How many Belmont stories will be told?

Castlevaniaas you probably know at this point is a video game series that started in 1986 with the release of the first game in the series, aptly named Castlevania, on the Famicom disc system in Japan before being transferred to the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America one year later. Since then, the series has expanded to include twenty-nine games and continues to this day. Then in 2017, to everyone’s surprise, streaming service giant Netflix revealed to the world its new brand Castlevania An animated series produced by Frederator Studios with acclaimed comic book author and screenwriter Warren Ellis as the creative mind behind the project.

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The series ran for four seasons and turned out to be a huge success, due to Warren Ellis’ clever writing and well-known actors like Richard Armitage and Graham McTavish in the lead roles. Since it was such a success, of course, there would be a demand for more, and Netflix was more than willing to deliver.

In May 2021, Netflix announced a new brand Castlevania The popup was already in the works. It will focus on the descendant of Trevor Belmont and Siva Belnades, Richter Belmont, and will be set during the French Revolution. Much like Trevor before him, with twenty-nine games in the series, there’s a slew of source material that Netflix can pull from where Richter’s story could go, but the series will end with him. Many members of the Belmont family spent their time in the spotlight, some longer than Trevor and Richter together. In theory, Netflix Castlevania It can last as long as Belmont has a story to tell, but how long does it have to last? If one had to delve into the lore Castlevania Games, they will find that this question has already been answered.

Too many Belmontese

With twenty-nine games in Castlevania Series, mostly original stories of their own with their heroes, as direct sequels are rare in Castlevania There are many well-known Belmontese. Some of the more famous members of the Belmont family line other than Trevor and Richter are Simon Belmont, the protagonist in the first two games, Leon Belmont, who started the Belmont family line, Julius Belmont, who finally killed Dracula in 1999, and Gabriel Belmont, the more recently protagonist Castlevania: Lords of Shadow a series.

With so many Belmonts to choose from, it’s surprising that Netflix decided to jump from Trevor straight to Richter, as there are so many Belmonts in between. Simon Belmont, for example, is Trevor and Siva’s ecclesiastical son, so continuing the story with him would have made more sense. No matter where Belmont takes center stage, their story will have to end at some point.

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As it is an animated series, it is of course reasonable that the events told in said series do not directly reflect the events of the games. Like most feature-length video games, some Castlevania The games are written better than others. Something worth asking is that if the animated series jumped from Trevor straight to Richter, how many other generations of Belmont could have been skipped? Trevor’s story took four seasons released over five years to tell, and it’s reasonable to believe that Richter’s story could take a similar time to tell. If it takes too long to tell one Belmont’s story, Netflix obviously won’t be able to tell each Belmont’s story, which means they’ll have to pick and choose carefully the stories they tell. However, even if that is the case, there is a definitive end to the fight between the Belmont family and the vampire Dracula.

the end of hostility

according to Castlevania canon, Dracula may always come back to life after being defeated, necessitating another Belmont to come and kill him again. Dracula was finally defeated forever with no revival by Julius Belmont in 1999. This event is known in the universe as “Devil’s Castle War” and unfortunately has not been shown live in any game yet. The first noticeable indication of these events occurred in 2003 Castlevania: melody of sadnessWhere the player character, Soma Cruz, can face off against many of the characters who participated in that battle, including Julius Belmont himself, following a case in which he lost his memory and needed to get it back.

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Since the events of Demon Castle War weren’t shown live, all of this means that Netflix and Warren Ellis (assuming he stayed on board throughout) have more creative freedom in terms of what will actually be shown for the events of that battle. Regardless, if there was ever a fundamental, definitive end to the battle between the Belmont family and Dracula, it would be the Devil’s Castle War. If there is nowhere to end Castlevania Animated series, there will be.

After the events of Demon Castle War, the series began to focus less on the Belmont and Dracula family, so there wouldn’t be much reason to tell these stories unless fans totally asked for them.

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