitanya is called from the East.

Only Jagannath can make this magic possible. A meeting of the worshipers at the entrance to the House of the Lord of the Universe! Nanak enters and Wichitania comes out. Their eyes meet and time stops for a while. They greet each other. After that, Nanak Dev turns around to leave the temple. The smiling Mahaprabhu asks him why poor shah Don’t go inside for darshan? Guru Nanak replies, “I have already seen the Lord.”

File photo of the Rath Yatra of the historical Lord Jagannath in Puri. PTI

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s finger marks are still on the wall inside the temple where the lord was worshiped. Standing there, you may see it and between it there is a gathering of worshipers like millions of galaxies that encircle the center of life in the universe! However crowded it may be, it’s a trip that you have to travel on your own.

as big says,

Das Kabir Har ke gun gave

Bahar koi paar na pave

Guru Ki Karni Guru Jayeja

Chili Ki Carne Sheila! “

(Great praises the Lord

Outside nobody gets it

The teacher will reap his works,

And the student on his own!)

Guru Nanak’s first long journey, was Odasiwas for darshan God. It was his longest odyssey, Trips. In 1506 AD, he arrived in Buri. Along the way, the teacher has been conveying the message of universal compassion and love through his songs in kirtan. He was accompanied by his Muslim student Mardana. Bhai Mardana, used to play stringed instruments Rabab When the teacher sang.

The Guru saw God’s Palace from a very far distance. His heart is full of joy. The aura of Grand Dar made him ecstatic. He sat on the beach and immersed himself in meditation. Mardana waited for a while and then walked toward the temple alone. He was hungry and that was when Mahprasada was in the temple. However, because the Mardana was a Muslim, the priests did not allow him to enter the temple. An angry Mardana waited outside the temple for some time. When the Mahaprasada was not offered to him, he got angry and went back to the guru and complained.

“We are going to die of hunger here. Why did we come here?” Mardana blamed the teacher.

The teacher, without opening his eyes, placed his hand on Mardana’s head. For a second, waiting, he looked echoing at his master’s calm face, and in the next moment he heard a soft tinkle of metal. He turned his head and saw someone standing near him eating and drinking in golden bowls.

“Eat. You’re hungry.” The unknown person offered him Mahaprasada. Mardana recognized the divine bells that ring in the universe.

The night passed peacefully on the shore, and Mardana slept peacefully under the starry sky. But, moments before dawn, there was a disturbance in the temple that disturbed Mardana’s sleep. The golden utensils of the deity were missing in the temple. It was dangerous and thus was immediately shown to Maharaja of Puri.

Maharaja smiled to the messengers. He knew where the golden pots were. At night, a poor Shah appeared to the Maharaja in his dream. He did not miss a second Maharaja and ran barefoot towards the seashore. Upon hearing that the king was running barefoot, the whole town woke up. The perplexed people followed their king. When this great procession arrived at the Master, they found him deep in meditation and golden pots were lying close to them.

The king and his people welcomed the saint and took him to the temple.

Looking at the Universe Lord’s unfathomable aura, the teacher was mesmerized and sat in deep meditation. After some time when the priests and devotees stood to pray, Nanak was still sitting still charged with ecstasy as tears rolled down his cheeks. The prayer began with voices ganta mardala And my shoulders; The devotees began to chant the name of the Lord, but Nanak remained dumbfounded.

Seeing this, a few priests looked at the Maharaja with disapproval. A Maharaja was about to touch the teacher’s shoulder to wake him up. Suddenly, at that moment, the teacher got up and walked out. On the shore, looking at the sky, the teacher automatically began to sing:

Gagan mein thal, ravi-chandu deepak bane

Taraka Mandal Janak Moti;

Dhoop Malayanlo, Pavan Chavaro Kare

Sakal Banray Volante Guti”.

(In the ancestor of the sky, the sun and the moon are lamps

The stars with their orbs are the studded pearls.

The scent of sandalwood is your incense and the wind is your fan

Forests are flowers.)

Kaisi arti hoye

Bhav Kandana, Teri Aarati

Anahada Chabad, Vajanta Heri”.

(Whew this is aarti!

Oh slaying of fear

The hidden voice of your name, unheard, resonates endlessly).

This is mesmerizing Arti It is the simplest and most profound presentation of the Lord ever. The whole universe is imagined as a decorated dish for prayer on the altar of the Almighty.

In Shantiniketan, Balraj Sahni once asked Guru Rabindranath Tagore to write a hymn for the world. The teacher smiled and replied, “Balraj, such anthem was already written a few hundred years ago. Didn’t you hear this “Gaghan Min Thale?” Arti It is sung daily in most famous gurdwaras. Guru Nanak Dev Ji composed this all-encompassing anthem of the universe. This anthem echoes the spirit of humanity and expresses gratitude to the Lord of the universe.”

Withdrawing the eternal idea of ​​how Jagannath and Odisha had a profound effect on Guru Nanak

Rabindranath Tagore in 1925

Jagannath and Odisha had a profound influence on Guru Nanak Dev ji. But, there is another gem of Odisha that was very close to the heart of Nanak Shah Fakir. He was born near Pori in the year 12y century, one of the greatest Sanskrit poets Jaidev enriched the Bhakti movement like Tulasidas, Kabir, Surdas, Chandidas, Vidyapati, Meerabai, Bhakt Nabhadas among others.

every night during Badsingar The last rites of the Jagannath temple, Jaidev’s epic poem Jet Govind sung as mandatory sword. This tradition has continued uninterrupted since the time of Jaidev himself. Guru Nanak Dev Ji heard Jaideva’s songs while visiting Puri and became fascinated by them. When Guru Arjun Dev compiled a file Guru Granth Sahib In 1604, Jaidev’s songs were incorporated into the Granth Sahib.

Yujal Joshi, a graduate of IIT Delhi, National University of Singapore and University of Delhi, is the Inspector General, Railway Protection Force, East Coast Railways, Bhubaneshwar. The opinions expressed are subjective.

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