How old is Rhona Yomozuki, really?

Kakigurui Featuring a female cast of all shapes, sizes, orientations, and personalities. Some are wheelchair related. Some are pop idols. Some of them are addicted to gambling as the title of the show suggests. However, for all the different types of girls who appear on the series, there is one anomaly in the cast that is noteworthy – the childlike Yumozuki Runa.

Where exceptionally beautiful teenage girls seem to be the norm KakiguruiRona for some reason has the appearance of a young girl. It’s not uncommon for girls to appear underage in cartoons, but this always leads to questions like why they look so young and how young they really are. In Rona’s case, her age was never determined, so it is up to fans to conclude that. Here’s an estimate of her age based on the available evidence.

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Kakigurui Runa Yumozuki

The first conclusion that comes to mind when seeing a girl like Rona is that she belongs to elementary school or early middle school. It’s not just her little build that says this either. Her behaviors and patterns of speech and Kigurumi The entire outfit is indicative of someone in that age group. She has also been generally seen playing video games and eating candy, both of which are often associated with younger children. Assuming that she was much younger than the other students at Hyakkaou Private Academy wouldn’t be unreasonable.

If Rona was really a little girl, there must be an explanation as to why she was already in high school, and in her senior year, no less. One possibility is that she was a genius who was allowed to skip several steps forward. As a student council member and election commission leader, she definitely displays a higher level of intelligence than even ordinary high school students.

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Another possibility is that they are related to someone in charge of the school. If that was the case, she wouldn’t necessarily have to be a student to be allowed to roam freely around the Hyakkaou campus. There are no sightings she attended for class, so there’s a chance that might be the case. Unfortunately, there is no evidence for this in the narrative, so the theory is questionable at best.

The most likely answer, and perhaps the simplest, is that Rona is a high school student with a small build. She’s actually not an elementary school girl – she just happens to look like one because she’s 4’3″. There are plenty of explanations for this, including poor nutrition and dwarfism. While the show doesn’t explain her height or childlike appearance, this seems to be the case. The safest assumption.

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Runa acting childish could be just sticking cutesy, or Kauai, Aesthetic. In Japan, there is a special focus on the attraction Kauai permeates the culture. Many Japanese women of all ages aspire to be so Kauai, although, of course, young girls are the most successful in introducing it. In this regard, even if Rona is not a real child, her childish appearance is the most suitable to make her feel Kauaiso maybe she’d roll with her and play the part.

Moreover, even if Rona was a child, this would not be explained by the rest of the election commission. Members of this committee, like Runa, have small hulls and sport Kigurumi. Either they are all very smart primary school girls or they are all short and cute students too.

It’s possible that Rhona Yomozuki’s age will be around 17 or 18 years old; The general age group of Japanese high school students in third grade. Except for the possibilities of superintelligence or family relationships, they must fall into the same age group. Ha Kauai Approach to life can be interpreted as childish behaviour, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. She may not be as pretty as most buxom Kakigurui cast, but she could be more like them than she would allow.

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