How the legacy of the show continues

While it’s been almost three years since the (sort of) disappointing ending to HBO game of thronesHowever, the lasting effects of the program’s massive popularity continue to be felt and there is no sign of it ever coming any time soon. While game of thrones, Based on her own merits, she didn’t do anything new to redefine her genre, she changed the genre. More specifically, she changed people’s perception of her gender.

Before that game of thronesFantasy places of swordsmanship and sorcery have always been for children. Although they could be as dark, serious, or show the skin as much as you like, the broad consensus was that no matter how unique or exciting it was, the fantasy was for younger audiences. game of thrones Change that by showing that not only can a fairy tale styled sword and sorcery work well, but do so while still taking itself seriously. The show didn’t do anything non-fiction fans thought was absurd. It had real and lasting consequences for the universe and the characters who live in it.

Today’s movie

While game of thronesThe finale may have left a bad taste in more than a few mouths of fans, it is undeniable that it left its mark in the hearts and minds of all who watched it. Suddenly, it was acceptable for fairy tales to be taken seriously, and studios were more than willing to spend a huge amount of money on anyone wanting to make such a thing. game of thrones It was evidence that fans were willing to pay to watch something like this. Netflix the magician And CastlevaniaAmazon wheel of timeHistory channel Vikings Prove that this is true.

Here’s how the show’s legacy continues years after it wrapped.

Adults are drawn to the fantasy world

game of thrones She did a lot to take herself seriously besides allowing her characters to be swearing and to show a lot of skin (often in unexplained amounts), while both things happened, they weren’t the focus of the story. Even in scenes where a naked person is present, those scenes were rendered so that the naked person would not detract from anything that was going on in the larger story and, in doing so, presented himself as a spice in a well-prepared meal instead. Just the meal itself. The swearing policy on the show was the same, and while there were quite a few characters who swore, none of them did every alternate word. Most of them spoke so eloquently and never felt the need to use obscenities. game of throneHis attitude towards these two things showed that the series can be mature and serious, and he didn’t feel the need to please anyone just because he could if he wanted to.

More than its distinct scenes and characters, the story has always been the driving force behind why people care about it. For this reason, none of the characters forgot about the bigger picture, even if they played a small role in it. appears like the magician And wheel of time It is the same way, as they understand that while the audience may come for what it has to offer, it is the story that will eventually get them addicted and continue to entice them.

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If people want gratuitous violence or naked people, they can get it anywhere. game of thrones They realized that while they could show these things, they needed more if they were to keep fans coming back. This is especially true of the fantasy genre, as no matter if they have gratuitous violence, swearing, or naked people, the story will always be unique and will keep the audience coming back more than anything else.

The fantasy genre is going strong

As mentioned earlier, while game of thrones It may have been one of the first Swords and Sorcery fantasies to get the serious HBO adaptation it deserves, but in the world of pen and paper, the genre has always taken itself seriously. because of success game of thronesHowever, studios and producers are only now beginning to view these properties as real money-making opportunities, and as such more are being adapted into live action adaptations. These edits treat the source material as much as it deserves and don’t try to stray from anything just because it’s a fictional place.

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One of the best examples of this is Amazon wheel of timeThe books on which the series is based have been around since the ’90s, but only after that game of thrones It proved so successful that even any producers and studios cared to watch it. This trend is not going away soon. The show has proven that there is a lot of money to be made in fiction, and there are a lot of fictional characteristics of an adaptation.

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