How Kakegurui Anime became an overnight success and still gathers viewers

Netflix definitely knows how to pick them and it was as if they knew Kakegurui would be the next big hit. In Japan, Kakegurui was already popular when Netflix found this gem and turned it into an anime series. They knew that he would be loved by many fans around the world.

However, Kakegurui did not start out as a series, but was a traditional manga that was and still is a huge hit in Japan. Written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomura, and published by Yen Press in English. It began publishing in 2014, and in 2017, it became an anime series released by MAPPA in Bagan. Then, in 2018, it was picked up by Netflix and it was a huge hit among various audiences.

Popular in the West

It took some time for this anime series to become popular in the western part of the world. Although it was a hit in the East, hardly anyone recognized its quality when Netflix bought the license.

However, the series got a boost and an overnight success thanks to several celebrities. In 2019, for example, Elon Musk He is seen wearing a Kakegurui shirt. We all know he’s a huge anime fan and his fans simply jumped in that direction and checked out what Kakegurui anime is.

Another installment of this anime was singer Poppy. We all know her because of her slightly weird YouTube videos and music, but now everyone knows that she’s a big fan of Kakegurui too. She sang during NXT’s Halloween Havoc episode and appeared as Yumiko Jabami in her signature red school uniform. This was much-needed marketing from Poppy and Elon Musk and they seem to have brought Kakegurui fame to the western part of the world overnight.

the story

The story of the manga and anime takes place in a Japanese high school of Hyakkaou Academy. The series follows Yumiko Jabami, a compulsive gambler who is ready to turn things around.

Yumeko Jabami is a transfer student and the hierarchy at her new school is based on gambling. This is where the children of Japan’s richest families wrestle with each other by gambling to climb to the top of the hierarchical system. However, when they fall into debt, they are penalized and have to become other students’ pets and are given generic names, such as “Doggy” or “Kitty”. In the event that they cannot pay their debts, their punishment bypasses school and they are considered pets outside.

But when our heroine arrives at school, she is ready to change the status quo. We see Yumiko maneuvering this new system as she is driven by her inner desire for excitement. However, it is not like its peers and is not looking for popularity. Instead, she is a true compulsive gambler and an extreme thirst for danger.

Kakegurui’s gamble

One thing is important – the anime does not feature the classic gambling games that we all know. Instead, in order to be more dramatic and bring the intense and absurd atmosphere of the entire hierarchy system, the games are more serious and rely on fantasy elements. A little bit of the Games that students play It includes Indian poker, franchise, name type zero, choice poker, double memory, grand good games, finger slashing guillotine, door tower, and others (well, finger slashing guillotine is the name of the “innocent” gambling game for students).

And while Kakegurui is all about some wild and dangerous gambling, it might just scratch the itch for all adults who love to gamble in real life. However, in fact, in order to enjoy the thrill of risk-taking and gambling, you do not have to risk your life, like those beloved characters. You can offer some basic non-life-threatening games like the classic Mega Moolah slot machines, for example. According to the Mega Moolah reviewThis game has one of the highest winnings in the history of all slot machines, so you don’t have to worry about losing your position in the hierarchy. Unlike Kakegurui, with slots like Mega Moolah, your chances of winning are much higher, and you can enjoy the game more, as there is no threat of death. But in the meantime, you can always watch Kakegurui and enjoy the excitement and hope that these games never come alive.

Kakegurui is a niche for itself when it comes to anime series. Especially the ones that are popular outside of Japan, because in the western parts, people tend to enjoy more types of shounen, fight, mahou shoujo or isekai anime. Gambling anime is an unusual and unique concept that some may not even know exists. Fortunately, thanks to some of the big names in the celebrity world, this anime has become a huge hit among wider audiences, and for good reason.

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